WTBA Foundations Training Camp Malta (From Zero to Instructorship)
Focusing on student grades through to basic instructor.
December 2nd-9th 2023.
Small group for more hands on training.
Limited Numbers, make sure you book in now.

Who is it for:
This camp is aimed at people with no prior training at all, up to someone who has not yet passed their full grade 1 instructors degree. 
Of course even if you have passed your grade 1 instructors, you can still get a lot of great training here to perfect what you already know. 
However if you can make it to one of the Personal Development Camps, this would be more suitable for an instructor. 

What will it be like:
There will be 6 hours of training each day, split into three sessions. 
Session one will be slow forms and Qigong, session two is partner drills, session three is combat/self-defence.
You can choose to join all three, or focus on what interests you most. 
Everything will be taught from scratch, you don't need any prior training, but learning a few things from video before you come will greatly increase how much you can take home from camp.
Students will be accessed on day one, to see where they should start
Naturally, if you do have some prior experience with the WTBA or another style, you will be able to start further on and get through to a higher level by the end of the week.
It is unlikely that a total beginner would be able to get to instructor grade in one week, at least I've never seen that happen, but you will get through how much you can, work on it all at home then maybe you can get your instructor grade at the following camp. 
Those who already know a large part of the syllabus might be able to attain instructorship here. 
The camp will be limited to around 14 people, the purpose of this is that you get far more hands on training with Eli. 
Eli will teach and explain the general principles to the whole group,  or sub groups, he will then go around and give individual advice to every student throughout each session. 

Aside from the training, we'll be staying right on the sea, in December the sea temperature is still a warm 20 degrees. 
It is a great escape from the cold, warm sunny training and swimming in the sea during the break time. 
Check out the videos and pictures below. 

What will be taught:
We will work through the WTBA syllabus of the student grades, starting with grade 1, depending on your prior experience you may start on the next grades 2, 3, or 4, potentially up to grade 1 Instructor.
You will have the chance to take a grading during camp as well, if you want.

Session 1. 
Qigong and Slow Form.
We will start with Qigong and Foundations of Movement, then moving onto the YLC Taiji form, or the Bagua Circular form, you choose one. 
Since it's a small group, Eli can teach both forms at once. For more information on choosing Bagua or Taiji as your main solo form, click here.
Session 2. 
Partner Training Drills. 
This area is where we pair up and practice things like Push Hands, Small San Sau, Bagua Circle Walking, as well as other similar drills within the student foundations.
It's martial, but not rough martial, at least not when you first start out. 
These set training drills teach us important skills that can be used in the martial practice, but a student should never consider themselves as combat ready from only practicing drills, this is where area three comes in.
Session 3. 
This area is where we practice fighting, don't be scared, if you are a total beginner you will be treated as such. 
This area is still done slowly to start off with, the speed and pressure you use will depend on your current skills. 
If you know nothing, you don't need to worry about getting punched in the face on day one. 
We will practice pad work to learn how to strike, attack/defence methods, working our way through from the most simple to the more difficult areas. 
Our focus in the WTBA is for use on the street, not the ring. 
We learn to deal with the most dangerous of situations, life or death, as well as a drunk kid swinging a punch at you at the pub, where a more gentle method is used.
This is a mixture of Bagua and Taiji. 

Retreat Schedule:

Day 1
Arrival day, get to the retreat after 4pm, chill out or do some training, but no official classes.

Days 2 till 7
Training each day as follows.
6:30am Warm Up. 
7am Qigong and Form.
9am Breakfast Break.
10am Partner Drills. 
12pm Lunch Break.
3pm Combat/Self-Defence.
5pm Finish.
6pm Dinner.

Day 8
Leaving day, pack up and head home in the morning, we need to be out by 9:30am.


Early bookings by end of October. 
€500 Total for training and 7 nights accommodation. (€10 discount for WTBA Active Members)
€150 Deposit paid to hold your place.
With the balance due by November 1st.
Please note these fees are only refundable if we are able to find someone else to fill your place. 

Bottled drinking water.
Tea & Coffee, Sugar & Soya Milk.
Breakfast Porridge. 
Bedding, Towels, (not beach towels)
Street Parking if you hire a car.

Travel to get there.
Lunch and Dinner.

Food Situation:
For only €70 you can join the evening meals, this saves you having to go out and find food.
You might want to eat out during the day.
Or for €130 you can have Lunch and Dinner on site each day.
A simple breakfast porridge is included in your training fee, with honey, soya milk, almond butter and hemp seeds to top.
You can bring your own food, but please note there will be 14 people and only one kitchen.
So that's one Stove/Oven, two Fridge/Freezers. 
You will only have a small space in the fridge, you can use the stove/oven, but there might be a line up. 
Please note, you cannot prepare food in the kitchen when the group meals are being prepared. 

Your Accommodation:
You'll have one of the follow.
Queen Bed in private room. x1
Queen Bed in private room with private bathroom. x1
Single Bed in triple room. x6
Bunk Bed. x2
Mattress on the floor x3. (If we have people sharing the double beds we won't need to use these)

Who gets what:
Private Rooms with Queen Beds will be reserved for couples, or two good friends who want to share a bed.
If no couples are joining us, in this case there will be a €100 surcharge for who ever wants the private room, and €180 surcharge for the private room with private bathroom. 
Ladies and Seniors will get first choice, because I'm old fashioned like that. 
Most people will stay in the triple rooms, the sooner you book the better bed option you'll get. 

Thomas Ashby,
Marsaskala MSK 1373ST.
When you turn onto Thomas Ashby, we are the first villa on the left. 
20 minutes from the airport by taxi. 
3 minute walk to the sea.

Google Maps link 

Check out the place we'll be staying below!

Still warm on new years eve!

Private Pool and Training Area with Sea Views

Indoor Training Area (plus kitchen, living, dinning)

Private Queen Rooms

Triple Rooms

Bunk Beds (last to book gets one of these)

Four Bathrooms

St Thomas Bay 3 minutes walk from venue.

The Near By St Peter's Pool