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The Qi Development Tools are probably the most important area of one's "internal" training. These cover everything that is needed in the internal martial/healing arts for developing oneself and the Qi/energy etc. There are three main areas of Qi development. Self Development is when we simply do these 12 methods at an advanced sub-conscious level in order to gain "sung". Gaining Heavy Hands for striking is also covered in these methods. This is where we gain the necessary powerful striking methods from short distances. Like we make our arms in to 2X4 pieces of wood! And lastly, the most advanced thing that we gain from these methods are the medical healing methods whereby we use these 12 methods as a way of healing others throughfeather head massage. And this is what follows. It is a brief introduction to those who have studied this area as I am teaching this area at Eli's March camp in Swansea as well as at my own Summer Camp in July 2011. i will also of course be making DVDs on all of the following as it is impossible to teach this important area via a book or article no matter how detailed. The following is just a reference guide.


1 Heart: Healing the Qi of the heart: Heart houses the Spirit/Mind. Childhood trauma such as abuse etc. Points: HT7 Balances the Heart Meridian in being over-excited. HT3 Used for Anxiety and is a "master point" for anxiety.

This is a Yin movement around the heard area.  Do hand movements yourself first to energise the palms.  Rt palm moves down the L side of head and face as L moves upward on the centreline of face and head.  Rt is Yang l is Yin.  L palm fits under back of head an moves down to nape of neck as Rt moves to forehead. L squeezes gently at nape while Rt presses gently onto forehead. As you do this, the L palm will now after squeezing, move to HT7 and squeeze it. Repeat this movement 3 times.

2 Small Intestine: This is a Yang movement: Heals Pre-natal trauma. Also deals with the Yang side of the heart such as physical. Also helps with the taking in of nourishment.

Rub Rt palm down the L arm as your L ulna slides gently upward over the patient's L side of the neck and face and head as your Rt palm squeezes the wrist at HT7. The L palm then slides down the Rt side of forehead as Rt slides up the arm and around the L side of neck to take under the back of neck as before. Squeeze the nape w Rt palm as L palm pushes an slides up and over forehead.

3 Bladder: Healing things to do with Insecurity and Grief. Balances out Yin and Yang so fixes being introverted or extroverted etc.  BL47 Releases repressed fear. About 2 cun down from Scapular and 3 cun out from the spine lateral 9th thoracic vert.   (Door of the Soul)  BL42 (Door of vital fluid) Releases internalized Anger.  3 cun out from spine lateral to 3rd thoracic vert.  top 3rd of scapular mid line from shoulder ball. BL38 (Floating Point) Back of knee upward by 1 cun toward outside by 1 cun to crease. strengthens body after grief.

Firstly, squeeze gently BL 38 at back of knee with  L hand. Hold L hand under back onto BL47, Dig longest finger into point. You will run your pressed finger up the BL meridian to BL 42 making a line along the meridian as your Rt hand radius side slides up the Rt side neck and face and over the head.  As your L fingers vibrate on BL 42 or thereabouts, your Rt palm will now slide down the forehead to the bridge of the nose and push upward gently into the third eye point.

4 Kidney: Fear from deep within. Weak willpower, Insecure, Isolated. One of the key organs for lifeforce.  Bones, Teeth Hair and ears. Connects to Lungs.

Press K1 first. (Bubbling Well) Wide ranging point also acts upon the mind and heart.  Then squeeze K3 on Achilles tendon: Supreme Valley: Restores KD Qi Acts upon the whole body and all indications of the Kidney.

 Then do the Kidney palms around the head. L palm rubs upward on his Rt side of head as Rt palm rubs down L side. L palm continues down his L side of head and face as Rt palm continues upward on his Rt side of neck face and head. Rt continues again over top of head and down L side as L pushes upward on Rt side then grabs gently under nape of neck and squeezes as Rt palm pushes downward on forehead to nose.

5 Pericardium: Helps to increase one's "energy (qi) circle". Has an effect upon the Mind as the Pericardium/Heart houses the mind. Affects one's relationships. Balances relationships.

PC3 Located 1cun across from HT3 under the lower end of the bicep. ON the Ulna side on the biceps brachii tendon (elbow flexed). Emotional problems. Calms the heart. Calms rebellious Qi. When emotional problems are fixed, one's outer Qi builds.

Begin by pressing PC3 and holding for 3 seconds as patient inhales. Do this 3 times.

With L palm gently push head on his R side to your Rt slightly as your Rt fingers draw a line under his his chin and around neck. Slide L palm down the Rt side of head and neck and also down your own Ht meridian as Rt ulna slides up on the Rt side of his head.

