Dim Mak Healing Points and Methods:

The following dim mak methods I have found to be of great benefit if not for the specific illnesses they help to heal, simply for helping one to have a wonderful day.

For Night: Or Early Morning

Dim Mak Healing Points No. 1 
Lay on back and place the palms under the lower back so that the backbone is across the wrists. Put pressure onto the wrists. This activates the whole wrist area. Co5 (on wrist in hollow on right side of right wrist on back.) Si5 (On the other side of wrist in hollow right over on side of wrist) TH4. (Back towards the middle of the wrist but still to left on right wrist in hollow on wristband).

CO5, Draws Qi down from the fire to make lower heater more active to increase the movement of fluids. Especially if slowed by cold.

TH4. Relaxes the tendons (nerves). Reinforces the three heaters. Strengthens Jung (Chong) Mei (LifeLine) & ren Mei (Conceptor vessel), removes heat (so you can sleep) & stimulates the Qi in the meridians. Strengthens overall communication with 3 heaters. Cools and nourishes the blood. Heart & Liver are strengthened.

Si5. Fire & Jing point. Fever, Deafness, tinnitus, Yang Madness. If you have weakness due to blockages within small intestine such as 'damp obstruction'. The weakness causes a backlog of Qi & fluid in the stomach (blocking digestion) & gall bladder. This is due to the physical connection of Small Intestine to the stomach & gallbladder through common bile duct. This point increases circulation through SI and relieves the blockages.

Dim Mak Healing Points No. 2 
Close fists & put pressure onto either side of backbone at lower back. Lie down on top of your closed fists placed at your lower backbone on either side.

BL 23, 24 25

BL23. (2nd lumbar vertebra, 1.5 cun lateral) Regulates & Strengthens kidneys. Menstrual pain, lumbar pain & all disorders of kidneys. Makes kidneys more yang so that they can work better. Tonification & regulation of whole system. Especially benefits who lower heater which is controlled by kidneys. Kidneys produce Wei Qi, so the whole body's defences will benefit.

BL24. (1.5 cun lateral to 3rd lumbar vertebra) Lower heater is where things are stored for later use. (Pot belly or fat thighs). Increases circulation of Qi in these areas so brings stored Qi back into use.

BL25. 1.5 cun lateral to 4th lumbar). Acts upon colon & Lower back & regulates stomach Qi. Constipation, diarrhoea, abdominal distension. Helps in the production of Wei Qi.

Dim Mak Healing Points No. 3
Push upwards into the points called ST 3. These are located just under your eyes and into the cheek bones up into the eyes.

St 3. Just under eye in ridge. Activates stomach Qi. LU 3& 4. Lu3 3 cun below anterior axillary fold. Just outer to the biceps. Balance of Qi between the body & head. Emotional & mental disorders. Inability to cry or let go. Helps to disperse harmful emotions.

Lu4. 1 cun below Lu3. Both together. Look out!

Dim Mak Healing Points No. 4 
Take right wrist a squeeze, then rotates in C/CW direction in towards you. Helps to clear the colon. Carry on up the forearm in this manner on both arms.

Dim Mak Healing Points No. 5
Press GB35 Middle leg on outside of fibula at back of leg to right of right leg from middle. Activates the elimination process.

Dim Mak Healing Points No. 6
Open hips on side of bed. Also helps to activate elimination process. Good for sore back & lower back problems.

You lie on your back on your bed perhaps on the left side of the bed first. raise your left knee so that your foot is touching your right knee at the side. Now, allow your left leg (in this position) to fall off the bed thus opening your 'kwa'. Do it also on the other side. Probably have to push your wife out of bed to do this!


Dim Mak Healing Points No. 7
Upon rising in the morning, cross wrists in front of chest right over left. Just cross them naturally where they WANT to go to, do not lift your arms forcefully etc. as you will miss the point. Where your long finger reaches, press inward with both hands. This is Lu1. Lu 2 is just under the clavicle in the middle of it. Lu1 is 1.2 cun below that. This will mobilise and circulate Qi. Balances Qi in lungs & spleen. This will literally 'get you going' for the day.

Dim Mak Healing Points No. 8 
Press CV14 to calm the mind & The Shen. General calming effect. Pacifies the stomach and balances the Qi. Clears the upper heater thus calms the heart & Shen.

Dim Mak Healing Points No. 9 
CV24 hollow of chin. This point when pressed straight inward & slightly downward. Will regulate the Qi throughout the whole body. & Maintain a proper balance of Qi. Harmonises stomach & Colon Qi. Now that we are awake and going for it, we need the colon to quite down, this point does this. So we are ready to take on the day.

Dim Mak Healing Points No. 10
We have an important meeting or a job interview. So we press GV26 just under the nose. We press GV26 straight inward. It calms the mind, relaxes the whole body, especially if used with H7 (Shen men or doorway to the spirit.) squeezing this one down the wrist. H7 is on the wrist crease in the hole. Calms the Shen & restores it's emotional control over the whole system. Often used with H3 for emotional problems & insomnia.

