For a long time now I've wanted to travel the world, in more or less one hit, as in pack up shop and live on the road for a few years :-)
No home, just me, my girl and the open road. 
So January 1st 2017 we set off, 8 months round Europe in a VW Campervan to start the journey. 

I'm not totally disappearing, I'm still going to be doing all my workshops and camps, I've also got my laptop and video camera with me, so I'll be making new videos along the way, as well as teaching people via my new distance learning program. 
The only thing I won't be doing with regard to teaching, is any regular classes in one place. 

So I thought I would write a summary each month of what we've been up to, pictures included. 

Just click each part to see where we are if you'd like to follow us :-)

Chapter one

Chapter two
Chapter three