Dim Mak Techniques From The Taijiquan Forms

The following methods are pertinent to Taijiquan only in both the Yang Cheng-fu form and the Yang Lu-ch'an form or (Old Yang Style). If you do not practice Taijiquan, then you might be able to find comparable postures from your own katas.

Dim Mak Techniques: Opening 
Raise palms so that the wrists attack into both of the opponent's inside wrists to attack to Nei Gwan (Pc 6) bringing the force in towards you. Then, when he has been weakened by this, pull him down onto your knee into GB 24 or LIV 14.

Dim Mak Techniques: Push Left (Arn Left) 
Shake to block his oncoming attack to attack with left palm to GB 1 (lateral to the corner of the eye and just up a tad or SI 19 (on the outside of the ear just where that little protrusion is.) Must be struck in a going towards the face direction and using the tips of the fingers. Causes dizziness and fainting on a small scale but will kill if great power is used.

If SI is used then we squeeze the little finger to heal if only light and dizziness is felt but if harder then there is no cure.

More From The Same Posture: 
Block his oncoming right attack with left palm pushing upward on the outside of his arm as you right palm comes underneath and step to your left. Attack his TW 17 just behind the ear with a towards you strike, this is a killing point as there is no cure!

More From The Same Posture:
Block with left P'eng as your right palm immediately comes over it to take over, now the right palm swings his arm greatly over to your right as your left palm attacks to ST 9. If he is only knocked out, then lay him in foetal position and squeeze the back of his neck on GB 20 just under two base skull bones. If done too hard then the heart stops so CPR is necessary.

More From The Same Posture:
Block from small san-sau, attack to the ST 9 again while the other palm attacks the inside of the wrist in a towards you way to upset his seat of power.

This can be a carry on from the previous from the old yang, after you have attacked his GB 1 point, the left palm swings over his arm to take it under and attacks to his GB24 while the right palm attacks to his LIV 14 downward way. This is a two strike dim-mak and means either knock out or death. No cure.

More From The Same Posture: 
Using it as a block, Attack to his heart and lung points on the inside of his wrist area.

Dim Mak Techniques: PENG 
Attack to the mind point.

Grab rear of neck, GB20 and squeeze while rubbing mind point back towards you.

Multiple applications. Attack to his ST 9 using double peng, attack further ST9 when palms roll over and attack GB14 downward, Attack to GB 24 or LIV13 as he goes down. No cure!

More From The Same Posture:
Attack initially as before but now as you roll your palms attack to Li14 and CV24 in a left to right direction. Now attack to ST 15 and 16 downward with right palm and also to li14 with back of left palm. usually the direction for ST15 and 16 is spiral but when used with LIV 14 is straight down. Causes knock out or death. No cure.

Dim Mak Techniques: CHEE 
Attacks to either GB 24 or LIV 14 and 13 death. no cure. Or can be used to CV14 stops the heart permanently.

Dim Mak Techniques: AFTER CHEE 
The knife edges of both palms attack both sides of the neck chopping across laterally to cut off the blood and air supply. Damage to the carotid is done and care should be taken.

Dim Mak Techniques: SIT BACK 
First bit, turn to your left slightly and rub the Qi towards you on the inside of his right wrist. As your fingers of right palm attack to CV22 (pit of neck).

Dim Mak Techniques: ARN 
Attack in screwing motion to ST 15 and 16. Causes energy to be drained out of body. Cure, rub points in the opposite direction, if not dead.

Dim Mak Techniques: OLD YANG STYLE: CHEE AFTER 1st 
Take his right wrist attack and pull it backward as your right back palm attacks to his GV 26 (just under nose) Causes death is done hard enough but causes total disorientation if done lightly. Now both palms scrape his Qi backwards on the inside of his arm and then join to attack to his CV17 point in a downward stroke to take his power away, drain it. SIT BACK AND ARN (OLD YANG): Block his attack on the inside of his arm to cause weakness, then attack with fingers to LIV13 both sides, then elbows attack in upward to LIV14 then fingers scrape down into eyes.

Dim Mak Techniques: INTO FISHES IN 8 (both styles) 
Sit back and take his block with your left palm as your fingers of the right attack to the eyes. Now turn your body so that his is dragged around and your right elbow attacks to the side of his neck. Now turn back and both palms attack into his ST 9 and GB24 points.

