Qi Healing
By Erle Montaigue
Tuesday, August 17, 1999

All animals on this earth have a natural Qi healing ability. Humans however have to re-learn how to use this natural ability as we have become too human, leaving behind our natural sub-conscious animal part. We have become too sophisticated for our own good relying upon for instance mobile phones for communication and dulling our senses by bombarding our brain with electromagnetic waves via television and radio every minute of the day.

So humans need some help to firstly discover their hidden Qi healing talents and secondly to enhance those abilities. Many however, will never discover these talents nor will they ever be able to use them no matter how much training they have.

There is an old Chinese saying: "If your patient is not healed by the time he has walked from your door to your desk, you are not a healer".

This gives us the idea that we are not healing people by prescribing tablets nor are we healing by sticking needles, nor are we even healing by placing our palms onto them. We are healing by transmitting Universal Qi via our own Qi network into the patient over a distance. Of course, the closer the patent the more potent this will be. That is the first part of Qi healing, 'contact' and 'communication'. By communication, I do not mean that we talk to the patient but that we communicate on a much higher level sending out much higher frequencies in much the same way that dolphins send out their own healing sonar. We cannot physically hear these frequencies but the patient feels it in that he or she feels calmer and healthier in your presence and leaves you with a more positive state of mind.

After we have crossed this first barrier, we are then able to further diagnose and pinpoint what is wrong with the patient physically or mentally. Then we can make use of whatever physical healing we have at our disposal, acupuncture, massage etc. But it is the first contact that is the most important as this sets up the patient for Qi healing.

Qi Healing is a natural thing and everyone barring a few have this ability so we do not need to make weird noises, close our eyes, wear a funny Chinese or Japanese suit with pretty buttons with 'sifu' written all over it, nor do we have to place our hands onto the patient and pretend to be putting Qi into the patient for effect! In fact, it is not our hands that we use. It is actually the whole body/mind that we use in Qi healing, the hands are only the tool that delivers the Qi through the point known as Laugung or PC 8 (Pericardium Point No. 8). So we do not have to in any way condition our palms or get them ready to deliver Qi! All we have to do is to get the whole body ready to deliver Qi as a route for Universal Qi.

To do this we must have trained in some kind of 'internal work' such as Qigong or Taijiquan so that we have left behind any form of bad tension. I say 'bad' because there is good tension and bad tension. Bad tension comes when our mind becomes tense and in doing so, makes out body tense thus blocking and restricting Qi flow. A tightly closed fist for instance is bad tension!

You do not have to THINK about anything when healing using Qi as it will happen naturally given that you have taken the correct body/mind training to begin with. You do not for instance have to think that the Qi is flowing out of your palms form the tantien as this is physical thought and physical thought will block your Qi flow! The only feeling that you must have is the love of your patient and that you REALLY wish to heal he or she and not that you are receiving a payment!

Once you have the correct body/mind training and that includes everything that we learn in REAL Taijiquan and Qigong and not some modern type of method invented purely for monetary gain, then you will be able to heal others. This will only happen of course if you yourself are relatively healthy and have undergone a strict regime of pure diet and breathing which should be a natural part of your internal training anyway!

If you go to a 'Dr.' for Qi healing and he or she comes out dressed in a fancy suit, and places his hands upon your head making strange sounds closing his eyes, then it is my advice to walk out and not hand over any money! It is unfortunate that most people expect something special for their money and most 'doctors' know this. So they will play the game of making some weird sounds and making like they are healing you. But this does not work. If however, the 'doctor' just talks to you, perhaps takes some pulses or gently touches your arms etc, as if massaging, then this is a good sign.

Signs to Know in Qi Healing

The very first sign that you have healing ability or rather that you are entering the first doors in using it to heal others is as follows.

Turn your right palm over so that you can see the palm. Laugung point is that point when you make a fist, where the longest finger will touch on your palm. Do not try to make the Qi flow to that point, just look at it and relax as if your eyes are piercing that point. After some seconds you should notice that the palm will become blotchy. This is because where the Qi goes so too does the blood. Keep looking at the point and soon you will notice that a definite much redder blotch will appear around Laugung and you will 'feel the point'. There will be a kind of 'knowing' that it is there. Everyone has a different experience of this point when activated however so I tend not to say what to expect as my feeling might be different to yours.

