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Dear Erle!

here is a review for your web if you like.
Review of the «Yang Lu Chan Basic Correction series».
(MTG number 207, 208, 209, 210, 213 and 215.)

I will strongly recommend this series to any beginner or medium advanced student. (remember in tai chi, even after 10 experience and some more, most of us are still medium level:)
An excellent tool for people not able to see a teacher, or top end teacher on a regular basis.
I think if you combine this series with Erle`s free to download book «The Old Yang style», you will have one of the best «teach-your-self-some-serious-taichi» kits available on earth.
Also people who may attended different taichi cours(es), but havent felt they were getting much out of it, could find it very much worth looking into this.
All though this is called the basic correction series, it is way more advanced than the prototype basic taichi dvd, bought anywhere in bookshops or the internet, aprox 60 min long, with actors put up in traditional suits, and relaxed chinese music playing in the back ground.
First two years of my training, I spent with my local instructor, learning classical basic block form, Yang Chen Fu. Next about four years, I spent working on the Yang Lu Chan, with the help from my local instructor, other instructors on occation, Erles «Old Yang Style» book, Erles two tapes «yin and yang hands in the Yang Lu Chan form» + «Opening and closing form»
First tapes I ever bought from Erle was the two just mentioned. After two years of learning the classical basic Yang chen fu, I was stunned with the amount of information on this tapes. Sat back with a great smile, and felt like its really time to go to work with this taichi stuff!

Years went on, I was very happy and content with all the information I had available, also supported by Erles free articles, books, and Q & A on his website. I was aware of the corrections series, but wanted to at least wipe out the mistakes I was aware of, before getting the corrections tapes I thought. Was also a full time nurse student at that time, so did not have alot of money extra for buying tapes.
However I eventually bought the whole Yang Lu Chan Correction series.
Also this time I sat there with a great smile, but it was very often followed with different variations of slapping my own forehead, or a head butt to the dining room table. The reason for this was I would have saved myself alot of work, if I had watched these tapes a bit earlier I think!! The tapes did not only showed me the mistakes I knew of, and continuously worked on getting rid of. The tapes had very good pin pointers how to get rid of those mistakes, and even more important; showed me the basic mistakes I was not aware I was doin. And by minimizing the posture/moving into posture mistakes I did not knew of, even the ones I knew of, become a lot easier to do more correct!!
I still go back and watch parts of these tapes once in a while, and even after watched and worked with them thoroughly several times, I still almost always find something new and usefull. The beauty is; I am very sure I did not sleep/daydream when watching the same part earlier.
I have also watched parts of them with other instuctors/friends, both inside and outside the WTBA, and they all said it was very useful to watch, and agreed the teaching is very high quality. Most of them had a very good «A-Ha!» experience at some point or another. And that was only from watching about 20 minutes or so.

It is also something in the way the whole form is performed in this series. With enough clear details, necessary to make your taichi become a bit more alive, but not too many to confuse you all at once. I think it shows maybe the minimum baseline of how taichi is performed including the extra essence that needs to be there, to call it an internal art. To switch your form into more organic if you like, without loosing on the way the also essential simple but difficult bodymechanics, while putting in the organic stuff or vice verca:-D

So whatever the main challenge in your training is to get more flow into your taichi, or/and better stucture+balance in the postures, this series will give you a balanced amount of both.
It comes in six volumes, which is quite an investment.
But with the Old yang style book on the side, you can go straight from scratch, and teach your self the whole form, with some essence! To start off, or just check it out, you will be completely fine with just volume one to learn a lot.

Add some training dicipline, and also if you are lucky, a dedicated training partner once in a while. And you will go as far as possible without seeing a good teacher. This series will feed you with information for the next three years at least.
I have heard, traditionally it was said to take approximately six-seven years to learn basics properly in the internal arts. And the road is really exciting!
So if you are not excited, then you are perhaps not on the road anymore:), rewind to were you got off the road, and get excited again.
If you have lost track of were you got off the road, cant see the forest for all the trees, have to remember for your students sake where it is easy to get lost, these tapes will be you GPS.
Unless you already are a top taichi player, watching it all excited from the top end of the road...? Or you just decide to rather go for a swim!
Happy training!
Kind regards Lars-Erik, Norway.
* Comments:
I have studied Yang Tai Chi and found it very good. I order Erle Lu-Chan MTG2 video out of curosity, followed it. It was unusal at first, Erle communicates at a unusal level. I started following the video, it is hard work, there is so much detail. I practise standing and Lu-chan each morning as he recommended, it charges the body up for each day. I sometimes pinch myself as it seems lucky i found this gem of a man. Last year i attended his class and it was even better in the flesh, the level of energy is hard to believe. Erls, thanks for the enlightnment. Mel.

