The Power Breakfast
By Erle Montaigue

The things that we all need to sustain life every day are either manufactured in the body or taken in from outside of the body.

In order to help the body in its manufacture of amino acids, hormones and body tissue we must also put in the correct stuff. The body will always try to manufacture what you need daily, however, as we grow older and abuse ourselves with what we eat and think and breathe, that manufacturing process slows down and eventually stops altogether!

Those things that the body does not manufacture like certain EFA's (essential fatty acids), we need to put in each day to maintain great good health.

The problem is that most people get used to being ill! And eventually they do not know what it feels like to have great good health, so they assume that the way they feel is normal.

I love to share my own experiences with others as I come across them so that they too can gain what I have gained through experimentation.

One of the things that I do each morning is to eat what I call "Erle's Power Breakfast". This recipe contains everything you need for the day apart from topping up your glucose levels throughout the day. A warning here though, should you embark on this regime, you will spend some time in the toilet for the first few days as this diet also sends out radicals throughout the body searching out and destroying and filing waste for removal.

Between 4 am and 5 am

Qigong and then Taijiquan for practice. 5 am until 5.30 am. Qi Disruptive katas. (Do not worry if you do not actually do any of these as the food will give you the power anyway!)

6 am. Power Breakfast:

Supplements: Hawthorn Berry, Chromium GTF (Glucose Tolerance Factor), Zinc, Ginkgo Biloba:


I mix equal amounts of Flax Seed and Linola Seed (much like Flax seed) in a container. Take three tablespoons of this and grind in a coffee grinder for slow count of 'one, two, three'.

Four tablespoons of fresh sunflower seeds. Warning: Sunflower seeds cannot be left standing too long as they go rancid! So keep them in an air tight container preferably in the fridge.

Two tablespoons of lecithin granules: Two tablespoons of naturally dried sultanas (be sure that they do not have some kind of preservative like oil on them!). 1/2 teaspoon of Stevia Rabaudiana. This is only necessary if you have a sugar metabolism problem, otherwise use a small amount of pure honey. However, Stevia is the only sweetener that will not affect your B.S.L. And it protects your teeth!

Over night, soak some pure organic wheat grain in a bowl of very warm water. By morning it should be soft enough to chew easily, if not, heat it mildly until it is soft. Place four tablespoon of this wheat into the bowl with the other ingredients.

Soak overnight some pure organic soy beans, they too should be soft enough to eat. This is if you cannot get fresh beans as is often the case. Place one tablespoon of the soy beans with the mixture.

Then take a whole block of chocolate and ... JUST KIDDING!

Mix it all up as if mixing cement until well mixed and then cut up an apple including the seeds and also place it into the bowl. Preferably a green type apple and I always grind the seeds with the flax seed mixture.

Pour on some sugar free (which means ALL sugar free like malt and maltodextrin etc..) Soy milk onto this and mix it up some more, then chew each mouthful slowly.

It should take at least 15 minutes to eat the whole bowl of Power Breakfast.