Bagua Bear Form:
©February 2006 Erle Montaigue
What follow is the script from what is presented on my Video MTG295 Bagua Bear Boxing: Full Animal Forms Volume 4.

About the Bear:
The Bear represents the Mountain. He is steadfast, powerful and one of the earth. The bear is ferocious when protecting its young, but gentle at home. His organ is the stomach so this form works upon the ST meridian mainly. The family member of the Bear is the 'Youngest Son'.

Please note: that the form is not intended to be learnt from this text alone, rather it is to be a suplement to your DVD or what you have learnt from your teacher.

Section One of The Bear Form:

Bear Wards Off the Bees:
Walk the circle once counter-clockwise using the normal Dragon Shape Palm. With L foot fwd, Step slightly further in toward the centre as you pump your L dragon palm to the centre to block his L attack.

Take an L step in to the centre as your R 'paw shape' palm slams into the side of his head or neck. Using the power of the waist twisting in fa-jing, your L palm will now rise upward to attack under his chin and neck. Now both palms will plummet down onto his face and neck taking his head off.

Section Two of The Bear Form:

Bear Moves Through The Long Grass:
From previous posture, immediately turn CW on the circle as your R palm slams CW also on the circle thus blocking his L attack again and slamming into his temple. Immediately and using the momentum of this attack, your R palm will (using the waist) will move L, then R to claw at his neck and face thus breaking his neck.

Section Three of The Bear Form:

Bear Breaks The Trees:
From previous, and still facing CW, your R palm will now take around the back of his neck as your L palm moves to the front of his neck. You will now fa-jing as you push and pull to break his neck ... again. Using this momentum, Turn inward on the circle to face CCW as your R palm slams downward thus blocking his low L attack and your L palm attacks to his neck or temple.

Section Four of The Bear Form:

Bear Stands Up and Opens Mouth Wide:
Facing CCW, Both palms will now thrust forward as if holding a large ball L on top. You also taken a L step to still face CW but facing slightly out of the circle. Your R palm fingers attack to his lower rib area while your L hand attacks to his eyes or neck. Your L palm will slam/slide across his neck. Turn to have an L step facing directly out of the circle and both hands hold a large ball, R on top. The hands have changed places thus breaking his neck as they do this.

Bear Turns To Face the Enemy:
Turn to your L (CCW) as both palms rise and slam downward across his neck and CV14 points. You now have your L foot fwd facing out and CCW. DO the Bear turn around swiveling on your L heel thus breaking his back with your upper thigh as you land on your R foot now facing CW on the circle in the Bear Posture.

Section Five of The Bear Form:

Bear Splashing Hands in the Water:
Facing CW on the circle with L foot fwd and both palms over each knee, using the waist, slam your R palm upward as your L palm comes backward. Blocking his R low attack and attacking to his face and neck. Take a L step on the circumference still facing CW and do the same movement only opposite.

Section Six of The Bear Form:

Black Bear Turns to Suddenly Attack:
Step fwd with L foot and turning backward, slam down with your R palm which immediately turns to face upward. As you do this, your L palm will also thrust fwd (CCW) to attack his eyes.

Black Bear Breaks the Post: (This means backbone in this instance)
Take a L step on the circumference to face CCW and outward slightly as both palms rise upward then slam down thus pulling his backbone down over your L knee/upper thigh.

Do the Bear Turn, swiveling on your L heel to now face back to the CW direction, thus breaking his back and ribs with your R thigh. L foot fwd and both palms over each knee.

Section Seven of The Bear Form:

Bear Opens Mouth & Waves Paw in the Air:
From previous, Turn fully CW as your L palm under the R thrusts forward with the R to block his double attack. Immediately take a R step on the circumference as your R palm takes around his neck in a CW circle. Pull and push as you break his neck and poke into CV22 with your L fingers. Immediately do an outside turn on the circumference as your R palm thrusts forward CCW thus breaking his neck. … again!

Bear Snaps the Branch:
The last R handed thrust will also block his on-coming attack as your turn CCW outward. Now take your R palm around the back of his neck as your take a R step on the circle and your L palm is in the front of his neck and you push and pull again to break his neck.

Section Eight of The Bear Form:

Black Bear Looks Back:
From the previous posture, slam your L palm downward to block his R L attack as your R palm thrusts to the rear to complete the previous defence. Lifting your L leg, your L palm elbow on knee, will now attack to his neck. Your knee is raised to block a kicking type of attack perhaps as your L heel attacks to his solar plexus or lower abdomen/groin.

Black Bear Tears The Flesh:
Step down w L foot facing CW on circle as both palms thrust forward like an opening mouth, R on top. Twist (rotate) both palms violently so that the L is now on top, and again so the R is back on top. You have taken his chin and head and ripped his head off! Take a R step as your R pams slides under your L and make the normal finishing move to walk the circle CW to begin the other side.