Meridian Balancing Massage
By Erle Montaigue

The following is an excellent way to balance the amount of yin and yang Qi in the meridian pairs. Most disease states begin with an imbalance of Qi in the meridian pairs.

The meridian balancing massage method involves internal thought, that which is not conscious. You must sink your own Qi, i.e.., yo9u go into a state of 'sung' and place the 'control hand' over the 'balancing point'. You then rub the whole way along the meridian (it will be the opposite meridian in the pair) only touching so that the hand does not touch the skin, only the hair on the limb for instance. Usually it is done in groups of three times on each side. You will notice that each meridian pair controls some disease state. So if you have a patient that has one of these disease states, then you would concentrate upon that particular meridian pair. However, it is usual to do all six meridian pairs when you are not sure of what is wrong. Even when you do know the disease state and are performing the obvious balancing method on a particular pair, you MUST always begin with the HEART/SMALL INTESTINE balancing method as described below. This pair sets up all of the others.

HEART/SMALL INTESTINE (Fire), Meridian Balancing Massage

Place left "laugong", or Pc 8 over balancing point. Then rub the meridian with the right laugong. When you cannot reach the whole meridian just do for instance the leg.

Balancing is done in reverse mode. I.e.., Rub in the Dim-Mak flow. From Largest to lowest number.

Heart: (Yin) Balancing or Control Point = SI 11 Middle Of Scapula. Left Hand is placed on the point. Rub along meridian from H/9 to H/1. From armpit along inside of biceps inside forearm to inside (thumb side of little finger tip.

Small Intestine: (Yang) Balancing or Control Point = H 5. H5 1 cun back along inside of wrist on ulnar artery 1 cun back from wrist flexure. L hand on H 5 rub from SI 11, (Mid Scapular) to outside of little finger tip. Runs from Little finger outside along outside of forearm along inside of triceps straight up into shoulder past arm pit then down to SI 1.

Controls: Laughing/Happiness. Also is the fire meridian set which controls all the other balancing meridians so this must be done first. So someone who laughs uncontrollably or is just TOO happy for no reason!

LUNG/COLON (Metal), Meridian Balancing Massage

Controls Grief/Weeping. Controls the ability to learn physical things. So use this one when the patient has difficulty learning anything or who has much grief for no apparent reason and cries a lot at the proverbial drop of a hat!

The balancing is done using the acupuncture flow. I.e.., from lowest number to highest. Same for all that follow. The only one that is rubbed in reverse direction is Heart/SI. Using the left hand as the balancing hand.

LUNG: (Yin) Control Point = Co 11. Co 11 is in the middle of both arm bones at the elbow on the outside of the forearm just up from Co 10. Rub the Lung meridian from Lu 1 to Lu 11. Lu 1 is 3/4 way along collar bone to the outside and one cun directly down. Lu 2 is on the collar bone. Then down outside of biceps along outside of forearm inside to inside of tip of thumb.

COLON: = (Yang) Control Point = Lu 9. Lu 9 is right in the wrist flexure just under thumb mount. On outside of inside of forearm. Rub Colon meridian from Co 1 to Co 18 just forward of St 9 and a little lower in the neck. CO 1 outside index finger tip. Up the outside of the forearm up middle of upper arm over shoulder into neck beginning and up to near St 9.

TRIPLE WARMER/PERICARDIUM (Fire), Meridian Balancing Massage

Controls Sexual awareness. And the ability of the other meridians to communicate. Use this method when someone is totally unaware of the opposite sex or his or her own! You know the type, the men who always only mix with the other men at parties! Also for when someone is scattered, i.e.., their meridians are not 'communicating'.

Triple Warmer: (Yang) Control Point = Pc 7. Pc 7 is slap bang in the middle of wrist flexure on the inside of forearm. Rub TH from Th 1 (small finger side of ring finger tip.) to Tw 17 behind ear. Straight up middle of outer arm.

Pericardium: (Yin) Control Point = Tw 10. Tw 10 is funny bone, middle of outside of elbow. Rub from Pc 1, 1 cun to lateral side of nipple, arch over arm pit and down inside of biceps down forearm to thumb side of longest finger.

STOMACH/SPLEEN (Earth), Meridian Balancing Massage

Controls communication with the ground. Too much worry. Use when someone worries too much for reasons that would not bother others. Also if the person is too 'up in the air' they are not grounded.

Stomach: (Yang) Control Point = Sp 3. Sp 3 is Big toe side of foot. Just over big lump lower edge of foot bone.

Rub from St 31 lateral to top of pubis in hollow of thigh front. Top of thigh bone. Straight down middle of thigh front over knee off a little to the outside of lower leg. Down between tibia & fibula, down over instep to small toe side of second toe.

Spleen: (Yin) Control Point = St 36. St 36 is right between tibia & fib at top of lower leg. In hollow. Rub from Sp 1 at Outside of big toe. Big toe side, Up inside of foot edge over Sp 3 & 4 then up over ankle straight up inside of thigh to Sp 11 just down from groin a little to the front of inside of leg.

GALL-BLADDER/LIVER (Wood), Meridian Balancing Massage

Controls your perception of yourself. Too much anger/shouting. This is for when someone has an exaggerated view of him or herself. These people would usually not come for treatment anyway!

Gall-bladder: (Yang) Control Point = Liv 3: Liv 3 is in between big toe and second toe. In the 'V'. Rub from Gall-bladder 30, just in the buttock, that sore spot lateral to thigh crease. Straight down outside of leg, over outside of instep down to little toe side of 4th toe. Gb 44.

Liver: (Yin) = Control Point = Gb 34. Gb 34 is in depression to small head of fibula. Just over outside of lower leg just under knee in the middle in a hollow. Rub from Liv 1, little toe side of big toe end, up the big toe side of the inside of lower leg, dip in the inside of knee, then up the inside of the thigh a little more to the front. To Liv 10 just before groin.

BLADDER/KIDNEY (Water), Meridian Balancing Massage

Controls your awareness of 'yin'. Too fearful. Perhaps the person is afraid of women (in the case of a male and visa-versa).

Bladder: (Yang) Control Point = K 3: K3 is on big toe side of Achilles tendon. Rub Bladder meridian, from Bl 36 right in middle of rear of thigh under buttock. Straight down outside of thigh down outside of calf until horseshoe, then branch out on little toe side of horseshoe from Bl 57, down calf bone down outside of calf straight down the side of the foot to outside of little toe. Bl 67.

Kidneys: (Yin) Control Point = Bl 40. Bl 40 is Slap bang in the middle of the back of the leg behind knee. Rub kidney meridian from K1 up over arch on big toe side of foot. Then up inside of leg to K 10 behind knee a little to the front.

I am receiving some very positive feedback from this method, almost miraculous cures! People are even setting up 'shop' and treating people with great success. One person could not sleep and had not had a decent sleep for 25 years! She had her first full meridian balancing and slept like a baby! Others have changed so much from what they were, that people had difficulty recognising them!