Dear Erle,
I'm D*** from Belgium and luckily found through your Taiji teachings a new way, I want to thank you for your certainly successful efforts spreading your knowledge and art around the world.
After more than 25 years of training Goju-ryu Karate and Aikido I now understand that I have learned actually nothing and that I am at the very beginning again, rather internally and more effectively. Nobody in all that time during my Karate study ever taught or told about Fa-jing or animal-brain or other important principles for true fighting ability and profound understanding of natural movements.
Together with a friend I'm humbly trying to train, study and research the real Taiji principles and teachings. The external experience through Karate may help, but I think it is important to liberate oneself from typical Karate structures, for example this 'pull-back-hand' thing (hikite in japanese).
Through your video/DVD tapes we are able to gain really valuable teachings and training methods, and we hope to join one of your seminars again in soon future.
I'm really grateful because you opened a new way for me and so many other students, thanks again, Erle!
Many greetings from cold Belgium

Erle, i payed using paypal let me know if it doesnt go through, sorry if i sounded like a dummy on the phone, but to talk to you was like talking to a rock star or movie star, I have studied your work for 15 years now, through my instructor and through my own learning. just wanted to say you have changed my life, and i really dont think the martial arts world gives you enough credit because to me you are the real bruce lee, thanks for giving us youre knowledge to better understand how our body works and how to manipulate it. forever grateful, Jim

Thank you {humble master}

Message: Dear Erle,
Im a 26 yr old, I started tae kwon do from 10-15yrs old.I had to drop out becase it was to expencive, but martial arts have lived in me. However having to drop out helped me to not be stuck in a Hard style, I got very intersted in dim-mak.Ive been following your books and tapes for almost10yrs now,and Im loving it!!It was out of fear that I wanted to be able to stop anyone easily. But after growing up and learning more internal things I realized that I didnt want to hurt anyone but heal them.....
Long story short your system of Fighting/Healing has really made me a whole new person....
So thank you for helping me on my journy to enlightenment, I hope one day i will be a teacher/healer like you.

Dear Erle,
Thanks for your personal note. I'm looking forward to hearing the entire album after listening to some of your tracks on the Internet.
And I'm also excited about the books & lessons CD. Viewing just a few of your Youtube clips has helped my tai chi immensely. Thank you for taking the time to make the art more accessible and understandable. Years ago I started tai chi but my instructors removed all martial arts aspects, focusing only on health, and I suspected I was missing something. They also just focused on the big general movements, and not the nuances of weights shift and yin and yang. Your short youtube videos have renewed my interest and energy to pursue tai chi. 
Kind regards and best wishes in all your pursuits,

Hello Mr Montaigue,
My name is Sugato and I currently reside in San Diego, USA. I have had about 5 years of martial arts experience training in Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do and shaolin style. I am very interested in the "internal arts". I had learnt the Yang style taichi form in my previous school but after looking at the free video of the form at your website I realized that I was missing so many details. Thank you for the detailed instruction - I am re-learning the form now from your video. I also wanted to start on my pakua with the MTG4 DVD which I ordered from your website. It directed me to this page and I thought I would write a few lines expressing my thanks to you for providing such detailed instruction in your videos as I experienced from the taichi form. I look forward to studying MTG4 and other DVD titles from you in the future.

With best regards


I just wanted to let you know that the DVD arrived yesterday. I thank you again for your generosity.

I immediately played the DVD through the first third of the form, and I am sure you have heard this many times before, but I have never seen anything like this before. I find this incredible, and I have to say, I found myself filled with wonder.

A question I have before I begin working with this form: Is the Yang Luchan form as strong in chi kung, and the focus of energy into the chi meridians as the Yang Chengfu form? It looks to me like it might be, but I thought I would ask an expert.



