A Weekend Workshop with Eli Montaigue in East London

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Book now or miss out!
This workshop is limited to 8 people. 
So, you will get plenty of hands on time with Eli. 
Small group means learning more. 

Please contact to register.

This will be aimed at WTBA members, but open to anyone wanting to see what we do. 

What will we cover.

Push Hands. 
We will look at single push hands, learning the push hands movements as well as how they apply to application. 

Attack Defence Drills. 
Drills with a partner, working on attack and defence, striking based, punching/kicking. 
We will also look at Small San Sau and how it relates to a real fight. 

Stand up, since we won't have mats on the ground here. 

Training time:

10am till 1pm
Lunch BYO
2pm till 5pm

9am till 12pm
Lunch BYO
1pm till 4pm

Location will be in east London. 
Exact address given on sign up. 


£140 Active Members Price. 
£150 Everyone Else.