Bagua Dragon Boxing Form:

The Animal Qi Awaking forms teach one how to gain and store the Qi. The Full Animal forms teach you how to release this stored energy.

Dragon: The Dragon is unpredictable; he leaps, twists and undulates. His organ is the whole of the middle of the abdomen and associated organs. His family member is the eldest son and his attribute is Thunder. Because he represents the 'centre' the dragon also represents the whole body joining the spiritual (shen) with the earth.

Section 1 of Bagua Dragon Boxing:

Please note that the form is not intended to be learnt from this text alone, rather it is to be a suplement to your DVD or what you have learnt from your teacher. 

Dragon Breathes Fire:
Begin standing on the circle facing counter clockwise. Step w left and walk around once in the Dragon posture (No. 3 palms, normal.).

Upon reaching your starting point, bring both palms down to your sides, elbows out fingers pointing in towards each other right foot fwd. As take L step, bring palms upward like Monkey offers food but more palms facing away, then slam them downward and forward as left foot slaps. Now your right back palm will slam into the right side of his neck.

Section 2 of Bagua Dragon Boxing:

Dragon Shakes its Tassels:
Turn waist to left and then to R as you strike w. L palm. Turn Waist Left to load right back palm and then left as it slams into the side of his neck. Strike w. right palm to centre palm up as left palm takes over and again strikes to centre palm out.

Dragon Breaks Lotus Root: 
Swivel on Left ball as you kick/sweep with right leg and place it down facing clockwise. Do an outside change as your palms swing around in typical fashion to strike with left palm to centre.

Section 3 of Bagua Dragon Boxing:

Dragon Touches the Sky:
Swivel on ball of left foot again and swing right foot around 360 degrees to face CW again as your left palm strikes down and right strikes upward as in Pigeon Flies to Heaven, you have broken his attacking arm.

Dragon Twist Around:
Lift left foot and swing it to your rear passing centre as your right elbow strikes backward. Then your left palm strikes straight forward as you are now facing CCW again.

Section 4 of Bagua Dragon Boxing:

Dragon Throws Fire to Pierce the armour:
Make an outside change bringing both arms upward palms placing you to block his attack, then spear hands down and to his throat forward CW.

Section 5 of Bagua Dragon Boxing:

Dragon Touches the Sky and Twist Body:
Step w R foot forward on circle as R palm finger upward lifts up and left palm strikes to his lower abdomen as your left foot kicks to his knee. Continuing, the left foot swings around to you rear swivelling on the ball of the right foot as your right hand takes his wrist and your left palm strikes backward into his lower abdomen again.

Dragon Sweeps the 1000 Enemy:
Facing CCW. Sweep w Right foot forward CCW and allow it to go right around 360 degrees to the rear.

Dragon uses Hammer Foot to rear:
Stomp down onto the right foot and kick to the rear w left foot. CCW. Bring both palms through to CW and left heel kick fwd CW, then right palm grabs and pulls as left palm strikes CW.

Section 6 of Bagua Dragon Boxing:

Dragon Sweeps the Enemy:
Step down w L foot CW and do the step behind and swing around outside turn to strike to centre w right No. 3 palm.

Dragon Peers into Cave:
Step W left foot to make L step L toes to centre and begin both palms out to sides and tuck them inward taking them downward (like Rifle Bird) and upward. Perform the Qigong.

Dragon Enters the Cave:
Cut both palms downward and in to both sides of his neck as right foot steps forward CW. Then slap steo w R foot CW and both palms attack fwd CW.

Section 7 of Bagua Dragon Boxing:

Dragon Squeezes Between the Rocks:
Swivel back to CCW and take left under right block his left attack with your left forearm. Take a Left T step as you jerk his left wrist down violently with your left palm. Take a right step to make an L step pigeon toed into the centre as your right elbow strikes to the left side of his neck.

Your left palm comes under your right as you block to your left facing CW. You make a left T step as your left palm grabs his L wrist and jerks it down violently. You then take a right L step to face outside of the circle and do a reverse right elbow to his L under arm rib area.

Dragon Finds The Way:
Slap downward with your L palm to his groin and also blocking his left low attack and you are still in the outward facing L step. Take a L T step now facing CCW on the circle as your right outer forearm blocks upward to his left attack. Your right palm now snakes in a CCW small circle over the top of his left wrist and forearm and up on the outside of it. And then makes a CW circle to attack to the left side of his neck violently as you take a R L step on the circle facing CCW now.

Section 8 of Bagua Dragon Boxing:

Dragon Makes the Wind Blow:
Take a R T step as your left palm comes underneath your right forearm to attack to his face. Take a L L step to face outside of the circle and your right arm comes underneath your L to block his R attack. Change step so that your L foot is forward CW on the circle and turned inward as your R palm grabs his right wrist and jerks it and your left palm pounds down onto his head.

Dragon Flies in the Sky:
Both hands will thrust upward and you should lean backward as far as you can, even as far as placing your right palm on the ground (a full backbend for the young!) as your left foot kicks upward into his groin or neck. Jumping down onto your left foot as your right foot does a reverse crescent to his head as he falls down. Facing CW still. That kick will now continue 360 degs. To the rear so that you now have a inner facing L step to the centre and your left palm has come under your right with fingers pointing upward and your right palm is under your L arm pit. Now do the same leap as before bringing your left foot back as your R goes forward blocking his L wrist with your left palm and grabbing it violently downward as your right palm slams down onto his head. You are now in a backward sitting stance right palm above the left facing CW. Take a L T step as your left palm comes under your right then a R L step to face outside of the circle and take your right palm under your left elbow (flower hides), now to finish, come back into the centre with Flock of Wild Geese to walk the circle and do the whole thing on the other side.