Baguazhang Monkey Boxing
By Erle Montaigue 06 July 2007

Probably one of the most flowing and powerful of the full Bagua animal forms, the Monkey Boxing takes the practitioner into an area of self defence never before attainable from other systems. Your limbs become very deadly weapons, heavy and explosive and the way the monkey moves makes it almost impossible to defend against his attacks and defences.

The Monkey makes use of many different weapons used in a relaxed (sung) and thunderous manner; like the backs of your palms and arms, the palm itself, the hip, the head, the legs and feet, elbows. The Monkey does not use the fist as he does not need to.

The Monkey seems to be calm and collected but will instantly explode into a rage of relaxed violence that will surprise his attacker totally and his attacks are relentless.

The Monkey gains his power from the spine which stores the Qi (electricity) and then releases it with devastating results: He is able to go back into the Reptile Brain easily because of his apparent relaxation at all times and this causes him to move effortlessly, dangerously and sprightly, taking care of all attacks at a sub-conscious level using what-ever weapon is at hand for any given situation.

The Monkey is of the Lake, so he represents the 'Earth' part of water. His movements are fluid and sprightly. He compacts his body so that he can get in and out quickly. He strikes and then gets out of there. He attacks with relentless energy and this is shown in his eyes. The organ that this form works upon are the kidneys. The family member of the Monkey is the 'Eldest daughter'. The Monkey is the closest fighter to the human being and uses his arms and hands to great advantage. He has none of the human hang-ups and is not pre-conditioned to fighting but rather uses what he has in a effortless and energy saving manner making good use of the weight of his arms using the body to rotate and throw them.

Bagua Monkey Boxing, like the 'Original Bagua Circular Form' is performed around the circumference of a circle; the premise being that the centre of the circle is your opponent and you also have an opponent in the front and back of you on the circumference.

It is my opinion that the Full Bagua Animal forms were the original forms form whence all other Bagua forms have originated. You can see elements of all Bagua Animal forms in the classical circular forms of today, however, they seem more earthy and basically violent like the animals from which they have copied the movements.

When one learns Bagua Monkey Boxing, one also learns just about everything about the Internal Martial/Healing systems in general as the Monkey Boxing epitomizes the spirit of Internal Boxing. So your Tai Chi, or Xingyi and other Bagua methods will also be enhanced by practicing Bagua Monkey Boxing as will your daily life, your relaxation and calm attitude towards all stress.

The next section is taken from the soon to be published book on Bagua Animal Forms by Erle Montaigue. Please note that this information is protected under international Copyright laws and cannot be copied for any commercial use or for use in any published works. ©2005 Moontagu Books Ltd.

Monkey Boxing Form:

Please note that the form is not intended to be learnt from this text alone, rather it is to be a suplement to your DVD or what you have learnt from your teacher.

First Section of Monkey Boxing:

Repulsing the attacking ape.

Begin by walking the circle again as above only using the Monkey posture both hands held outward with L hand to the centre. Come back to start and keep the hands in the dragon shapes with L foot fwd. Leap into the air as a startled Monkey and slam your right forearm hinge outer to your left thus slamming his L attack and then rotate your right forearm (p'eng) attacking the L side of his head with your right back palm. Circle hand downward continuing that motion then circle back upward striking under his jaw. Then continuing that same circular motion slam him in the lower abdomen or groin. You now have your L foot fwd facing CW.

Continuing that same motion, bring your L foot around to you rrear so that you are still facing CW on the circle and perform 'Repulse Monkey' posture facing CW.

Monkey becomes agitated and attacks.

Your R hinge arm will strike to his temple as your L palm comes underneath to attack his attacking L arm. Your R foot turns in to make an inner L step as you take a step around behind w your L leg to face CCW, both palms raise up palms toward you and then you slam them down onto the back of his neck and back following with Monkey Offers Fruit posture into the neck of another attacker.

Second Section of Monkey Boxing:

Monkey Throws His Arms in the air to Ward off Many Attackers.

From the last posture facing CCW, your left palm will scoop down to your L and towards the centre of the circle blocking the attack. Your R foot will step to make an L step to the Centre. Spinning on the ball of the R foot, your L foot spins around to the rear so that you are now facing CW and your R hinge back forearm will attack along the attacker's backbone.

Circle your R palm upward and over to attack to his neck using the back of your palm downward. (CW circle). Continuing that motion to make a figure 8, circle back upward to attack across his neck using the back of your palm. This motion will cause you to leap into the air and both palms now are thrown upward helping in this upward leaping and your R foot leaps around to the rear followed by the left as in Sleeves Dancing Posture to end up facing CCW and your R palm has slammed downward Palm upward while your L has done the same but with palm downward.

Still facing CCW, take two shuffle steps forward on the circle as both palms go up and down lead by the R X 2.

Third Section of Monkey Boxing:

Monkey Cuts Branches to Make his Bed.

Facing CCW with L foot fwd, swivel to face the opposite direction CW as your R back palm is slammed downward and then upward as in 'Pang Spreads Wings'. The L has done the same only to the rear.