Turn Rt elbow upward so that your Rt forearm is now under the L side of his chin.  SLide it downward to neck as L takes under back of neck.  SLide L palm up back of neck squeezing gently  into GB20s. as Rt slides over head. L palm takes down to back of neck again and genlty squeezes as Rt pushes head from his L to R.

6 Triple Heater: Affects the whole body and all other meridians, balances them. In particular, Hearing, Arms Face, Throat and over-all Qi Circulation: Joins the Shen (Spirit to the body. Yangchi (TH4) The accumulation of Yang is an important point. In line with ring finger on the back of hand on wrist crease. We press this during Yang Lu-ch'an form. This stimulates the Qi through the meridians. Helps heart and liver.  TH6 is 3 cun above TH4 between radius and ulna. Regulates Qi Circulation. Disperses congested blood. TH 15 Relaxes nervous tension assoc with worry. Below GB 21 at end of bone closer to neck.

Firstly, press TH4 & TH6   on back of wrist ring finger side. Hold this for 3 breaths of the patient.

We rub the sides of the head and ear as this is where the bulk of the TH meridian travels.  Slide L palm upward on his Rt side of face & head as Rt slides down the other side. Take L under back of head and pull downward as Rt slides across diagonally from his Rt to L across Rt side of face and head. L now holds gently the Rt side of neck as L pushes gently (yin) his head from his L to R. Do Cat movements onto each side of forehead. Then take L under neck and Rt pushes upward on forehead.

7 Gallbladder: Decision making. Affects dreams. Sinews. GB is deficient when one dreams of fighting or suicide! GB20 Soothes Liver and Pacifies Yang. Clears the mind. Strengthens vision. GB 21 Helps with feelings of irritation and being "uptight". GB39 outside of lower leg 3 cun above fibula end. Place three fingers onto ankle bone and press in on outside or inside of fibula. Clears energy from face to feet in conjunction with ST, & BL. Regulates flow along whole meridian. Helps the mind.

The Liver is considered to be responsible for the ability to plan life, the Heart oversees all mental functions,theSmall Intestine gives clarity and wisdom to decision making, and the Gallbladder gives the courage and capacity to make decisions. All these functions must be harmonized to plan and lead a harmonized life. If the Gallbladder is weak a person will be timid and lack initiative and courage. The Gallbladder gives us drive and the passion to excel and the action potential necessary for these to come to fruition. Dealing with adversity also comes under the role of the Gallbladder. 

First Take lower leg near ankle GB39 and press in (Squeeze) for 3 seconds off and 3 on X 3 times. Then Place L palm on his R side of head over GB meridian. L palm is near LIV13. Rub L palm down over GB meridian around back of head to GB20 as R palm draws along LIV channel to LIV14. L squeezes GB 20 gently  as Rt pushes forehead upward. Rt rubs around GB on his L side of head as Rt now pushes gently up onto forehead as Rt squeezes GB20s.

8 Liver:  Emotions, Anger, Resentment, Frustration, Irritability, Bitterness, Flying off the Handle. Tendons, nails & eyes. Smooth Flow of Qi. Eye conditions, Tendonitis, Menstrual pain, headache, dry red eyes. LIV 1: (Big Toe Side Inside base of nail) Supplies Qi to Pericardium, Muscles and Tendons. LIV 3: Regulates function of Liver. LIV 8: Inside of knee flexure.  In depression between tendons. Headaches, Relaxes muscles and tendons, Balances Liver & Kidneys.

Firstly, take the big toe and squeeze it with reference to the inside of the toe nail base. Hold for 3 seconds X 3. next use the thumb to squeeze LIV 8 inside of crease of knee just above. This can hurt though. Do this also 3 seconds X 3.

Do the Scapular thing on each side of the head. Finishing with the Rt palm upward on his L side of head, Bring Rt palm down his R side of head and neck as L palm Radius side slides up his L side of head. Take Rt under back of neck and Squeeze as L palm pushed forehead upward and out.

9 Lungs: Grief, Sadness, Detached. Immune system, fights bacteria and virus. Symptoms, dry skin, crying, sadness, depression. Fatigue, too much sweating. Frequent colds & flu.  LU 1 is the "Letting Go Point". Loss of a loved one, holding on etc. Place hand on hip a depression appears on the  lateral end of clavicle.  Lateral upper  end is LU 2. LU 1 is 1.5 below and 3 feng to outer. Balances the Qi. LU 11 is lateral side of base of thumb, or it can be other side!

