Taiji/Bagua Training Camp April 2019.
Taiji/Bagua Training Camp April 2019.

Taiji/Bagua Training Camp April 2019.

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This is the full unedited footage of camp in April 2019. 
Split into 6 volumes to cover the 6 days of training. 
A huge amount of training is covered in this series, over 15 hours of footage, including about the first half of the Pauchui/Large San Sau, YLC Taiji form, Push Hands, Qigong. 
This series of course doesn't replace actually being at camp, as it's the ability to ask questions and get personal details corrections that really makes you advance in your training, but if you were unable to make it to camp this time, then you will still learn a huge amount from this video set. 
Not only does it include a huge amount of training, but you will see everything in a different light.
The camp environment brings out things never seen because of the questions being asked and Eli seeing the mistakes people are making. 
So even if you have other videos covering the same stuff, you will see it all from a different angle here. 

Click here to see the highlights. 

The camp involved about 7 hours of classes each day, then people would do more training into the evenings, having so many people to choose from to train with. 

In the YLC form we were focusing on structure and movement from the pelvis, hips, knees and feet.
Learning how to make everything come from the centre, while not losing structure. 
We also looked at how to connect postures together with out loosing flow, with the use of circles and figure eights. 

Qigong the focus was on getting the spine right. 

Push Hands the focus was on the centre, learning how to properly push into your partners centre and not into their shoulder as almost everyone does. How to move your centre around the incoming force, and how to deal with fast heavy pushes from a bigger person. 

In the San Sau the focus was on looseness, how to slowly build up to Fa-jing, with the correct circular swinging movements from the centre. 
Also how to remain in a neutral state of mind and body, thus hiding from your partner where your intent is. 
Some common mistakes were address here, the things most people do that cause the form to not work well. 
For example sometimes people think a movement doesn't work, so it is explained why this happens. 

For Bagua we covered the circle walking and the first two palm changes of the circular form. 
The focus here was on the centre, learning really how to make the centre do the work, loosening up the body and letting it flow where the centre takes it. 

Please note this video series was filmed during camp, where Eli is putting his full attention into the students who attended, so do not expect studio quality lighting and sound, have a look at the video highlights to get an idea of what the videos look like. 

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  • Run Time: 939 Mins
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