Good Health does require some changes to life-style and a little will power! Much bad health and disease is often caused by an imbalance of acid and alkaline in your body, (yin and yang). This can be reversed by following a strict regime as follows. Begin by hydrating the body with alkaline substance. Each morning and late afternoon, drink at least one pint of 'green drink'. You juice the leaves of any green vegetables such as lettuce, celery and cucumber (the whole vegetable in this case) and if you can grow some wheat grass, even better. To grow wheat grass just get some organic wheat or spelt grain and put it in a tray on top of some organic potting mixture and water it every day. one week and you can begin to harvest and juice it. Give up all coffee and tea, give up all meat products and dairy, give up all salt and sugar. Do not eat anything else other than cold climate fruit until at least lunch time. Give up ALL fermented products such as wine all spirits and vinegar etc. And all yeast products such as bread, give up all gluten products, those that contain wheat, rye, barley and oats. If you follow this your problem will not have an environment which to live. You must not drink anything after 6 pm however!

Here's How:

Firstly get yourself one of those munching types of juicers. They cost more, however, it is a waste of time trying to juice things like lettuce and wheat grass in a normal centrifugal juicer. You must get one that does not go over 100 Revs per minute and preferably slower. 
Grow some wheat grass, it's easy. Take a few potting trays and lay some potting mixture, about one inch. Then sprinkle some wheat or preferably spelt seed, (we use organic) on top and press it is slightly. Then water every day and in a few days you will have your own garden of wheat grass to harvest. You should only harvest up to 5 times though, so have some trays always beginning.  
Once you have your juicer and wheat grass growing, every morning cut half of one tray of the wheatgrass as this is sufficient for one person. Leave about 2 inches of grass behind to regenerate.
For one person: Take a whole Coss lettuce, the lettuce that is sort of long and has normal leaves, not the 'Iceberg' round variety. Any green leafy vegetables except for Spinach and to a lesser degree, Kale as they both have amounts of oxalic acid which will take your calcium away. You can juice things like zucchinis and especially cucumber. Do not juice carrots as they are too sweet and could cause fermentation. Do not use any sweet fruits or vegetables, only green leaves and green stalks such as celery.  I tend to stick with four ingredients. A whole Coss lettuce (excellent for diabetics!), a whole bunch of celery, also great for diabetics and anyone who wishes to feel well again. Half of one cucumber and the wheatgrass that you have just harvested.

Feed all of the above into the juicer which should make at least one pint or more. The important thing is not to sip; the drink, but scull it down. This will hit the pancreas with a huge hit of alkaline. The taste will become bearable or even nice after some time and you will even find yourself hanging out for your morning drink.

I normally make up one lot in the morning around 6 am. Then another smaller lot consisting of only lettuce and celery, then again in the late afternoon around 5 pm, we have another green drink and include some broccoli.

Erle's Power Breakfast Revisited

I have learnt much over the past 15 or so years, since I was diagnosed with diabetes and some other nasties. I have however, completely baffled the doctors by  dropping the medication that they had me on down to half of what it was. They told me that the next step would be insulin! So i just decided that I would take care of my own life and fix myself. In only one week, I was able to cut my intake of diabetic drugs by half and in another week I was, and am, down to only the one tablet. My now famous 'Power Breakfast' has also gone through some changes as follows. Using the following ingredients and taking your green drink, there is nothing that your body will need as it contains every micro nutrient known to man.

Take some Hemp Seed, two tablespoons. Some Flax Seed, three tablespoons. Some Sesame Seed (make sure that it is husked as the husk of sesame seeds contain oxalic acid, so it is important when buying tahini paste that you get the one that reads, 'hulled'. Some Qinoa Seeds two tablespoons. Put it all into a coffee grinder and grind it all up. Pour it out into a bowl, add some Stevia (a white powder that is up to 100 times sweeter than sugar and which will help to protect your teeth and lower your blood sugar level! it is a native plant from Paraguay and the sweet extract is taken from the leaves). We brought one kilo of Stevia over to the UK with us as for some weird reason it is illegal to sell it here. It is not illegal to have it, but you cannot sell it! .. Strange! And that kilo will last us about 4 for 5 years or more as it is so sweet. Only a tiny pinch in a cup of tea is sufficient.
Add about one teaspoon of Nutmeg and a teaspoon of Cinnamon as this also helps with high blood pressure.

Pour some hot water over the mixture and mix it until you have a consistency that you like, porridge (oatmeal) for instance. You can then pour over some  soy milk (preferably just leave it as it is) or some "White Tiger", the milk made from 'Chuffas", the roots of the sedge grass from South America. And there you have it, a breakfast fit for life.