A weekend workshop with Eli. 
November 4th-5th 2023.
Eli is not the type of teacher whom only stands up front giving instructions. 
He will do this to start a session and for anything he feels will benefit the whole group. 
However, most of your learning will come as he makes his way through the class as you train, giving individual advice to each and every student.

Martial Training, here we look at some of the martial training methods from Taiji.
The focus of this class will be to understand structure and movement, not so much getting into the really rough fighting stuff.
However, anyone would would like to see how something works in a full pressure fighting situation, this can still be shown, just ask. 
We will cover things like push hands, pad work for striking, small san sau. 
Yang Lu Chan Taiji form, covering both the physical and internal aspects of the form.
It's doesn't matter how much of the form you know, even if you know none, as Eli simply takes a few postures from the form to teach you principles of movement.
Qigong will also be covering. 


One Day.
€60 First timer training with Eli
€75 WTBA Active Members price.
€80 Non members price.

Two Days
€110 First timer training with Eli
€135 Active Members price.
€150 Non members price.

Training will be 
10am till 4pm on Saturday
10am till 3pm on Sunday

Venue Address:  

Contact to register
Gie Kiesekoms
[email protected]