The Healing Power of Water
By Erle Montaigue

Many years ago, I learnt a method of taking pure water in order to get the Qi from it. I was taught this method by one of my Chinese teachers who used to do this method every morning. This man's health was amazing and at that time I attributed it purely to his Taijiquan. As the years went by and my own experience advanced, I began to realise that we cannot live by Taiji alone.

Nowadays, I teach a whole method of health of which Tai Chi and Qigong are only one part. For good life, we need exercise, food, air and water. The purer those substances, the greater the quality of your life will be. And the more you improve each one of these, the greater your health will improve.

Healing Power of Water

This article is on the healing power of water and how we drink it. Firstly, most people will have the wrong notion that any liquid that is water based such as fruit drinks or juice, coffee and tea etc., do just the same for us that water does. This is one of the most damaging mistakes modern man has made. The reason for this is that water does much more for us than simply being a lubricator. Water is part of our energy source or our source of Qi.

The body needs electricity (Qi) to function. When we die, the current stops and we disintegrate. To keep the EMF (voltage) and current alive we use the components of water. However, when I say 'water' I do not mean any liquid, I mean pure water!

Healing Power of Water: Discoveries

The body is so amazing and I always feel so puny when I discover new areas of the body and how it works, the chemical and electrical workings of the body have been put together so well that it could not have just evolved! Look at how the body and brain take glucose for energy. The brain is obviously the most important area of our body so it takes energy in a totally different manner to the body. The body has to rely upon insulin to carry glucose to the cells of the body for fuel. When we run out of insulin as in the case of diabetes, we must use artificial means of doing this or go into 'manual' mode. The brain on the other hand, takes its energy from the food we eat straight from the blood and does not rely upon insulin. Isn't that amazing! Whoever invented we animals thought that should the insulin some day stop, there must be a way of getting energy to the brain without relying upon insulin. So, the brain was made differently to the rest of the body.

Healing Power of Water: Taking the Qi

And it is the same with water. The brain takes in the Qi from water directly from the mouth before it goes into the stomach and intestines to be used for lubrication. The rest of the body must rely upon the digestion process to get its water. However, it's not that simple, as the body treats food differently to water. And here is where most people get into trouble in thinking that things like coffee and tea or fruit juice are water, or even better! The body senses that anything that has food in it, is food and treats that liquid as food, not as water! So the brain is being depleted of necessary Qi or energy that it must gain from water because the body sees water that has food in it as being wet food! The Qi stored in water is never taken out in the mouth when we drink anything other than water. Only when we drink water, does the brain receive its electrical Qi. So although our body feels satisfied and not thirsty, we really are dying of thirst!

Should you wish to read about the scientific evidence for this, read the book by F Batmanghelidj M.D. Published by Global Health Solutions. In fact, Sanchin Publications in MN, USA are selling this book and sent me a copy recently. This book does not talk about water in the same way that the Chinese doctors do, however, it is a good reference for westerners who need scientific assurance.

The Healing Power of Water: How to Drink It

The way to drink water, is firstly to find a source of pure water and not the dead water that usually comes from a city tap! Rain water that has been sitting in a tank for some time is ideal as it has some beneficial bacteria and organic material. Remembering that we take the Qi from water directly from the mouth, it is essential to drink water in the correct way at least three times per day. The rest of the time, you can simply drink it. The correct way to take water to gain the most Qi is as follows.

First thing in the morning, after cleaning your teeth and doing all of those early morning things, take some pure water into your mouth and hold it there for a count of 7. Then spit it out! This is important. Do this three times in all. On the fourth time, take the water into the mouth and drink it. And that's all there is to it. You must of course drink water throughout the day at least a glassful one half hour before every meal or snack. This is not difficult when you think of all the coffee and tea or soft drinks we consume in one day.

It is also very important to drink water before taking any coffee or other 'food' laden liquids as the water you take will only mix with these and become just food rather than water. So be sure to drink your water at least half an hour before drinking any other liquid or taking any food. It is not good to drink with meals anyway. The reason that most people must drink with meals is that the western diet has far too much salt. If we were to eat what God intended for us to eat, there would be no need to drink at all with meals as the correct food for humans is already wet.

Healing Power of Water: Toxins

Water tends to attract to it more toxins than wet food does. So some of the effects of going onto this regime is that your urine will smell different and you will be urinating more even though you might be taking less liquid than you were before. After some time when your body is getting cleaner you will notice that you are not urinating as much and your urine will gain a clearer colour. You will also feel great! Much more energy to do things and much more energy for thinking about doing things. Your sex drive will improve as will your sex life as a direct result of this better Qi (energy) and your work will also improve. And all because of something that we take for granted, the second most abundant substance on earth, water.