A weekend workshop with Eli Montaigue
March 11th-12th 2023

  • Yang Chen fu Taiji form.
    Taught at it's basic level focusing on correct structure and posture during the movements and also covering the martial applications. 

  • Qigong.
    Standing and moving Qigong will be taught. Focussing on breath and learning how to connect the internal flow with physical movement. 

  • Small San Sau and Foundations of Combat.
    Here we take the training method of Small San Sau, and see what it is we are learning from this form, and how to apply it to real fighting, as well as looking at other foundation skills for fighting.
    Students can do the drills either at a slow and easy pace to better understand their own body and improve the knowledge of the form practice,
    or those who are up for it can put in more speed and pressure to see how Taiji works as a fighting art.
€135 WTBA Active Members price
€150 Normal price

Contact to book. 
Romuald Clermont https://www.taichi-clermont.fr/contact/
Or you can contact Eli here