Erle Montaigue

There are no miracle cures to getting healthy, no pills and no mystical wonderful health techniques that will take you from ill health back to good health. No one thing is able to do what in most cases amounts to a leviathan task. Many factors will have to be taken into consideration when you decide to become healthy again and sometimes that 'again' means from early birth.

The very things that many of us had done to us and had forced into our bodies as children in the name of good health are the very things that are causing us to die early in great ill health.

Thankfully, ideas are starting to change with regard to early childhood food and health but much damage has already been done and it will take some doing to reverse the effects of ignorant parents. Not necessarily their fault, they were told how to feed us and poke us with needles and disinfect us etc, by over zealous doctors and university graduates who totally disregarded the natural instinct of natural mothers.

Nowadays it is still the parents who are to blame for our children not getting healthy. Many parents now know pretty well what is good or bad to eat even if on a very base level. By that I mean that most people now realise that, for instance, sugar is not good or rather 'too much sugar'. It should be just 'sugar is not good' but most stay with the TV ads which tell us that sugar is natural. Or that is not good to eat 'too much junk food' etc.

I say that it is still the parent's fault because in most cases television is to blame for much of the ill health of our children and it is we who allow them to watch channels which continually bombard tiny brains with information about junk food, lolly water and 'good tasting food'. But then those same parents are also brainwashed by the TV, so where does it stop! Usually when someone has to go into hospital for open heart surgery or is diagnosed as having cancer, that's when it usually stops and then it's too late.

The only reason that many of the big corporations are swinging around to getting healthy and semi-healthy foods is that they see a buck in it. Public awareness has risen about 5% in the area of healthy food and as such the food manufacturers have also come about 5% into healthier foods.

But most people still have the very deep rooted idea that what they see on television can't be wrong, how can it, it has the government's OK, no-one would allow something that was bad for us to be advertised in our own living rooms. Most people can't see in a logical way that when they go to their god all mighty doctors that he or she, for the most part, is quite unhealthy. We only want to believe that this person has some almighty gift and they alone are able to cure us of our ill health. After all, if a doctor simply told his or her patients to eat differently they'd leave and go to another doctor who would do the right thing and prescribe something a bit more tangible.

The human race has come to a sorry state indeed when it comes to getting healthy and staying healthy. No longer are we able to rely upon our natural instincts for getting healthy and to heal ourselves because those instincts have long deserted our over spiced palates and distended colons. Our automatic healing responses have given up the ghost and so we just become worse and worse relying upon doctors medicine and pills for a temporary relief until it's time to leave this world and give our poor souls a bit of peace.

As you have probably gathered, I place much importance upon the food we eat, in fact, in many so called 'backward' countries, food, mainly fruit is used as medicine right up to the point of for instance prescribing green figs for haemorrhoids or loquats done in a special way to cure a bad cough etc.

We in the West have come into our sorry state because of the food we eat and more importantly the amount we eat, so it stands to reason that if we are to reverse this decline we must start with the cause. Later we are able to resort to other means such as Chinese self healing methods of exercise, breathing techniques, Qigong, special exercises for each season etc. All of which will be covered in this book.

There is no one means to getting healthy but food is certainly the beginning. 'But I eat well". I hear many people say, then I ask what they eat! It's a horror story for the intestines, not their fault of course, they have been told that plenty of cheese is good for them, drink plenty of milk for the bones etc, eat eggs for protein. This is what we are told by the multi-media today only because the big corporations like the all engulfing egg board or the milk board have so much money to spend upon advertising that they are the only ones to gain air time. How many times have you heard a commercial for pure honey or Stevia Rabaudiana as the only natural sweetener? None I'll bet and yet we have the gigantic sugar board spending millions of dollars on ads that tell us that because sugar originally came from sugar cane that it is the only natural sweetener. Sure sugar cane juice is full of goodness but then they take it all out and throw it away leaving us the residue of white death.

We have prominent sportsmen telling us to eat packaged breakfast cereals, or even sports doctors resident at National sports centres telling the same. No one tells to get up in the morning and have an apple! There's no money in that, after all the Kellogg's company is paying big dollars to Dr. so and so to do their commercials. It's as if to say that being fit is to be healthy and we are brainwashed into believing that because Australia's iron men eat a certain breakfast cereal then we will be just as healthy.

Getting healthy and fitness have nothing in common. One can be the 'fittest' athlete in the country and still die of a heart attack. This is because athletes train the outside of their bodies but usually forget the inside and their blood vessels become useless until heart attack occurs. In fact, super fit people are usually more prone to heart attack if they have been eating high cholesterol foods than people who lead sedentary lives because not too much pressure is placed upon the heart.

To be 'really' fit as well as getting healthy and staying healthy, we must eat and exercise well. Exercise alone will only kill you.

So how do we know we are well? The answer is that we don't. We all of usually go through life at about 50% of our natural level of health and so we never really know what it's like to be healthy, to have free flowing blood rushing through relaxed unimpeded vessels carrying life giving oxygen to all parts of the body. Nor do we know what it's like to have the same unimpeded flow of Qi (life force, energy) flowing to all organs bathing them in life giving energy.

In this book, I will be telling how you can re-gain both full flow of healthy blood and full flow of Qi. No need for special cholesterol diets, no need to go to aerobics, no need for vitamin pills or wheat grass diets, everything you need is on you, or in you.