The Netherlands: Nieuwegein

A weekend workshop with Eli Montaigue, head of the WTBA
October 7th and 8th 2023

Eli is not the type of teacher whom only stands up front giving instructions. 
He will do this to start a session and for anything he feels will benefit the whole group. 
However, most of your learning will come as he makes his way through the class as you train, giving individual advice to each and every student.

Martial Training, here we look at some of the martial training methods from Taiji.
The focus of this class will be to understand structure and movement, not so much getting into the really rough fighting stuff.
However, anyone would would like to see how something works in a full pressure fighting situation, this can still be shown, just ask. 

Power Qigong. 
To start the class, we will do some Qigong, this brings up the yang and makes you feel strong. 

Small San Sau. 
We will work on the partner applications of this form, those who are doing it for the first time or whom are still at a very basic level, will keep it slow, focusing on relaxation and structure, doing the form in the most simple way to gain a solid base.
Those whom know the form well, will be shown things in greater detail, under more pressure and speed, focusing on how the application works in the real world, always at a pace and pressure that is comfortable for the individual.

Push Hands. 
Foundation methods will be taught, how to find the centre, how to move the centre, how to go with the flow when you are pushed or pulled off balance, as well as understanding what Peng is. 
Beginners will do these methods as individual exercises, more advanced students will be shown how to incorporate them into the push hands sequence.

Pad Work.
Here we will practice the fundamentals of striking. 
As above, each person will be shown how they should be striking for their level.
We will start the workshop with some Qigong, to get into the correct mind set for practice. 
Focusing on breath and connecting movement to it, in an attempt to feel something from the inside, something that is usual not felt for beginners in the Taiji form, due it's more complex nature it takes more time than the simple Qigongs we have. 

Yang Lu Chan Taiji form, covering both the physical and internal aspects of the form.

It's doesn't matter how much of the form you know, even if you know none, as Eli simply takes a few postures from the form to teach you principles of movement.
Beginners will focus on posture and structure, as well as how to connect to their breath.
While advanced students will be shown the more intricate details of the form, such as opening and closing, to create connected power in every movement. 

Training times:
10am till 3pm each day, with a short break for lunch.


One Day.
€60 First timer training with Eli
€75 WTBA Active Members price.
€80 Non members price.

Two Days
€110 First timer training with Eli
€135 Active Members price.
€150 Non members price.

Marsja Haanstra,
[email protected],
+31613012710 (WhatsApp)