Online Personal Corrections
Online Personal Corrections

Online Personal Corrections

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A new way of learning for 2024!

Take your free taster class now by contacting Eli

40% discount to start 2024!
Sign up before the end of 2023 and everyone gets 40% off for the first 1 or 3 month plan. 
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Numbers limited, so don't miss out on a great start to training in 2024!

Long Term Discounts. 
For those really dedicated students who put in a lot of effort to their training, that is students who either follow the online foundations training program, or attend at least one major training camp per year, after the introduction discount, you will still get a 25% discount. 
For this you will need to ask for a code which you can enter into the coupon box at checkout. 

OK, here is what you're signing up for.

Online Personal Corrections.
You can either buy a single class, or pay for 1 to 3 months up front which will work out much cheaper for you. 
You get one or two short classes per week where Eli gives personalised corrections to your training. 
Rather than doing a full hour class in one go, you work through your training bit by bit, sending a short video of two postures from the form for example, Eli looks over it, then sends back a video explaining what you need to work on. 

This is probably the best option for students who don't have access to a good teacher on a regular basis. 
With corrections from a good teacher you will work you way up the ranks far quicker than going it alone. 

Eli has limited time for personal classes, so numbers are limited. 

You need to of course learn something first.
Either from our MTG videos, or from our Online Foundations Training Program.
Both are great options, however, from the feedback we have received, students learn far better from the online training program, which offers a 30 day free trail with this to see if it works for you. 
Also, students signed up for the online training program will get a 25% discount off these Online Personal Corrections. 

It works though a messenger app such as WhatsApp or Signal. 
You send a video through of what ever you think needs work, then within a couple of days you'll get a video back. 
You do this once or twice a week depending on your chosen plan. 

Your video should be no more than about 30 seconds long, covering two postures from a form, or two techniques done on a punch bag. 
This is mainly aimed at correcting your solo training, but if you would like to show some push hands or something, just ask first to see what you should show. 
You will then get a short video back of around 3 to 7 minutes long. 
Eli will correct as much as he can in each video. Keep in mind it's often a good idea to go back to the start every now and then, to check you are implementing the corrections. 

If you sign up or want to try your free class, please first have a read through the following so you get the most out of it. 

1.     Lighting.
Just make sure you are not backlit, meaning no bright lights behind you, this will cause you to be very dark.

2.     In Frame.
You want to be as close to the camera as possible, while making sure that all body parts are visible.

3.     Camera angles.
you should send two different angles, usually this would be one from the front and one from the side, but if the movements are all over the place like in the case of Bagua, then choose two angles that best show what you’re doing.
For bag work, one from the side is all I need.

4.     What should you send.
Your fist video should be of two postures of the form you’re practicing.
The next video should be a repeat of those same postures showing that you have implemented the corrections, plus the next two postures.

The video I send to you will only ever give corrections to the new movements you send. If the repeated moves still need work, I will tell you, then It is up to you whether you choose to keep going over those same moves till they are correct, or move on and come back to them at a later stage.

It's generally a good idea to get things correct before moving on, but on the other hand this can make you feel stuck in a rut. Sometimes moving on can clear your mind, giving you news things to work on, and often a movement later in the form will improve the earlier ones.

If ever your video has no corrections to be made, meaning I don’t need to send you a video, then in your next video you can send three postures instead of two.

If you are wanting to send something that is not a main form, please ask first so I can tell you what to send. Such as if you want to get some corrections on your partner work or bag work.

Also keep in mind that regarding forms, I do not practice every form all the time.
So, I cannot correct you in a form that is not fresh in my own mind.

5.     What counts as two postures.
As a general rule, if a posture has a name, then that’s a posture.
Sometimes a posture that looks like one move can actually be two, other times a posture might look like three moves but they all come under one name.
Usually it’s quite clear what two moves is, but if you feel like the two moves you’re doing are very short, then add the next one to your video, I may or may not give you corrections on that third move depending on how I see the first two.
As we go through you’ll soon get a feel for what you should be sending.

6.     What you should expect back from me.
The video you get back from me will explain what errors you’re making and how to fix them, however I will not go into detail as to why doing it this correct way is important.
This information should be found in the videos you are learning from.
Keeping the videos short and to the point is how I can keep the cost down for you.
If however you are giving a correction, and cannot find out anywhere as to why this is important, perhaps you feel the way you are doing it is good, then you can use your next class to ask this question, I will then give a detailed answer.
You can either ask in text or with a video if you feel it’s needed.
On that note, you can always use your class to ask a question you have about your training, rather than having a movement corrected.

7.     What if you miss a class.
In order to keep the cost down for you, there is no roll over feature.
If several people missed a week, I simply wouldn’t have the time to fit everyone in the next week.

8.     What if you want an extra class one week.
If you take out a one class per week plan, but one week you want to do two, then you can pay for a one off extra, so long as you’re currently on a plan, and assuming I have time. You can ask about this once you start.