Sunday Workshops, to be run roughly once a month. 

At Champney Hall near Heathrow. 
First one is January 29th 2023. 

Please contact to register.

This will be aimed at WTBA members, but open to anyone wanting to see what we do. 

You can attend once or every month. 
What we will do is, from the first one, the group will be informed of the next possible date, we will work out a date that works for the majority of the group each month. 

What will we cover.

YLC Taiji Form First Third.
Form and application, we will take sections of the form and look at them in detail, as well as practicing applications.
Basic structure and advanced flow will be show for students at different levels. 
Push Hands. 
We will look at single and double push hands, learning the push hands movements as well as how they apply to application. 
Lunch Break.
Pad Work. 
We will work through a series of interactive pad drills, not just learning how to strike, but also to keep your balance when you miss, and keeping your guard active. 
Stand up combat.
Drills with a partner, working on attack and defence, striking based, punching/kicking. 
We will also look at Small San Sau and how it relates to a real fight. 
Sparing will be done in the last 10 minutes. 
Grappling and ground fighting on the mats. 
Starting with learning technique, things like how to stop a take down, or from the ground how to get him off you and back to your feet. 
Since we are training for the street, we do not want to spend any time on the floor, so the aim is always to get back up. 
Last 10 minutes grapple sparing, we do not through any hard strikes here so we can train with out any gloves etc,
but we still keep the awareness of strikes in the session, otherwise you'll end up having wholes in your guard. 


When paid at least one month in advance.
First Timers £40 
WTBA Active Members £60
Everyone Else £70

Cash on the day.
First Timers £40 
WTBA Active Members £70
Everyone Else £80