Having trouble with your video purchase? Please check out our FAQ below. 

1. My video does not play correctly
This is a rare thing but sometimes your video player will have a conflict with certain files. 
Please download our recommended video player here
This should solve your issue, if not please get in touch. 

2. I purchased some DVD's from your website but have not received them.
We do not sell DVD's from our website, all videos sold from our site are for download. 
In your confirmation email you will find the links to download your videos. 
You can also find them in your account.

3. When I play the video I bought online it seems that it cuts out before the end. 

Have you downloaded the video file? 
Our service is not designed to stream the videos online, you need to download the full file and watch off line. 

If your problem has not been solved from the above then please get in touch via our contact page