The Ultimate Martial/Healing Art
By Eli Montaigue 2016

There's no such thing, the ultimate art is the one that works best for you. 
You will always train harder and longer if you enjoy the art, so you will become the best you can be by practicing the art that you love to practice. 
To say your style is better than another is a ridiculous statement. 
Instead of looking at the flaws in another style, look at the positives. You can say Karate sucks, but I guarantee you there is a Karate guy out there who would flatten you, same goes for any style.
The same goes for health, people put all these mystical claims on Tai Chi as the ultimate health art, but how can you say it's better than something else. 
The absolute most important thing in health is happiness, so if you don't enjoy what you do, then it's not going to be that good for your health. 
If you love Dance, but hate Tai Chi, then dance! Find what helps you to become what you want to be, for me I want to be healthy into my old age, but I also want to know how to protect myself and family, so Taiji is perfect for me.
Just look at Dick Van Dyke, this man is 90 years old, and look at him, he is the epitome of doing what you love for good health
Do what you love people, it's the only way to be :-)