Dear Erle,

I just wanted to tell you that I am greatly enjoying the instructional videos I ordered from you. I must admit, I was a bit skeptical about learning internal stuff from a video at first, but your teaching methods and demonstrations really make it quite easy to absorb the information presented. I feel that my Taiji and general internal technique has already improved notably, and I look forward to doing more business in the future.



Good Morning Erle,

I cannot find words to express how glad I am to have met Eli and attending his seminar.

Well, being so much out of training as I am, and being an animal when I train, I'm currently sore all over from yesterday! lol

As I told Eli, I'm probably enjoying this more than the rest of the crowd, because I had started on my own studying your form and now I'm applying it, doing it in fajing and also saw being done at a higher level.

I was astounded when he showed us the form. At first I could not reckognise it, then he explained that he was doing it small frame, and then it all fell into perspective! My silent expression was WOW!!! It was awesome to see the old yang form being done that way

Needless to say, Eli has learnt well, he's an excellent teacher, and a great kid.
From a martial side, I did not sense/feel his fighting skill and power when I first met him....and that in my limited and humble experience is a major sign of a true master! :)

Thanks and best regrds,


Dear Erle & Sandra,

Just wanted to let you know that I received my order. I was suprised when I opened it and counted 11 DVDs. I thought perhaps there was a mix up, but then I pulled the invoice out & realized you gave me a better deal. I just want to thank you for doing that, I really appreciate your care in that matter. All of the DVDs are excellent, I briefly looked at them all.....going to be busy for quite a while!! Thank you for picking up the shipping cost as well. You provide excellent service.

Best regards,



Hi Erle, yes, I'll definitely give him a look. 

The DVDs arrived this morning, and having viewed the introductory one, I think that it was a good idea to purchase them. I found it absolutely fascinating - I probably learned as much in that couple of hours than all the years of stumbling up and down some cold 'Dojo' on a wet Wednesday night!!

Many thanks, and I look forward to studying the others.

Kindest regards as always


Message: Hi Erle, I came across your site about two days ago and have been blown away. I thought I could ask you a question about the Qigong style I\'ve recently started learning. Its called Zhineng Qigong (or Chi-lel in America). Have you heard of it and do you have any thoughts about its effectiveness?

My teacher is great and seems very healthy and happy so thats a good sign, but I haven\'t had much benefit from the practice as yet although it is still early days.

All the best

Your amazing!!!!
Message: Can I call you master?because your the best martial arts teacher i encountered in my life i studied wingchun,jeetkunedo,muaythai and many hard styles and i found out that even with my brute strength i have not yet optimized the real power in me then i saw you on youtube and to be honest the first time i saw you i was really amazed of they call dim mak!!! i was stunned then i made some research on that stuff and i was convinced and now i am practicing internal gung fu with the book i bought it was amazing....now i quit all hard styles and begin my journey to greatest the most deadly yet soft survival art..thank you very much master i owe all the knowledge into you more power and longevity will be unto you...THANK YOU VERY MUCH....MASTER>>>>>

Dear Eire Montaigue:

Just viewed the training video and the pdf on food for spirit.
You are very lucky you learned the art of self defense, properly.

I took 6 years of Shaolin and I am embarrassed I didn't have the skills
on push hands you and your children do.
My sifu taught push hands, but not effective like yours.
We did have a training method for the single push hands,
but never done with a partner.

And your "fa kin" which caused the bending Broad Sword,
was the first time I saw done. I had to see it 3 times on the video to believe it.

I will send you a few pages of my chinese book on dim mak in the near future.




Dear Erle:

We have not communicated for some time, but I was browsing the web and came across your website. I just wanted to say hello to you and commend your ongoing efforts to spread knowledge and understanding about tai chi, and the Asian martial arts. I and my students thank you for the many benefits that we have received because of your gift of knowledge.

My schools continue to do well and I now have 14 training centers in two US dates, Michigan and Indiana, with other affiliates in many other states. Our website is located at *****

Although I am approaching the age of 61 (and perhaps experiencing a \"mid\" life crisis) I am currently training a group of young men (the Kenpo Dragons) in combat and mixed martial arts. I hope to complete this madness by late fall and return to the past time of any doddering old man, tai chi. (written in jest) *****

While I was visiting your wonderful website and greedily browsing through all of the free goodies on your site I came across the article on the Old Yang Style and specifically its reference to a great teacher, Grandmaster, Y. W. Chang, with whom I had the privilege of meeting and briefly studying with several years ago. I also met the very lovely and delightful Ann Carruthers. I have an autographed copy of Chen Pan-Ling\'s book which Grandmaster Chang lovingly translated as a tribute to his teacher. 

