Baguazhang Hawk Form (Falcon) Boxing:

The Falcon's element is 'Fire' (some people call this animal the Rooster). His body part is the eyes. His family member is the 'Second Daughter'. He is brave and courageous and fights to the finish to save his family. Spinning & Turning over, using a chopping method is his way of fighting. 

Section 1 of the Hawk Form:

Please note that the form is not intended to be learnt from this text alone, rather it is to be a suplement to your DVD or what you have learnt from your teacher.

Hawk Seizes the Prey:
Walk the circle counterclockwise as usual. Take an L step into the centre of the circle as your L hand makes the "Hawk Fingers" thus blocking an attack and immediately strikes to the eyes to the centre as the R foot makes contact. As the weight is placed onto the R foot, the L hand uses the Hawk Claw to gouge at his eyes or face laterally and the right palm (wing) loads to the rear slightly and strikes downward across his neck. The L foot is drawn back and the R foot comes forward half way between the centre and the circumference so that you are in a R foot fwd stance.

Section 2 of the Hawk Form:

Hawk Swoops on the Fish:
Swing your L foot to the rear so that you are now facing CW on the circumference as your R palm upward loads and strikes to your left thus simultaneously blocking and striking an attacker to your L. As your L Hawk Wing strike (back Of Palm) comes into the temple of that same attacker, you will jump onto your R foot lifting your L foot cocked for a low leg kick to the rear. Your L palm at the same time thrusts out to the rear thumb down to block another attacker's L handed attack. Seizing his hand, you jerk him forward violently as your R palm turns palm upward to again strike across his neck just to make sure his is taken care of and kick to his L knee. Jump onto your L leg which comes back after the kick and further jerking him forward hammer down onto the back of his neck with your R cupped palm and your R foot comes forward, weight on the L leg and you are now facing CCW again.

Section 3 of the Hawk Form:

Hawk Seizes Twigs:
From the last posture, slip step forward CCW with the R foot and then take a L step as your R palm blacks to the centre and your L palm slams him into the neck. You are now in the normal Dragon boxing stance as the L palm slides under the R to end up in the centre. Take an L step to the centre as your R palm slides across his neck and your L palm seizes his L wrist. Now your R arm makes the "Pigeon Flies" posture by scooping and lifting to break his neck. As you make the previous, you see another attacker coming from your L so as you break his neck as previously, your R palm will rise and you will jump around (sleeves dancing) out of the circle landing on your R foot as your L foot comes past it and your L and R palms spam downward to take care of the new attacker. You now face CC with L foot fwd on the circumference. Finish with a single pounding L palm and a L slap step.

Section 4 of the Hawk Form:

Hawk Overturns and Tumbles:
From the previous, Step fwd with your R foot (CW still) as both palms throw in a CCW arc over to your L thus blacking and attacking anything that comes at you. Step onto your R foot as you swing around to face the CCW direction and again attack with both palms to the back of his head as the new attacker is coming in from the rear.

Your L palm will come under your R as you do the previous to block an attack and seizing jerking downward. Your R foot steps fwd ½ step (facing CCW) as your R back palm attacks to his neck then turns over and chops down across his neck as your L palm comes underneath to block and your turn inward to face CW and your R palm repeats the previous snake type movement with R hinge and R chop down across the neck then slams downward as your L foot swings to the rear now facing CCW. Step fwd with L foot turning slightly into the centre as your L forearm/elbow hinged downward attacks to the side of his head and you turn to CCW R foot fwd. Take L palm under right and a L step for the Dragon shape palm to the Centre facing CCW.

Section 5 of the Hawk Form:

Hawk Stalls/Turns to Defend Its Nest:
From the previous, your L palm will snake to the rear to block/attack an on-coming right handed attack. It will circle it upward as the R palm comes underneath to take over in typical fashion. Step with L foot as your R palm slams him across the neck with palm lateral fingers pointing to your R. (CW) Both palms now circle and slam him across the neck and head from L to R. Take a R step as you repeat this movement only from R To L. Swivel to the rear (CCW) and take your L foot to the rear so that your R foot is now fwd. Following on from the previous, block both palms downward and then back up to attack to both sides of his neck with R Foot fwd. CCW.


Hawk Posture:
Turn inward and perform the Hawk Posture holding it perfectly still for a count of 7, deeply and naturally breathing. CW.

Section 6 of the Hawk Form:

Hawk Snatches the Fowl:
Come out of the qigong posture and swivel on your R heel to face CCW. As you do this, your L back palm will strike downward onto his low R attack. Your R palm will now also strike across his temple using the back of the palm then also strike onto the inside of his arm only up higher on the arm at the elbow crease. Take a R step Fwd as you do this. Your R palm will now continue the previous momentum as it turns (palm down) and strikes upward with the back of the palm across his neck and face. It will then turn into a Hawk Claw and claw downward across his eyes followed by a R elbow to the temple or neck. CCW. Lock his neck and take a L step and turn out of the circle throwing your R palm outward this breaking the neck now facing CW R foot fwd..

Section 7 of the Hawk Form:

Startled Eagle:
From Previous, with R foot fwd and facing CW, both palms rise upward (r before L) as if startled thus saving yourself by blocking an on-coming two handed attack. Immediately, both palms turn over and attack (r then l) with two cutting knife edge strikes (palms upward) to both sides of the neck. AS the R foot is turned outward (L step) the R palm grabs behind the neck while the L palm takes the forehead and breaks the neck. Immediately turn to the L and the L foot goes to the rear (now CCW) and outward turn, and block using your R hinge block. This will then circle throwing the on-coming hand outward so that the spear fingers can attack to the neck CV22. R foot fwd facing CCW. Follow this with an Eagle Claw movement downward with the R hand. Slide the Ll palm under and take a normal L step to come to the Dragon Shape facing CCW.

Section 8 of the Hawk Form:

Hawk Protects the Chicks:
From the previous posture facing CCW in the normal Dragon Shape, turn to the rear opening up both arms as if gathering something as you leap fwd onto your R leg and as you raise your L knee, pull both arms down violently thus smashing his head onto your knee. Facing CW. Follow this with two spear palms (facing upward) to the throat as he falls backward. Turn your L foot inward (L step) and begin to turn backward to face CCW as both arms are thrown upward in a CW arc to defeat an oncoming attack. Continue that arc and perform the Rhino Looks At Moon posture only with weight on the front L leg. CCW. Block using your R palm to his L attack and take over with your L, controlling his L arm with your L as you attack to temple using your R elbow and step with R leg still facing CCW.

Make an inside turn as your R comes under L and step w R foot to end up in the Dragon Shape facing CW to begin on the other side.