The best way to get personal instruction from Eli, is to book into one of his personal retreats in Malta or USA.
This is far better value for money than paying for one to one. 
With  a maximum of 9 students per retreat, you will get lots of personal attention.  
Since Eli is in such high demand for workshops and classes, there is not often a lot of time left over for one to one. 
But, if you really want to get some one to one then you can get in touch to see when he might be able to.

Please note, as of 2024, Eli will no longer offer one to one to the general public. 
2023 is the last year he will offer this, after which he will only give one to one tuition to wtba instructors whom are running classes and hosting an annual workshop. 

Current Prices for one to one classes with Eli:

In person or via skype
£50 per hour for one person
£90 per hour for two people
£120 per hour for three people
For larger groups please contact for prices.

Pre Recorded Video
(send a video of your training then you get one back)
£45, 1 Hour

To book a class please contact here