May 14th-20th 2022.
All levels of skill welcome.
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It's been a while, so we're going to do Australia camp in May 14th-20th 2022
All aspects of wtba training will be covered.
Book now so you don't miss out on the group accommodation,
otherwise you'll have to get your own which will cost a lot more. 

So don't miss out on this great opportunity for training, friendship and an all round good time!
Check out the details below and get your spot booked now!

      Training Schedule: 
(There is a lot on the schedule, beginners may like to only do certain sessions)
7:30am Qigong and Taiji Form.
Various qigongs both static and moving will be practiced to get our day started,
then we will look at Taiji form postures in detail. 
9am Breakfast.
10am Self Defence Training. (Set drills)
This is where we pair up with a partner and practice attack defence drills,
starting off very soft and slow for beginners to gain flow and timing,
then only those who are capable will increase power and speed. 
This are of training is very important to properly understand your slow form practice.
When done slowly the drills should feel like you are doing a slow form but with a partner like a dance,
speed them up and they will feel like fighting,
so you will practice at the level you are comfortable with. 

12pm Lunch.
2pm Bagua Circular Form.
We will take certain moves from this form as well as the circle walking, break them down and learn how to move.
The idea is not to learn a large sequence of movements, but rather understand the principles of movement which can then apply to everything you practice. 
3pm Taiji Form.
We will take certain moves from the Taiji form, break them down and learn how to move.
The idea is not to learn a large sequence of movements, but rather understand the principles of movement which can then apply to everything you practice.
4pm Self Defence Training (Free Movement) 
This is where we learn to react, unlike the set drills done earlier, here it's free movement. 
However, don't be scared, only those with previous fighting experience will be actually fighting. 
Those with out prior experience will be doing the training at a soft slow level,
focussing on learning how to read your partners movement and know where they will attack from. 
5pm Play Time.
This is where everyone can just train in what they want, either the stuff we have been covering,
or perhaps you know another form you want to work on, or do some push hands etc. 
Eli will be wondering around giving corrections and answering questions.
Or you can just go take a break.
7pm Dinner. 
Eli will be teaching so that everyone will learn a great deal, whether you’re a seasoned instructor or a stark beginner. 

Big 4, Gold Coast Holiday Park
66-68 Siganto Drive
Helensvale QLD 4212
You can check it out here
We will have a beautiful outdoor area for training with large trees for shade right in front of our accommodation. 
In case of rain we can do close range training in the house, such as push hands, things that don't take much space.

Accommodation Options:
When booking your place at camp please state what accommodation you would like

Option 1.
For only $370 you can stay with us in one of the 3 bedroom deluxe retreats,
these are very limited so you need to book now for this to not miss out!
There will be 4 people to a room, either on a bunk or a single bed,
there might be one double room available for a couple also. 
The single beds and bottom bunks will be reserved for the less agile. 
You can see pictures and details of these rooms here, everything is brand new and super comfortable.
(Please note this will be booked by us as a bulk booking, you book your place with us, not the park.)

Option 2.
Book your own room in the motel onsite, it will cost you at least $1029,
the cost is the same for one or two people.
(You would need to book this yourself directly with the park)

Option 3.  
Bring a tent and camp out. This costs at least $302 for either one or two people. 
(You would need to book this yourself directly with the park)

Cost of Training:
 First Timers: $300.
(A first timer is someone who has never attended a workshop with Eli)
WTBA Active Members: $400
(An active member is someone who has paid their annual membership fee)
Children Under 18 Free 
(If attending with an adult)
Everyone Else: $430

Please pay your deposit here 

You have three options for food. 

Option 1, the best option
The option most will use is to buy your food from the supermarket nearby,
make your meal then bring it over to the main house where we can all hang out together. 
If you are with us in the main house then you can make use of the kitchen.
If you are booking your own cabin you can make your meals there if you get one with a kitchen,
or there is also the camp kitchen for people camping. 
You could also get take away food from the on site Cafe and bring to the house.
Option 2
Dine at the Cafe on site 
you can check the menu here

Option 3
Go out somewhere