Taiji Form Corrections & Insights Part 3
Taiji Form Corrections & Insights Part 3

Taiji Form Corrections & Insights Part 3

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Taiji Form Corrections Part three, second third.


Available to Stream till May 7th.
Or you can purchase to download and keep

Please note, if you purchase to download, you will be sent a link after ordering, if this is during the night in Europe, you will get it the next day. 

This workshop is a direct continuation from part two.
You will get the most out of this if you have already seen volumes one and two.

This one takes you through the second third of YLC form.

Although the second third has double the amount of moves compared to the first third, when people learn it they are already at a higher skill level. 
Most of the common errors are ironed out in the first third, then the second tends to be much better. 

This is why we only have one volume for the second third. 

So much from the first third will apply here in the second third. 

5.5 hours of corrections and insights for you to work through. 

  • Run Time: Approx 5.5 hours
  • Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Media Type: MP4 Download or Stream.