Firstly, take the thumb and squeeze the area at base of nail both sides to balance the Qi. Then using both thumbs, gently but firm, apply pressure to both LU 1 points for 3 seconds X 3.

 Action: Fishes in 8. push head from his R to L w your back of Rt palm as L squeezes GB20 and back of neck. Reverse now and Rt palm will stroke over his head from his L to R as L continues to squeeze back of neck.  L now rubs up back of neck and head as Rt rubs down front of forehead.

L keeps coming over top of head and rubs down front of forehead as back of Rt goes over top of L palm to rub upward on forehead.  Rt takes over top of head to back as L comes up and longest finger activates Third Eye.  L continues over back of head to neck as Rt rubs upward on forehead.


10 Colon: Rids the mind and body of old adult emotions held in the body over years. (gets the shyte out). CO 1 on index finger outer base of finger-nail X 1 f. Can be bled. Good for toothache as it runs through the face. Feeds the Wei Qi to fight off external pathogenic attack. Strengthens the limbs. CO 4: (Joining of the Valleys) Head and face headaches. Constipation, Encourages "Letting Go" both physically and emotionally. Balances the Qi.

Firstly Squeeze the index finger with reference to the outer side base of nail. 3 seconds X 3. Now move up to CO 4 and press in with thumb 3 seconds X 3.

 Swallow's Tail. L palm on his Rt side neck. R palm on his L side head top.  L goes up R goes down (Swallow's Tail). Reverse it. Then reverse it again. L goes around top of head and under neck to squeeze GB20s. Rt  Pushes up and over forehead.  L now goes to CO 14 on outer shoulder as Rt slides down under neck. L will draw a line up and over shoulder (CO meridian) then up side of neck around mouth line to outside of nostril and presses gently inward onto CO20.

L now rubs over forehead and over back of head to back of neck as usual while Rt pushes up and over forehead.

11 Stomach: Grounding and Mental Function. ST8 straight up from the front of the ear about 5 fen fwd of ear and 5 Feng inside hairline on forehead. Clears obstructions in the head. Good for headaches of the frontal lobe. ST36. place palm onto patella fingers pointing down. ST36 is where index finger touches to left of bone between Tibia and Fibia. Or one finger's width below the crest of the Tibia. Good for mental disorders. Strengthens whole system. General weakness, diarrhoea, constipation, Digestive disorders.

Firstly, apply pressure to ST 36 3 seconds X 3 times.  This might hurt a bit.  
Now, do wave hands like clouds over the head.
 Rt palm slides down his L side down through neck as L palm rubs upward on side of head to ST 8. Palm turns over and applies pressure with little palm bone to ST 8.  Press for 3 seconds. Then continue over head to other side and do same. Again do the same back to the Rt side of the head.  L palm down to back of neck as usual as Rt palm slides up middle of forehead and over head.

12 Spleen: Emotions, worry, dwelling on a particular topic, excessive mental work. Formation fo blood & energy, Keeps blood in the vessels. Muscles, mouth & lips. Thinking, studying and memory. Symptoms: Tiredness, loss of appetite, mucus discharge, poor digestion, abdominal distension, diarrhoea, Weak muscles, pale lips, Bruising, excessive menstrual flow, other bleeding disorders. SP4 (Anger & Rage). Outer side of big toe nail base. SP1 reconnects Heaven with Man. Shock point, communicates with Kidneys' energy reserves. Calms the mind. Before using SP1 find out if diabetic or pregnant and then don't!  SP3 Big toe side of foot just over the lump, very sore. Used when long term Qi disturbances from shock are the case. Re-establishes the communication between Heaven (fire) and Man (water) which is what is damaged in the case of shock.

Firstly, take the big toe and  squeeze at the outer side of the nail base 3 seconds X 3 do this on both feet simultaneously. Now, go to SP3 and find the point, it will be sore. Using each thumb press inward on both sides 3 seconds X 3.

Stand beside patient with weight on R leg for males and L for females. Hands in the "Lift Hands" position. Do the scapula things as you "activate" the palms around both sides of the head. Be sure to keep the palms in the "sung" state. Do 7 of these. R & L count as one. Final. take L palm over his R side of head and neck  and down to back of neck activating GB20s. As Rt palm pushes back and over front of forehead. Now take Rt over L side of head and down to back of neck as L pushes up and over forehead. Stay in that position for 7 seconds, then rub Rt down L side of head as L rubs up R side and out to finish.