Here you will learn all about Dim Mak, with the articles to your right you can learn the different areas of the art. Or read on for a brief summery.

Dim Mak translates as something like death art. A deadly way of fighting using points located on the body as in acupuncture. Used in the right way it can be an amazing art used for self defence (when in a life or death situation) But used in the wrong way it can be a very dangerous stupid art, used for the purpose of bragging and showing someone how good you are by knocking them out.

It was invented a long time ago, in the 1300's, by Master Chang San-feng as part of his Wu-Dang martial healing system. When doing any of the Internal martial arts you are using these Dim-Mak points either for defence or for healing purposes. The points are also used in acupuncture, and so Dim Mak was developed from the knowledge of these points, if they can be used for healing as in acupuncture, they can also be used for doing damage.

When it was first coming to be known in the west there were a lot of sceptics, but now it's getting backed by science more and more as new discoveries are found and more studies are taken. For instance it is known now that that the stomach 9 point or carotid sinus will when touched or struck cause the blood pressure to drop dramatically causing knock out. Some people have hypersensitive carotid sinus conditions, which will cause them to knock themselves out even by wearing a tight tie and turning suddenly. So even on bigger stronger people it is easy to knock them out if striking the point correctly.

The dangers of this strike are so high that to try it out on someone or on your self is like playing with a loaded gun. It has already been tried and tested by practitioners and so should only be used in a life or death situation.

Though Dim Mak is not magic, you still need to know how to strike with power, how to not get hit in the process, and how to get through his guard to apply the strike.