Here is the evidence that no-one can affect anyone else without touching them. Please go here:

This proves that the so-called 'no touch knock outs' only work on the students of the so-called 'master' performing them. Of course students do not wish to make a complete idiot of their sensei or sifu or master so they simply play the game. Some even THINK that something is happening and in these cases it is psychosomatic brought about my the student himself.

Notice in this film how when the 'Master' tries to affect the journalist, absolutely nothing happens, same thing when he tries on a Jujutsu expert. So the 'Master' then simply slams the woman journalist in the side of teh jaw, trying for the ST 5 point which does cause knock out, but he completely misses the point and she only has a whack in the face!

People are not stupid,... well most aren't and sooner or later they will realise that THEY are doing it for the master thus making it very dangerous for the student wishing to learn how to defend themselves. Using these techniques, they will not!