My students and I were very fortunate to receive personal instruction from Grandmaster Chang and to have the opportunity to treat him to dinner. 

Regarding the statement below copied from your article. I am in complete agreement with you on this subject regarding the authenicity of the Old Yang form that you teach and its similarity to Chen Pan-Ling\'s modified form and also to the form that I learned at Professor Chi- Kwang Huo\'s Chinese Cultural Academy. 

Just as Chen Pan-Ling was a fellow student under Yang Shou Hou so was Professor Hou during the same time period. So we share a rare but common lineage.

I recommend two references to my students studying the Old Yang form, your books and video\'s and Chen Pan-Ling\'s Textbook and wall chart. 

A number of years ago I received a 800 page manuscript of a book written by a Mr. Wang, a body guard, which is yet another representation of the Old Yang form. (there are many photos) All of the materials that I have gathered along with the instruction that I have received over the years have differed in non-essential ways one from the other, but just as you point out in your article, the similarities are greater than the differences. In cases like Chen Pan-Ling who studied with Yang Shou Hou and then with the Chen\'s, he readily acknowledged the changes that he made.

One thing is for certain and that is that these \"Old Styles\" of tai chi differ in strikingly obvious ways from the simiplified or popular forms originating from Yang Cheng Fu. I avoid denigating any teacher, and there was a reason(s) why Yang Cheng Fu removed the applications, fast movements, and fa jing from the original family form, and that removal resulted in a version of tai chi that was less effective in a combat sense and less conducive to the promotion of health than the original form.

According to stories related to the training of Professor Huo by Yang Shou Hou, even Yang Shou Hou was reluctant to teach some of his students, \"the real thing.\"

I believe that whatever resistance you have met with within the tai chi community is the result of the continual \"one-up-man-ship\" that results from teachers attempting to claim superior status, position, and knowledge over another teacher. It is a silly game. It is often a game played by those teachers who approach tai chi as a philosophy and form of exercise, rather than a combat fighting form. (and I don\'t mean push hands)

I wish you well and look forward to your continued success as a master teacher.

Best regards to you,




And thanks alot for answering my question so swiftly.

Hmm... I´m not quite sure what to do regarding my practice of a shortened form, since it´s not being balanced for left and right...

So, I´m considering trying to teach myself the Old Yang Style from one of your DVD´s.

By the way: I came across a video clip of you where you mention the \"Sweet Spot\" on the foot. And I tried it out during practice. It worked tremendously well, i´d say about a 25% increase in stability. Up until now I´ve only been told to place the weight on the whole foot. Seems like I´ve wasted hundreds of hours practicing not knowing this! Thanks again for sharing.

Does the \"Sweet Spot\" go for the back foot also, ( even though it carries a lesser percentage of total body weight ) and no matter what stance?

And do you carry a DVD title that will give me several hints of this type ( small detail, major impact on structure and stability )?

Best Regards,


Dear Erle Montaigue and practitioners of Baguazheng,

Of the traditional ways of life that we both strive to keep alive, understand and live there are few that have survived and even fewer that have not succumbed to the "will of the masses" or the "winds of modernization". Survival is the most basic of instincts but one of the most important and I believe that the society of today has forgotten or lost this essential and precious treasure that our arts embody. Recently, I have been researching other arts through the internet sifting through the sea of biased information and I have stumbled upon your videos on Baguazheng. They are by far the best representation of the art as I have been able to find on the internet so far. They have allowed me the wonderous opportunity of seeing the universal brotherhood all true arts share.
I study Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu Ninjutsu under Shihan Bessler of the West Michigan Budokan and I am very pleased to see a similar sense of dedication in Erle Montaigue's videos and no doubt in his personal teachings. I have the pleasure of beginning to understand the underlying concepts between all traditional arts through training in Bujinkan Ninjutsu and I am especially pleased to have witnessed that union through the generosity of Erle Montaigue sharing the techniques of Baguazheng.The short video previews on youtube display not only Erle's prowess and knowledge of the art but the depth of learning that a gifted teacher gives to his students as well as the real depth of a true survival art. Thank you Erle Montaigue for sharing your wisdom and knowledge of Baguazheng with the public especially practitioners of other survival arts. It is a testament to the spirit of our arts that you share, just as Soke Masaaki Hatsumi has shared Ninjutsu with the world, your art with those who seek a harmonious and complete life.

