Bagua Phoenix Boxing:

The Phoenix is that mythical bird that tries to fly into the sun. However, the Chinese Phoenix has his feet stuck to the ground so never quite gets off. He represents the Lungs and the lower lumber vertebra. His element is Wind/AIR. His attacking method is 'windmill palm'. The family member of the Phoenix is the 'Eldest Daughter'. The phoenix uses whatever it has to defend itself. It will use its wings/hands, beak and feet. It will use locks and holds while the feet or beak attack. So we see with this animal, some nice footwork. This form is excellent for when you are perhaps bogged down and need some motivation. The lungs are the powerhouse of the body and so this form works on the lungs thus giving great power in fighting and healing.

The phoenix form makes many movements on the outside of the circle. This is the balance the Qi internally and it is this that gives you motivation from this form.

Section One of Phoenix Boxing:

Please note that the form is not intended to be learnt from this text alone, rather it is to be a suplement to your DVD or what you have learnt from your teacher. 

The Startled Phoenix:
Called thus because of the immediate and relentless hand attacks using fa-jing and beautifully flowing movements.

Again, we walk the circle in a counter-clockwise direction and come back to the starting point. The left foot is fwd. Take a R step on the circumference facing CCW as your both hands raise upward, the R leading slightly using the backs of the palms (like wings). Rotate both palms in turn over into knife edge palms and attack the attacker's each side of his neck at ST9 and St10, with the R palm leading slightly. Slap step fwd CCW, as your R palm again strikes the attacker into the neck or temple again using the back of the palm.

Section Two of Phoenix Boxing:

Phoenix Breaks Lotus Root:
Your R palm will now move around to the back of his neck while your L will come to the front of his forehead. Now push and pull to break the neck ready for the next attacker from the rear. You have also taken a L step forward for this.

Section Three of Phoenix Boxing:

Phoenix Defeats Snake:
Keeping the momentum going from the last movement, turn outward to face CW on the circle. Your Rt palm from the last movement will slam downward to the rear as you face CW. It then snakes upward in an 8 type of movement (like a snake), as the L palm comes under to take over and scrape to the eyes from your R to L. Turn your waist L and then come back to the R with a Rt elbow to his beck. Your R foot turns inward as your Rt palm raises up and strikes downward across his L side neck. The Rt palm will now continue back upward and using the back of the Rt palm (phoenix punch), strikes to the temple as you L palm comes under and you perform an outside turn to again attack to the back of his head with your L No. 3 palm.

Section Four of Phoenix Boxing:

Phoenix and Snake Dancing:
From the previous posture facing CCW, take a R step fwd and turn inward to face CW as both hands slam downward slightly to your L. Step fwd (CW) with you R foot and Jab both palms outward to attack CV22 and temple. Throw both palms to your L, a CCW circle thus attacking his head with both palms as you step forward w L foot and do a spiraling outward turn to again attack the back of his head with your R palm facing now CW. Make an inside turn and swap hands to make NO. 4 palms and now facing CCW ready for the Qigong.


Walk the circle holding two NO. 4 palms CCW while breathing slowly and deeply. This will help to activate motivation.

Section Five of Phoenix Boxing:

Phoenix Defeats Snake:
From previous, You come back to the starting position holding the 2 NO. 4 palms. Take a R step on the circumference making an L step facing the centre. Both palms will come in close to the chest and dig upward. Make a shake R & L and opening up both arms upward to break his hold, throw both palms downward facing CW. L slap step and attack with both palms to his neck and head.

Now, Your Rt forearm will strike from your L to Rt as you take a further ½ step fwd. Take his head around his neck and spin around on your L heel thus taking his head off. You are now facing back to the CW direction.

Section Six of Phoenix Boxing:

Phoenix Clears The Way:
From the last posture, take a step forward CW on the circumference with your Rt foot. As you do this, your Rt arm will block and simultaneously attack to his eyes using your Rt fingers as your body rolls to the L side. Take your Rt arm around his neck then spin on your Rt heel CW to face CCW and as you land on your L foot, using that momentum, strike out to the back of his head or neck with your L pounding palm. Kick your Rt foot in an arc over to your rear crossing over your L leg and do an outside change ending up facing CCW with your L palm to the centre in the normal No. 3 Dragon Palms.

Section 7 of Phoenix Boxing:

Phoenix Wraps Around Snake:
From the previous posture facing CCW, leap into the air fwd landing on your R foot facing CW and allow your L foot to swing around to your rear. Your R arm will block to your L and make a CW circle to wrap up his on-coming arm as you move in by taking a half step fwd. Still facing CW. Lift your L knee as both hands plummet downward thus brings his face onto your knee.

Swing your L foot around to your rear on the circumference as your whole body changes direction so that you are now facing to the CCW direction.

Section 8 of Phoenix Boxing:

Phoenix Breaks Free:
The name suggests that this animal does something drastic to finally break free from the earth. Your hands and feet work independently. Hands: Your R hand will block violently to your L as your L palm will immediately come underneath to take over as your R again slams his on-coming L attack, then attacks with a single pounding palm to his face or neck.

As this is all happening, your R foot does much the same. It will kick to your L, then to your R, then over to your L again before back kicking to his knee.

Phoenix Breaks Snake:
From here, your R palm snakes around his neck as you place your L foot in front of your R facing CCW. Do an outside change to face CW as your R palm comes underneath your L to make the type of Xingyi palm strike to the CW direction.

Ready now to do it on the other side.