Up & Going: Middle of the Day. Full Yang

Now you need the full yang energy at your disposal so that you can complete your daily tasks with the greatest amount of Qi available to you.

Dim Mak Healing Points No. 11 
To get the circulation going, we press Lu 9 on the outer edge of the wrist just over that big tendon in the hollow. Between radius & Scaphoid. Regulates & Strengthens lungs. Use for yin disorders of the lungs. Palpitations, asthma, cough, sore throat, epistaxis, and migraine. Regulates respiration. Clears upper heater blockages. Regulates the pericardium/heart control of blood circulation. Good for skin conditions because of its actions on the liver & kidneys.

Dim Mak Healing Points No. 12 
Co1. We use this point to give us strength in the limbs, (among other things). When the yang energy has reached its peak, this point will super boost yang energy so that you can get a little more out of your Qi. Good for toothache. Circulates the Qi as well as liver Qi. Its position, just on the outer edge of the index finger just under the base of the fingernail.

Dim Mak Healing Points No. 13
CO2. Just in the depression of the 1st knuckle of the index finger. Fluid balance within colon is regulated. Fluid assimilation to Kidneys is promoted. Regulates the yin/yang balance and move Qi to nourish the Yang. Good point to move the bowels.

Dim Mak Healing Points No. 14 
St 17 Centre of nipple. Press straight in wards with a slight upward motion. Stimulates the middle heater, (Digestion) and production of blood, or milk in nursing mothers.

Dim Mak Healing Points No. 15 
H3. We press this point just in the crease of the inner elbow and back about 1/2 inch to wards the shoulder & 1" from elbow inward, to help with tension, emotional stress & depression. So our day has not been too good, we use this point to keep us going and so that the stresses do not affect us too badly. Calms heart fire. Pacifies the Shen. (Spirit). Calms the tension created from suppressing the emotions. Creates a yin/yang balance throughout the whole system. Healthy glow to the whole complexion.

Dao Yin Exercises for converting the sexual energy for us

Lie on floor or in bed. Tongue on hard palate. Breathe in as you raise your feet so that they can come up no more. Drop the tongue to lower palate as you breathe out and raise your bum as high as you can without causing your shoulders to leave the floor. The hands should be flat on the ground palms down beside you.

Drop the tongue up again and breathe in as you lower the bum. Now as you breathe out, drop the tongue and bring your lags up to your chest and hug your shins tightly as you still breathe out. Hold it until you wish to breathe in again. Breathe in as you lower your legs holding them at an angle of about 20 degrees for a few seconds and then lowering them to the floor. Bring the tongue back up and breathe in again/ Repeat this for three times.


Now we are coming to the end of the day and we do not wish to take home our workday. So we want to leave it all behind and relax at home with the family.

Dim Mak Healing Points No. 16 
Small Intestine (Si1.) we squeeze Si1. This is the end of the little finger on the outside of the fingernail just where it begins. 1 fen (1 tenth) of an inch, to the side of the base of the fingernail. Clears excessive heat from the heart thus lessening the day's activities. Increases the rate of substances to the outside, via the skin. So takes out the junk that we have put in during the day. Strengthens the body's defences. Provides moisture & nourishment to the skin.

Dim Mak Healing Points No. 17 
SMALL INTESTINE 2. Just in the hollow before the second knuckle on the little finger on the outside. When you make a fist it is on the outside of the crease made by the little finger. Dispels heat from the heart. Promotes the circulation of substances to the Kidney from the small intestine, aiding the Kidney's control over fire and making the liver more yin, (less anger). This is a water point and has a cooling effect upon the body in general.

Dim Mak Healing Points No. 18
Do not press SI3 as this will cause the fire to burn! This point is just over that last knuckle.

Dim Mak Healing Points No. 19
K1. The only point on the bottom the foot. Just where the two mounts meet. Harmonises the fire & water and has a balancing effect upon the whole body. Major revival point as it releases Qi from the kidneys. So this is a good point for use when you arrive home and you are just too tired to play with the kids or pay any attention to what your wife (or husband) has been up to, and aren't they the most important!

Dim Mak Healing Points No. 20 
K2. Just in the hollow at the side of the foot. On the outside about one inch from the ground. Eliminates fire, cools the blood. Press straight in. Balances the whole system with yin & yang Qi.

Dim Mak Healing Points No. 21 
K10. Just at the back of the knee & to the left of centre for the right leg & visa versa. Just to the right of the bog tendon. Tonifies the kidneys and dispels heat. Regulates & soothes the lower heater. So, we're going to bed now and need that the lower heater is soothed so that we are able to get a good night's sleep and this brings us back to the next day.