A weekend workshop with Eli Montaigue
June 8th-9th 2024

  • Taiji form
    Taught at it's basic level focusing on correct structure and posture during the movements and also covering the martial applications. 

  • Bagua Circular form
    For those interested, Eli will do a small session on some of the movements from this form, to give you a taste. 

  • Long Har Chuan
    This is a great partner exercise for learning about coordination and timing, as well as structure and body movement.
    This is one of the main drills we use to learn about looseness under pressure. 

  • Push Hands
    Push Hands is where we work with a partner to develop good structure and redirection of force, as well as issuing of force and many other skills that can be used in day to day life or in combat. 

  • Self Defence
    Wether it be for learning how to defend yourself, or just to better understand your forms and Qigong, practical self defence applications are always really fun and good for you. 

€135 WTBA Active Members price
€150 Normal price
Contact [email protected] to register