Eli Montaigue will be starting a new class in Bristol, January 2023. 

Make sure you get in early before student numbers build. 
This means you will get a great head start in your training, as while there are only a hand full of students you'll get a lot more hands on time with Eli.
Bristol is where Eli and his family are settling, so students here have a great opportunity to become personal senior students of Eli.

To register for these classes, please contact us here

(Exact location coming soon)

Day of the week is yet to be set, as it will depend what day we can get a venue. 

What will we cover in the two hour class.

YLC Taiji Form, First Third, and Qigong (Plus Bagua)
Form and application, we will take sections of the form and look at them in detail, as well as practicing applications.
For people who have already been training for a while, you are welcome to practice through other areas of the form, or even the Bagua circular form. 
Eli will watch and correct your form, and you can ask questions. 
Push Hands. 
We will look at single and double push hands, learning the push hands movements as well as how they apply to application. 
Pad Work. 
We will work through a series of interactive pad drills, not just learning how to strike, but also to keep your balance when you miss, and keeping your guard active. 
Stand up combat.
Drills with a partner, working on attack and defence, striking based from Taiji & Bagua. 
We will also look at Small San Sau and how it relates to a real fight. 
Every 3rd week at 8:20pm
Grappling and ground fighting on the mats. 
Starting with learning Taiji & Bagua technique, things like how to stop a take down, or from the ground how to get him off you and back to your feet. 
Since we are training for the street, we do not want to spend any time on the floor, so the aim is always to get back up. 
Optional Sparing and free training.
There is no instruction during this last 30 minutes, you can take a partner and do any of the drills you've learnt, or free spar. 
Eli will of course be there sparing as well, so you might get a round with him. 
9:30pm Finish.


First three classes free to new students of the wtba.

£15 per class.
If paid per term, you'll be charged according to how many weeks are in each term. 

£20 per class.
If paid per week.

More details on what is taught:

The first third of the Old Yang Taiji Long Form will be taught to all new students. 
Once you have a solid base you can move onto either the next parts of the Taiji form, or start learning the Bagua Circular form. 
Forms are where a lot of the health aspects of training come from, as well as learning good structure and movement principles for daily life as well as self defence.

The forms listed above are a type of qigong, but we also practice some static and simple moving qigong,
this is an easier way to get into the internal side of your training,
it takes longer to find this in the forms as they are more complicated. 

Push Hands.
This is an exercise that can be done very slowly and softly, like a two person qigong,
or it can be done faster and rougher almost like fighting. 
We start off slow here, however, even though it's done slowly,
you are learning fighting principles that will show up again in the self defence training. 

Fighting/Self Defence Training.
Using Methods from both Taiji and Bagua to learn about self defence and how to fight.
You will work through a series of drills with a partner, slowly at first, then as you become ready you can bring up the speed and pressure. 
Right from the start you will do a small session of free sparing, keeping it slow and controlled, then like with the set drills you will bring up the speed and power as you are ready. 
Protective gear is used here to minimize injury. 

Pad work is generally kept at an interactive level, once you can throw a basic strike,
the pad holder will get you moving around with different combinations, sometimes causing you to miss in order to test your balance. 

We train all aspects of fighting, but focus on what works in the street. 
Striking, Kicking, Throwing, Grappling, Weapons, Ground Work.