Monkey Makes his Bed.

Circle your R palm CCW thus locking his L arm and lock it using your R which slams down onto your biceps and hols tightly. Step in with your R foot turned into an L step and using the waist shaking, strike under his neck with your R knife edge.

Step behind with your L foot and swivel outside turn and strike his neck w L dragon Palm.

Slide your R palm (up) around his neck and grab it around the back.

Hook your R palm inward so that the fingers point downward as if you have hooked your R around his neck as you begin to gaze to the rear.

Leap your L foot in to the air as you turn to face the CCW direction and do the Pang posture again to the rear as your R palm thrusts back to the rear palm upward.

Turn your L foot outward to the centre of the circle and step forward with R foot in an L step as your L palm grabs around his neck and your R forearm slams across his neck, you should slap your own forearm with your L palm. Shake violently. You face CCW with Centre to your L.

Using the waist, cut upward with your R knife edge and then back down across his neck with that same knife edge facing down this time.

That motion goes into a Pang posture with R pointing into the centre and L out. Facing CW now. Swivel on your heels to face CCW as you reverse the Pang posture and walk the circle once for the Qigong method for gaining reflexes and awareness.

Breathe in and flex L palm as your L foot steps and visa-versa.

Fourth Section of Monkey Boxing:

Violent Monkey.

From walking the circle CCW, and while in an inner stance position, turn the right foot inward L step to face CW on the circle with centre on the R. As you do this your left palm will slam downward while your right will slam upward using the backs of the palms. The right will lead the left slightly as it circles upward and over to slam down again on the neck with the back of the palm. The left will also circle upward and also slam down onto the neck or temple. Then both palms catch up with each other and stepping forward CW with L foot do Monkey offers fruit posture.

Monkey Clears the Way.

Facing CW with L foot fwd, turn to face CCW with centre on L. Using both palms held together like praying slam the arms over to your right to block and attack his neck. Continue by striking over to your left in the same manner, then downward to the attacker's lower abdomen then both hands raise and slam both backs of the palms down onto the upper abdomen and come back with Monkey Offers Fruit facing CCW.

Section Five of Monkey Boxing:

Sprightly Monkey Takes the Fruit.

From the last posture facing CCW on the circle, turn to face CW with centre on R. And using the 'monkey fingers' (hawk also) hop into the Monkey takes fruit posture as you block his oncoming attack and taking a shuffle step forward, poke his eyes with L fingers. Your R palm now comes under the L palm up, and slams down onto his face as you step fwd w R foot now facing CW. Step in again with R foot turning it outward L step and strike his temple with R elbow.

Monkey Turns to Ward off the Bees.

Turn to face CCW with centre on L as your L monkey fingers slam downward and your R palm slams down onto his face and your L foot has swung around to the rear. Take your R palm around the back of his neck and pulling him forward violently, step in w L foot and poke his neck w L fingers. L step facing out of the circle now. R palm goes around the back and spin around to slam him in the lower abdomen w R Palm. Now facing CCW with Centre on L.

Section 6 of Monkey Boxing:

The Spinning Monkey.


Take a T step with the L foot so that you are now facing CW. As you do this your R arm will lift high like a hinge as your R palm will rotate out to your Left as a p'eng.

Take a R L step to make you face away from the centre as your R palm again does a hinge high to your Right (CW). Your L will slam down to your R (CCW).

Take T step w your L foot (T step) so that you now face CCW again as your R does a hinge slamming back palm (CW) while your L makes a peng to the L again. Take a R L step to make you face the centre as your R does a hinge and L makes a peng to the L.

Finish with a Monkey offers food posture facing CW on the circle.

Section 7 of Monkey Boxing:

Monkey Clears the Way.

From previous posture, Take a R L step so that you are facing out of the circle and clench both palms together into one fist, raising both palms up in an arc. Slam them both straight down and then taking a L slap step attack using both palms still clenched straight forward CCW.

Monkey Breaks the Bamboo.

From previous, with L foot still fwd, cross R over L and poke fingers upward violently. Circle both palms outward and scoop them back around upward facing you. Shake violently then step fwd w R foot to make L step CCW and strike w R elbow. Then using power of the waist, open up and strike with great power upward out to your R with R back palm.

Section 8 of Monkey Boxing:

Monkey Breaks Lotus Root.

From facing CCW, take a L step to the rear and slam down w R palm, circle it up as you face CW and L palm comes underneath to take over. Both palms are now over head as you slam down with both palms, CW. Take R Palm under his L arm to lock him and step in w R foot which has made an L step (facing out). Shake your body so that your R hip attacks his pelvis area (breaking the lotus).

Monkey Breaks another Lotus Root.

Swivel to the CCW direction w centre on L as your R palm slides under your left. Step around behind his R leg and using both hands do a kind of Lotus kick but keeping the foot on the ground. You have swivelled to the CD direction.

Swivel back again to the CCW direction and take your L palm under your R to walk the circle in a CCW direction. FINISH of Monkey Boxing.