Ejaculation and Internal Power
How to Delay Ejaculation and even Stop Ejaculation
By Erle Montaigue
16 May, 2011

I often receive letters and emails asking about how ejaculation affects power etc. We all know that prior to a big fight, a boxer will be banned from even having sex let alone ejaculate because the boxing profession has learned through experience that to ejaculate prior to a fight usually brings disaster.

And it's true. Ejaculation at any time will waste both your physical and more importantly, your internal power! When we are young and full of 'Yang' Qi, the physical power is not that important as it is replenished almost immediately. However, the internal Qi is not so readily replenished whether we are young or older. So leaning to delay ejaculation can help.

Having sex with a partner, has one real reason. Having sex is not meant for pleasure, although it is pleasurable in most cases. It is meant for making people and that's all. You will never see an animal having a quick poke just because it wants to! Well actually there are a species of Monkey in Africa that does this and is the only other animal part from humans who do this! However, this is thought to be from habit and practice!

The thought to have sex is turned on in all animals by an electrical and chemical response from the female animal who is ready to have children. People on the other hand have turned sex into a costly and silly pastime. This is due to the human nature of our brains as opposed to the brain of an animal. We take the pleasurable part of people making and do it purely for the feeling it gives us. And I will have none of the old 'we do it for the bonding with our partner etc.,'! We do it to make babies! However, humans being human, taking everything to excess, something that we like doing, we will do to excess. And just like coffee, alcohol, and other drugs and medicines, we have also taken sex to excess. And also just like those other medicines such as coffee, taken to excess and out of context, will cause medical problems.

So, taking intercourse out of context also causes medical problems, just ask me, I know! Adult Onset Diabetes is a condition of excess in both food and sex. Too much of both the wrong types of food and sex will cause Diabetes. If you use one part of your body to excess, it will simply be worn out! And in the case of sex, it is the kidneys and the pancreas (along with sweet and processed food).

However, there is a much more insidious outcome of too much and bad sexual habits. And that is that you will not only lose your physical power as you grow older, but also your internal power. This Qi power has two areas that are of concern. The physical area whereby we do not have enough Qi to fight off disease and to power our muscles and tendons and an internal part whereby we lose the ability to control our own destiny. We lose the ability to be able to 'cause things to happen'. And this is linked with our own connection to 'God' and/or the Universe.

We all of us have things that we must do and things that must happen to us in our lifetimes. If these things do not happen, we are continually searching for something and our lives are never fulfilled. It's like we are programmed and we need a continual connection to the programmer in order to receive updates and to fix programming problems that might occur.

It's important to delay ejaculation and lean to stop ejaculation where needed because ejaculation, uses more internal energy than anything else. It has to as this is the way that we make new people. And a new life has to have the largest and most quality Qi given from its parents. So when we ejaculate, we give away part of our own energy to the new life. And if that energy (Qi) simply goes down the sink, or into a rubber sheath, or out onto the floor, then that's a part of YOU being totally wasted leaving you without that amount of Qi until you are able to replenish it. As we grow older and our own Qi becomes diminished, it takes longer and longer to replenish that stock of Qi.

Every human being has the ability to create his or her own environment and conditions of life. We have a huge power within that is connected to the Universe that we are able to make use of in causing good things to happen in our lives. This is dependent upon if that thing we are trying to have happen is within the basic framework of what we were meant to do from the beginning. Given a good amount of internal Qi and a good, healthy way of thinking, there is no reason why we cannot use our own Qi to make things happen. But if we waste it on ejaculation without making people, then we get into trouble both physically and internally.

You can of course have sex with your chosen partner ( I stress, chosen!) and delay ejaculation. The news is good for females however, as they do not lose Qi when they climax! This is difficult as ejaculation is one of the most propelling things! We are given that 'feeling' to simply cause us to want to ejaculate to make people! But we sophisticated humans worked out that we could have our cake and eat it by stopping the making people part! So we stop ejaculation.

There are many ways to delay ejaculation or stop ejaculation and once done, it makes you feel like you are in control again. It gives you power over mind and body. Although it is very difficult to actually pull it out, (well I am an Aussie and we tell it as it is!), once done, it only takes a second or two to get over that overwhelming feeling of wanting to ejaculate. When you (the male) gets that feeling and that twinkle in the eye, press your index finger hard up into GV26 point just under your nose. This is an anti-sneezing point. But as sneezing is also a sort of ejaculation, it also works to delay ejaculation. Now of course, it is often difficult to explain to your partner what you are doing with your finger if sprung doing this! And she is bound to find out in the end, thus discovering why you have become such a good lover in allowing her to climax long before you! There are other ways like pulling ridiculous faces at the crucial time, but never allow your partner to see this! And the old 'thinking of your bank balance' is always a good way to delay ejaculation or stop ejaculation!

There is a correct time to have sex. Animals automatically know this because of scents put out by the female animal. Humans also have this but it is more subtle. The correct (and only) time for procreation is when the female is ovulating, when the vagina is very moist and open and acts somewhat like a vacuum cleaner when put up against your penis! You know, we've all had it, waking up in the middle of the night doing it! And it's the best sex you've ever had. Whereas when we have to force ourselves to do it, this is not good and is considered to be 'bad sex'.

Sex is great, but learn to delay ejaculation as it's the ejaculation part that can damage you. There should be warning labels of Penis and Vagina saying "too much ejaculation could ruin your health". If you don't want to have sex after just having it, then you have wasted your Qi! However, if you want to get right back in there, then you are OK. (Erle's Rule).