September 9th-16th 2023 (Fully Booked)
Put your name down for possible cancellations. 
If we get enough extra people we might put on another week from September 16th till 23rd.

This is a special training retreat for wtba members, limited to only 9 students.
The idea is that you get close to a private class at a fraction of the cost. 
Training in what ever you need to work on.

Once the 9 places are booked, that's it, full.
Don't miss out, make sure you book in now.
Want to bring your non training partner?
There are some extra beds, so there might be a chance your partner can stay with us for an accommodation fee. 

What will it be like:
6 days training, 7 hours per day, with only 8 other students, you'll get so much more hands on time with Eli and attention to your personal training, compared to a normal camp with 40 people. 
Taking this amount of one to one tuition would cost around $3000,
plus flights to the UK, plus around $600 for a hotel in Bristol, (the only place you can take intensive one to one with Eli)
But with this amazing retreat opportunity, for only $950 you'll get all this training, including 7 nights luxury accommodation.
That's amazing value when you think Eli's big retreats in Europe with 40+ people are $400, and you only get dormitory style accommodation.

You'll get close to the attention of a private class. 
With a private class in form, you get some corrections, then you need to practice for 10 minutes before moving on, otherwise you won't retain it.
So with this small group, the only real difference is that while you're practicing, Eli will be walking around giving others their corrections, then he circles back to you. 
For partner work, it will be the same thing, you'll have some time working with Eli, he'll point out what you need to work on, then you practice it with another student. 
The benefit of this, training martial drills with a variety of people, means you're learning to read and feel movement from a wide range of bodies, not just you're teacher. 
Plus you'll also benefit from seeing the tips and corrections given to other students.

We have a selection of indoor and outdoor training areas to choose from.

Who is it for:
If you've only just started in your training, then the normal retreats with larger numbers and set class content would suit you better. 
Remember this is a personal training retreat, so you need to have something to develop, you will not be taught something from scratch at this retreat. 
If you're not really sure what direction you're heading or what you want to focus on, then the big retreats are best. Or if you enjoy mixing and learning with more people, then big retreats are for you. 
But for those wanting to really focus and work on specific things, this retreat will be great. 

What can you choose to work on:
Anything you want, within reason.
Basically anything that is regarded a primary wtba method should be fine. 
If you want to train a non regular form, like the Wudang Qi Disruptions, or the Bagua Animals, Eli may not have the one you want fresh in his own training, so just ask before booking in. 
For partner training, same as above, only there is one other thing to consider, you won't be training with Eli the whole time, he needs to move around and work with everyone, so if you want to do some rare training methods no one else knows, you would only be able to train them a small amount of time with Eli. 
So it's better to focus on the main methods we teach, unless of course you come with your own training partner, which is a great idea!

Retreat Schedule:

Day 1
Arrival day, get to the retreat after 4pm, chill out or do some training, but no official classes.

Days 2 till 7
Training each day as follows.
7am Partner Training. 
9am Breakfast Break.
10am Form Training.
12pm Lunch Break.
3pm Form Training.
4pm Partner Training. 
6pm Dinner Break. 

Day 8
Leaving day, pack up and head home in the morning, we need to be out by 9am.


Early bookings at least 2 months in advance of start date. 
$950 Total for training and 7 nights accommodation.
$150 Deposit to hold your place.
Another $400 payable six months before start date. 
Then the remaining $400 payable one month before start date. 
Please not these fees are only refundable if we are able to find someone else to fill your place. 

Late bookings within two months of start date.

Above price plus $150 extra.

Other Inclusions:
Bedding, Towels.
Car Parking.

Travel to get there.
Food and Beverages.

Food Situation:
You can bring your own food, but please note there will be 10 people and only one kitchen.
So that's one Stove/Oven, one Fridge/Freezer. 
You will only have a small space in the fridge, you can use the stove/oven, but there might be a line up. 

The best option will be to only bring breakfast and snacks, things that do not need cooking or much space in the fridge. 
Then eat out at the many restaurants in town, or get take away and bring back to our place. 

It's up to you and your budget, eat out for all meals if you want,
or stock up at the supermarket and make your own food to save some cash. 

Your Accommodation:
You'll have one of the follow.
Queen Bed in private room.
Queen or Single Bed in a shared room
No more than three to a room.

Who gets what:
Private Rooms will be reserved for couples, or two good friends who want to share.
If no couples are joining us, in this case there will be a $100 surcharge for who ever wants one. 
Ladies and Seniors will get first choice, because I'm old fashioned like that. 
Most people will stay in the shared rooms.

3 miles from the town of Coudersport, Pennsylvania.
This is about 5 hours drive NWW from New York City.
Full address will be given to those booked in. 

Flying in and won't have a car?
You can of course hire a car from the nearest airport. 
Or, Eli will be flying into Newark from London UK, hiring a car and driving over. 
If don't want to hire a car, you could meet Eli in Newark and chip in for the ride. 

Check out the place we'll be staying below!

Lots of trails to walk

Surrounding Area

3 Bathrooms

4 Toilets

Near by town 3 miles away.