April 5th-12th 2025    (3 places left)
These are special training camps for WTBA Instructors, limited to 12 people per event for more hands on time with Eli.
If you are not yet a WTBA instructor, then you'll be better off attending one of the Foundations Camps.
Places books out fast, make sure you book in no to save your place. 

Who is it for:

These camps are for WTBA instructors only. 
A student who is near to instructor rank will be considered if they can't make the dates for one of the foundation camps. 
Usually we get people of grades 1 to 3 attending these, so you should be able to find someone to practice with who is working on the same grade as you. 
And of course everyone will mix up as well. 
Keep in mind, if you are only graded in forms for example, but you want to start your training in partner drills like push hands,  then you would be better off joining one of the foundation camps, since you'll struggle starting with push hands for example at an instructor level if you have only done form. 

What will it be like:

There will be 6 hours of training each day. 
The camp will be limited to 12 people, the purpose of this is that you get far more hands on training with Eli. 
Eli will teach and explain general principles to the whole group,  or sub groups, he will then go around and give individual advice to every student throughout each session. 
So, everyone will get to practice what they need to work on. 
Gradings will be possible during camp. 

Aside from the training, we'll be staying right on the sea.
It is a great escape from the cold, warm sunny training and swimming in the sea during the break time. 
Check out the videos and pictures below. 

What will be taught:
Since everyone attending will already be at instructor rank, what we train in will depend on who is attending. 
Eli will talk with each instructor to see what they want to get out of camp, then plan a schedule around that. 
The best thing is to 
work through the WTBA syllabus of the Instructor grades. 

Camp Schedule:

Day 1
Arrival day, get to the venue after 4pm, chill out or do some training, but no official classes, and no dinner, so get something to eat before, or you can go out for dinner. 

Days 2 till 7.  
7am Training.
9am Breakfast Break.
10am Training
12pm Lunch Break.
3pm Training
5pm Cool down. 
5:30pm Finish.
6pm Dinner.

Day 8
Leaving day, pack up and head home in the morning, we need to be out by 9:30am.
No breakfast. 


Early bookings by 3 months before start date.

€800 Total for training & 7 nights accommodation.
Optional Breakfast Lunch & Dinner €180. 
€200 Deposit to hold your place.
A further €400 due by 3 months before start date.
With the balance payable in cash on arrival. 

Late bookings will be €100 extra. 

Please note these fees are only refundable if we are able to find someone else to fill your place. 

Bottled drinking water.
Tea & Coffee.
Bedding, Towels.
Street Parking if you hire a car.

Food Situation:
For only €180 you can join the breakfast, lunch & dinner meals. Amazing organic healthy meals prepared freshly on site.
Please note, you cannot prepare your own food in the kitchen when the group meals are being prepared. 
Meal fee must be paid three months before camp.

Your Accommodation:
You'll have one of the follow.
Queen Bed in private room. 
Queen Bed in private room with private bathroom. 
Single Bed in triple room. 
Bunk Bed. 

Who gets what:
Private Rooms with Queen Beds will be reserved for couples, or two good friends who want to share a bed.
If no couples are joining us, in this case there will be a €100 surcharge for who ever wants the private room, and €180 surcharge for the private room with private bathroom. 
Ladies and Seniors will get first choice, because I'm old fashioned like that. 
Most people will stay in the triple rooms, the sooner you book the better bed option you'll get. 

Thomas Ashby,
Marsaskala MSK 1373ST.
When you turn onto Thomas Ashby, we are the first villa on the left. 
20 minutes from the airport by taxi. 
3 minute walk to the sea.

Google Maps link 

Check out the place we'll be staying below!

Private Pool and Training Area with Sea Views

Indoor Training Area (plus kitchen, living, dinning)

Private Queen Rooms

Triple Rooms

Bunk Beds (last to book gets one of these)

Four Bathrooms

St Thomas Bay 3 minutes walk from venue.

The Near By St Peter's Pool