Taiji Form Corrections & Insights
Taiji Form Corrections & Insights

Taiji Form Corrections & Insights

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The definitive beginners guide to Tai Chi Taking you through the form and Qigong
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Taiji Form Corrections & Insights
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This workshop is aimed at literally everyone practicing the Taiji form.

The form will be focussing on the YLC form, but if you practice the YCF form, you’ll still get a lot out of this, since the first third of the two forms are almost the same.

Whether you have just started training or you’re a senior WTBA instructor, this workshop will seriously enhance your practice.

We have already had a lot of positive feedback from beginners and advanced instructors.

Check out the video preview for a full description of what will be covered in this workshop.

The workshop has now been filmed and uploaded. 
We managed to get through corrections of the Taiji form up till lower Chee. That might not seem like a lot in three hours, but so much more than just corrections was covered! 

Technically the aim was to show what common mistakes are made, but in order to correct them, we must understand why they need to be done in this specific way. 

This workshop should give all who watch it a far better understanding of the form and why certain things are important, as well as what you need to do as a student to move forward, it's not all up to your teacher. If you don't focus on correctness, you'll get nowhere. 

Part Two then takes you to the end of the first third.

  • Run Time: Approx 3 hours
  • Level: Beginner to Advanced
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