Bagua Lion Animal Boxing
By Erle Montaigue

The Animal boxing forms from Baguazhang are possibly the most rewarding forms that anyone would be lucky enough to learn. They give you great self defence skills derived from the animals they depict and copy, as well as great health benefits based upon the flow of Qi (energy) throughout the body, not to mention the great physical workout and toning that these energetic forms give. The old Chinese adage 'To perform the Bagua Animals once per day is to attain great good health' is true. One feels energetic and renewed after the practice. Not only of body but also of mind whereby any negative or depressive thoughts that one had before the training miraculously disappear after training causing you to be ready for anything throughout the day.

The Bagua Lion is no exception with his Yang attacking methods as well as a very nice Qigong method right in the middle of the form which has 8 separate sections all linked together in one long flowing and explosive form.

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The Lion is the most violent of all the Bagua animals. He is solemn, explosive and aggressive. His power is awesome and his organ is the head/mind. He represents 'Heaven'. His family member is the 'Father'.

As with all of these animal boxing forms, even in their Qi Awaking state, you must always keep in mind the animal they represent. You cannot simply do these movements as human beings. That is why the movements were formatted the way they are, so as to bring out the animal in us for self defense.

This form above all others will lead one into the contact with their 'Reptile Brain'

Lion Animal Boxing Form:

Please note that the form is not intended to be learnt from this text alone, rather it is to be a suplement to your DVD or what you have learnt from your teacher. 

Section 1 of Lion Animal Boxing:

Lion Rolls The Ball:
Walk the circle once in the Dragon Shape. When you get back to your starting position, slip your L foot fwd and scoop your L hand so that palm is upward to the centre. At the same time, the right hand rolls over your head palm upward.

Take am L step to the centre as your R palm circles CW and into the body and your L palm hovers over top ready to crash downward.

As your R palm slips up underneath your L forearm to attack using a single pounding palm to the CW direction, your L foot will straighten up on the circumference and your L palm slams downward on the outside of your R Palm.

Take a slap step w L foot CW as your L palm now does the same in slipping up underneath your R forearm for the single pounding palm strike.

Section 2 of Lion Animal Boxing:

Lion Bounces the Ball:
From previous posture facing CW, swivel inward to face CCW and as you do this; your L palm comes in close to your body as your R palm arcs outward away from your body.

Break his arm by pulling violently with your R palm as your push with your L palm.

Using the rebound form the previous, you R elbow will attack his head and using the rebound form that movement, both palms (claws) circle around your face and attack to his eyes and neck as you swivel to face CW.

Section 3 of Lion Animal Boxing:

Lion Restrains the Prey and Attacks:
From previous facing CW, take a R 'L' step on the circumference and snake your L palm to the rear so that you are now facing CCW. Your L palm will snake backward as well and curl under the attacker's arm as your R palm will slide underneath your L to wrap his L arm up. You will now shake your body violently as your L elbow attacks to his head while still restraining him. Take a step on the circumference with your R foot (you are now facing into the circle), and again violently claw his face and neck using both palms and swivel inward to face CW.

Section 4 of Lion Animal Boxing:

Lion Rolls Ball and Attacks the Neck and Head:
From previous, take a R step CW as your both palms come into the Ball Posture towards the nside of the circle. Take a L step and swivel violently to face CCW as both palms claw again the head and neck. Re-load your L elbow and attack to his back neck with L elbow. Using one L palm swivel out of the circumference again and claw his neck with your L palm to face CW.


From previous posture dip both palms downward and perform an outside turn to face CCW and do the Lion Rolls Ball posture into the centre. Walk the circle slowly inhaling on the L step and tension in L palm and visa versa for right step.

Section 5 of Lion Animal Boxing:

Lion Bites the Neck to Take Head Off:
With L foot fwd and facing CCW leap onto your L foot as your both palms shoot upward to attack the face and neck thus closing him up. Then leap onto your R foot and turn backward as both palms wrap around the opponent's neck in a sleeper type of hold and as your L foot touches the ground and you are facing CW, violently shake your body as you take three small steps backward.

Section 6 of Lion Animal Boxing:

Angry Lion Leaps Out:
Do the Ball Posture CW. Step w L foot L step to centre and raise both hands. Turn CCW and crash both palms downward eq over R knee. Slap step fwd with R foot and claw both palms downward to face and neck. Cut both palms upward across both sides of his neck and then back down to both GB3 points. Step w R foot with R elbow to temple or neck, and then leap into the air and step fwd with L foot and outside turn to face CW as both palms claw downward in front. CW.

Section 7 of Lion Animal Boxing:

Lion Fights the Opposing Pride:
From previous posture facing CW, step w R foot and perform the 'Lion Posture' CW. Then turning R foot outward throw both palms out of the circle as you make an L step outward. Swing L foot to rear so that you are now facing CCW and attack out with R elbow, then turn to the centre and black using that same elbow and circle back with both palms to claw with both palms that same attacker to end up CW.

W L foot fwd CW, bring both palms up to block his two handed attack and then claw 3 times to the L side of his neck and face, then reverse it and do same on his R side face & neck, still L foot fwd.

Section 8 of Lion Animal Boxing:

Lion Leaps out and claws wildly:
From previous posture, Turn outward w R foot and turn outward to face CCW as both palms raise upward and slam down. L foot fwd.

Now we make opposing figure of 8 movements with our palms 3 times, clawing downward each time facing CCW w L foot fwd.

Swing around by turning you rR foot inward and then throwing your L foot to the rear and face CW and lower your body as your both palms block his kick palms facing each other and spear outward with both palms. Then raise both palms violently and grabbing both of his arms jerk downward violently followed by both knife edges to his neck.

Now do the single palm change to walk the circle CW using the Dragon Shape palm to being the whole thing on the other side.