Eventually, you will be able to get this happening without even looking at your palm. It will happen for instance when you simply practice your Taijiquan or stand in your Qigong stance in the morning. If you have someone who is ill, it will happen automatically as you know that you have to heal that person.

The next step in Qi healing is to try placing your palms onto a patient/friend so that you can have practice at 'doing nothing'! This is very important as it is quite difficult for us to not do anything other than placing the palms. Where to place the palms? This will become apparent given time and experience as it is much better to allow your natural healing ability to guide your palms to the correct healing areas. However, this will only happen given a number of years practice! Until then you will have to rely upon knowing what is wrong with the patient and this can be done by using Qigong and Taijiquan to diagnose disease states. I have covered these methods however, in other articles and video titles and books. In my book, "Internal Gung-fu Volume Two", I cover using Taijiquan as a healing tool and how to put Universal Qi into acupuncture points correctly by reversing the polarity of your palms so that you have a continual flow of Qi and not an AC flow! This combined with the breathing methods give you a continual flow of either positive or negative Qi flow through the correct acupuncture points.

There is absolutely no need to condition your palms nor train in getting your palms to emit Qi! Your palms will automatically emit Qi if your mind and body have done the training and you are calm and in a state of 'Sung'. I introduced this concept many years ago when most were using 'relax' in replacement of this Chinese word. However, to 'relax' is not correct as 'Sung' means much more that to simply relax!

So if you have not got 'Sung' then the ability to heal will be severely limited. To discover if you have 'Sung you must perform for instance the postures from Taijiquan called 'Wave hands in Clouds'. Literally translated as best I am able, 'Sung' means to move with out feeling the movements. And Wave Hands is the best way to practice this way of moving. When you do the changing hands area of this set of postures from Taijiquan, you must do the whole movement so softly and flowingly that you do not feel your wrists moving. For instance you might be able to do the moves from left to right without feeling as there is no wrist movements. However, when you begin to turn your wrists to do the bits on either end of the whole movement, you will feel some kind of jerky move in your wrist and this will cause you to feel that movement! You do not want this. You must perform the whole movement without feeling and this in turn should make you feel great, especially in the stomach as this is the group of postures that work upon the Stomach meridian and organ. And in using Qi for healing we need the 'earth' element as that is where the Qi comes from for healing and Wave hands Like Clouds is the group of postures that represents that earth element. You must also have this Qi Healing ability in any of the "Hands On" healing arts such as acupuncture, Tui-na, normal massage etc. Many think that they learn how to stick a needle, where to put it to have the desired effect etc. However, what many lack is internal ability. The reason I started the therapeutic movement course at the NSW College of Natural Therapies back in about 1980, was that the first lot of graduates went to China to complete their course at a teaching hospital. they were told that they had great technical skills but nothing was coming from 'here'. (pointing to the tantien)!

It's not so much the needle that you put in as that only does half the work, it's what is coming via your own body and mind that does the main part of the work. And this is the reason that acupuncture works so well because we break down the natural resistance of about 200 ohms by using the metal needle thus allowing our own 'electricity' to pass unhindered into the acupuncture point! But first, you must have that ability to put Qi in!

Eventually you will find that all you have to do is to be there! And this is the greatest gift a real teacher can give to his students. When they arrive for class, tense, troubled and leave in a positive frame of mind feeling great about themselves, everyone thinks that it is the movement that has done it for them. However, it is actually the teacher 'communicating' on a higher level that has healed them just by being there. And the more advanced the teacher, the more Qi will be put into the students.

However, the teacher must also be aware of the fact that when you have a whole lot of sick students, and even if he or she has done the correct training to bolster his own levels of Qi, if there are just too many sick people, his own Qi level will begin to dwindle due to the fact that when too much Universal Qi is taken through one's system, it tends to also take one's own Qi with it! So if you also feel drained after a teaching session, you have either not done your own training sufficiently to cope with the class or there are too many sick people in that class!

This is quite noticeable in Qi healing when one begins a new class and the students have never been exposed to Qi Healing. They are usually tense and sick so it takes a lot out of the teacher in those first sessions. However, as the students continue with the class, the healings will become less as they get well and are able to take their own Universal Qi from what they are learning.