By Erle Montaigue

It does not worry me at all when other martial artists tell lies about me. I have been around too long and am too old to worry about any petty jealousies or huge egos. And I have a life away from the martial arts with the most important thing in my life being my family and music. I could walk away from the martial arts tomorrow and still be a happy man knowing that I have left my legacy to the martial arts world in my videos, articles and books which tell it like it is, the whole truth! However,  my students get upset when they hear these things so I will once and for all elucidate on the subject of George Dillman and me.

The story that many of the Dillman students tell when they hold workshops is that I learnt everything I know from Dillman because I went to a seminar of his in 1989! Geroge Dillman has also told this story.

The truth being known is that I have never attended a George Dillman seminar or workshop in order to learn anything!

I used to be one of the main writers for the Australasian Fighting Arts Magazine and the editor asked me to go and interview George Dillman for the Magazine. So I went along, asked him some sticky questions for about one hour, taped the whole interview (which I still have). During the course of that interview, I had to take some photos for the article so I stayed on and watched some of his seminar. 
The resultant article is on my site at: CLICK HERE.

The truth is that I began writing articles about Dim-Mak when it was unheard of and long before I did that interview with George Dillman. The proof is there in those articles in AFA Magazine. It was Erle  Montaigue who introduced Dim-Mak to the world and that there was a correlation with acupuncture. Before my articles, no one was talking about acupuncture points, only 'nerve strikes'! It was Erle Montaigue who told first about the ST 9 knock out and why it worked etc. Before that, they just called them 'nerve strikes'.

After the publishing of my Encyclopaedia of Dim-Mak, everyone and his dog became a dim-mak expert with most saying that they knew it all along but it was secret stuff!

As to that published work (My Encyclopaedia of Dim-Mak), it has and always has been the best seller in its genre for the publisher with tens of thousands of copies sold. Most tend to keep it for themselves in their closet while others teach from it openly. But this work is now the ruler by which all others are now judged.

I suppose I should be flattered by the fact that some think I am so famous and great that they should tell lies about having taught me something. But the fact is that I am not great, I only teach what I have been taught. I ride on the shoulders of men of genius.