Dim Mak Techniques: SINGLE WHIP 
Block his left attack from rear and step to behind his ankle with left foot to attack KD 5 with your heel as your left palm slams down on to SP21 (just under arm pit and down a little on lateral muscle.

Dim Mak Techniques: LIFT HANDS: CHENG-FU 
If he grabs your right palm use 'flying' to break hold and attack to his GV 26 just under nose in an upward manner.

Now slap his left attack on elbow with your right palm and wrist with left palm and pull and push to upset his power and cause his leg to be weakened for the kick.

Attack to H3 a the same time as kicking using the right thumb in a towards you manner.

Dim Mak Techniques OLD YANG Block to rear or front and jab with fingers into his CV22 point.

Block with both palms and attack to CV14 and CV4 (tan-tien) with double dragon palms.

Turn and block his left inside forearm with right palm and pull it toward you as left palm attacks to ST 24 or 25 in a lateral way (lateral to the navel and on either side of it up and down. now both palms attack to either the side of the neck, right palm or to CV24, and with the right palm pumping straight inward to CV14, death, no cure.

Dim Mak Techniques: PENG AFTER SHOULDER 
Take his right wrist and attack upward into his neck with thumb side of right palm.

Dim Mak Techniques: STORK SPREADS WINGS 
Attack to temple and groin.

Block his left arm pulling the points towards you on the inside of his arm. Your left palm takes his left elbow and turn it into a hammer lock. Now your left knee attacks to LIV13 and you throw him away.

Dim Mak Techniques: PLAY GUITAR 
This is different to lift hands, We take his left straight punch and push the Qi backwards along his arm, this weakens his left knee so we kick it.

Attack his neck with right hammer fist as your left fingers dig in to CV 14 or CV 4, Hammer his forearm backward, and attack to his ST 9 point. Block his right attack with a pushing forward motion and attack to CV 14 with an upward turning punch.

Attacks to both LIV13 or GB 24.

Dim Mak Techniques: SIT BACK: OLD YANG 
Block his left attack with right palm as both palms come back after punch, now both back wrists attack to his LIV13 points and then come up in spirals to attack to his ST15&16.

Dim Mak Techniques: APPARENT CLOSE UP 
He attacks from behind, we take his fingers and attack them using small ch'i-na.

Dim Mak Techniques: CARRY TIGER BACK TO MOUNTAIN: Old Yang 
Firstly, after BKTS, we attack to his ST 9 and block with our right palm (left hands) Now we turn to face the other attack from behind and block his left, as our both palms roll over into fingers and attack to CV 14 and 4. Now we break his arm, attack to ST 9 and LIV14 and as before to ST 15&16 and GB 24.

Dim Mak Techniques: FIST UNDER ELBOW: CHENG-Fu 
Block his left arm to affect the Qi and weaken the body, as your left palm attacks to GV26 under his nose.

Block his left attack with left palm as your right tiger fist attacks to GV 26.

Slam the points on the inside of his wrist to affect the Qi, as your right palm slams downward onto CV 17.

Block to rear and attack to TW17 as you throw him.

Take his right and attack to SP20 with fingers of right palm. Then pull his right palm downward to your knee as your right palm attacks to his eyes or to GB 1 edge of the eye.

He pulls away, you follow and attack to CV 14 and CV 4 with middle winding. Now take his right arm and attack ST 15 and 16 with a pounding left palm, horses mane.

Cheng-Fu Hold ball
Block his left attack with right hinge and attack to his CV 22 with fingers of the left palm. Now step behind and attack to stomach points with horses mane.

Dim Mak Techniques: NEEDLE AT SEA BOTTOM. Old Yang 
Used to lock wrist points to break wrist easily.

Dim Mak Techniques: FAN: Both Styles 
Take his wrist and squeeze it tightly to weaken his Qi. Attack to the arm pit at H1 right up in armpit.

Block with left palm, take right palm under to lock wrist downward, Grab wrist with right palm and attack to temple with left palm.

