Combat Weekend France. 

February 24th-25th 2024

Eli's other workshops in France focus on Taiji form, Push Hands, and other Qigong and Martial training methods. 
This one however, is focusing purely on combat for self defence.

We will start from the basics, how to defend against the most common street attacks. 

Taiji Stand Up Grappling.
Grappling is used either to subdue an opponent in a less violent manner, (when the situation is not serious) Or as a way of locking up their guard so you can strike with the elbows.
It's very important we know how to defend against grappling type attacks.
It's also a very useful skill to have if your attacker has better striking skills than you, perhaps they are a boxer who only trains striking.

Taiji Boxing.
Taiji boxing is the use of our hands to strike, fist or palm.
Defending against the most common striking attacks.
Not to be confused with the western sport of Boxing.
There are a lot of similarities, but in Taiji boxing we only use gloves in training to protect our partner. We train on the assumption that in a real fight we will not have them on.
Therefore, there are a lot of differences to how we strike and move.

Taiji Ground Fighting. (If we can find a venue with floor mats)
In self-defence we never want to take the fight to the ground, but, it could still happen.
Therefore, it’s very important that we know what to do once we get there!
The main goal is to learn how to get back to your feet as soon as possible.
We don’t hang around down there trying to get an arm bar on, unless we’re learning a technique like that in order to be a good attacker for our training partner.  

Having to defend a kick is the least likely type of attack, it's still very important to know, but the other three areas are more important, so we will only cover kicks if we have time. 

What do you need:
You can participate in the workshop without the need for any equipment, however, you will get more out of it if you can bring some. 
The main thing that we would use for this particular workshop is gloves. 
We have specially made WTBA gloves which are perfect for what we do, if you get serious about your combat training you will need a pair of these at some point, but in the mean time you can use any boxing glove that has good thick soft padding. 
If you're unsure, please get in touch. 
If you want to get a bit rougher, then a mouth guard is a good idea. 

€135 WTBA Active Members price
€150 Normal price

Contact [email protected] to register