NEXT BIT, Cheng-fu: 
Uppercut to GV 26, attack side of jaw with hammer fist, left fingers attack to CV 24, then attack to ST 17 (nipples) and GB 24 as take down.

Attack temple with GB3, penetration punch, Now attack to GB 14 with back fist,

Take left wrist and squeeze, turn it around and pull down across to expose ribs and attack with chee.

Dim Mak Techniques: CLOUD HANDS 
Block his attack downward and attack to SI 17 Just under the jaw. This is done in a lateral way, the form dictates this.

Block his attack and jab to CV 22 with fingers.

Block his oncoming attack away from the Qi path and attack to ST 9 and kick to groin.

BOW: Cheng-fu
Attack to TW 17 after blocking and taking over the block.

Dim Mak Techniques: Open Hands 
Before kicks. Even this has a dim-mak application. we run our front palm along the length of his arm thus upsetting the Qi in the body before we kick.

KICKS: Cheng-fu 
Aimed at kidney shu points on the back.

Kicks are aimed essentially at the CV 4 point but must be in an upward direction this gives us the correct way in which we should be kicking.

This is not a punch to the knee but rather a strike to the TW 12 point on the arm.

We lock his arm and take him around attacking to TW 12 and then attack to the temple. GB 3.

Dim Mak Techniques: OLD YANG STYLE 
Break his arm against TW 12. Block his punch and attack to GB 24 and CV 22.

Old Yang After kick 
he goes in at the waist, we attack to just behind his ears with double hammers (TW19) then the knee attacks to the face in general and we follow up with double phoenix to GB3's.

Attack downward slipping with left palm against the flow of energy then fingers to ST 9.

OLD YANG Double Spear Hand 
Block using both knife edges, and attack to CV 14 and CV 4 with spears.

Dim Mak Techniques: SLANT FLYING 
Block with hinge and attack with finger to CV 22, barge in with shoulder to CV 14, attack with right slanting arm to under armpit. HT 1.

Dim Mak Techniques: End Of Slant Flying 
1. Sit back and attack to CV 24 and LIV 13 with fingers.

2. Attack his arm on the outside with left palm in a backwards direction, TW 9 (half way up the forearm. Finger of right palm attack to CV 22. or eyes.

Dim Mak Techniques: FAIR LADY: Old Yang
Normal one, attacks to ST 17. Other one attacks to CV 14, elbow, bridge of nose, slap, CV 22, fingers and GV 26 and CV 14 instant death! No cure.

Cock: Old Yang 
2nd part attacks to neck.

Attacks to CV17, and mind point.

Attacks CV22.

He reattacks so we grab his left wrist and bent it dragging his as we attack to the SP 20 point.

Dim Mak Techniques: PUNCH LOW 
Attacks CV 4.

After chee, he attacks, we attack on the inside of his forearm in the wrong direction, using thumb, as our right elbow attacks to GB 24.

He attacks with right, I block it with hammer left palm as my right palm comes up under to attack to HT 1.

AGAIN He attacks with right, I change weight to block with left and attack with right fist under to GB 24. Now the right fist goes around behind to attack kidney shu points while the other fist attacks to GV 26. Now I block his attack with my right palm under my left arm and attack to ST 9 and CV 22 with my left fingers. Death!

NOW continuing
I attack with both palms to LIV 13 with the right and straight up under the neck with left palm. ST 9.

STORK: OLD YANG (Straight Up Way To The N.) 
Block down and attack straight up with knife edge to GV 26.

Block with P'eng and lift arm so that h1 is exposed for the finger strike as well as to GB 24 with palm. Roll elbow over to attack to elbow joint. Squeeze to back of neck GB 20 and punch to mind point.

Spin around and block then strike to GB 14.

Dim Mak Techniques: TWO PUNCHES 
To GB24 while bending wrists.

Punch to CV 4.

This means that he sees 7 stars when hit! You come up and punch to CV 14, then attack both sides of the neck ST 9's with both fists. This is also a potent qigong which opens the '7 star' points where Qi is said to enter the body. Namely, GV 20, SI 16s, CO 14s, GB 30s.

Turn around and block with left and attack to ST 9 with knife edge.

Turn around again and further block to rear and take over with right palm to attack to HT 1, then use lotus kick to kidney shu area.