Thank you,


My brother,who is also my teacher, contacted you recently and bought a couple of dvds. You were nice enough to throw in a free dvd and for that i thank you. My brothers name is Jim  and we live in ,Illinois, the southern tip of Illinois in the United States. He called me after talking to you and was so excited he could hardly contain himself. I have no question just wanted to say what a legend you are to us and an inspiration. Thank you for helping take mine and my brothers training and lives to another level. you have helped give the gift of protection for ourselves and more importantly our wives and children. Saying thank you to you hardly describes how we feel, but i will say it anyway, Thank You!

master montaigue ,Thanks:) his article list the same principles as are on your "essentials of Bagua, and he mentions that he took from Chan Yik Yan which was a student of Chiang i.e. http://www.liuhopafa.com/art2.htm , He on some youtube vids seems to have inner shaking going on , not like most of the so called masters that are just doing the forms, you have change everything for me in my 4th decade of practice, I have a linking form and a 64 combat form from the linage of Wang shujin but I broke off for 11 years from all my teachers and some friends because I did not see the way you have made me see, your way is practical and natural and I never believed in the silly push hands that most do, thanks for being :) sT

Hi Erle,

I have given up trying to rationalise what happened to me, I can’t.
On the way home for the first time in my life I didn’t have any mind or body tension, and everything was clear as never before.
The experience I had was life changing.
All I can do is express my deepest gratitude to you for taking care of me when I was most vulnerable and cleansing my mind. M

Just saying thanks
Message: Hi, I\'m currently going through your Yang Cheng-Fu taijikuan tutorial vídeos. I found them when I was about to give up the whole \"chi\" arts, and label them as a dead subject, or worse, as a farse. Thank you for restoring my faith in them. They only need to be taught right, and I think you were able to do that on your videos. May you be just as blessed as I am being. Thank you.
P.S.: I\'m also back to Qigong still postures. They\'re hard, but rewarding, like all good things. Sergio

Your early Tai Chi films
Message: This truly does not require an answer. You have enough to do without dealing with idle prattle.

I am Welsh -- born in Caerwys near Denbigh -- and much of my family is still in the area.
I have been watching tai chi on and off for dozens of years. Mainly in Hong Kong but also Thailand.

In Australia finding an instructor has been most difficult.

In the end I found there was a private course I could take in Bangkok -- where I also work -- and I am going to try, yet again.
While I believe you CANNOT learrn tai chi from DVD -- and the Lord knows I have tried -- but you can pick up a lot of helpful information.

Thus trolling through YouTube I came to your series -- all 28 lessons downloaded. Probably made in the eighties or nineties. It matters not. Your instruction is the clearest I have found. I made an MP3 tape for myself and I now interject the basic action with quotations from your MP3.

I have seen carping criticism of you on the Internet -- in my time I have had my share -- and I can happily tell you to ignore it. As a communicator in this particular area you have no peer, no competition.
Those videos my be a trifle old -- it happens to us all -- but the instructions are crystal clear.

Congratulations and diolch yn fawr iawn,


Your are partly to blame:) Your "Way" has changed my playing and my life, the soft fa jings are showing up in my playing in a way I never consciously thought of... your revolutionary new insight on the reptilian brain and how it should be used for 'Creativity' 1st than for flight/fight could restore balance to the world !!! I feel God has already signed you straight away:) peace:) Stan

It has been some time since I last contacted you. You have been most generous in your gifts of free DVDs to me in the past, and I first wanted to thank you sincerely for your generosity and kindness.
Over the last 5-6 years I have decided to immerse myself into researching authentic Taiji and Bagua from numerous lineages in the hopes of determining my ultimate martial path. It has been said that it is better to spend 10 years searching than a year wasting time time with incorrect methods. I fist contacted you, and subsequently became a member of the WTBA in 1992, purchased and studied a wide cross-section of your material for a period of time, and then explored other avenues before finally assembling a Bagua study group in 2000 which ultimately was discontinued due to my divorce and subsequent move. Since that time, as stated above, I have been researching various forms of Taijiquan and Baguazhang in an effort to truly delineate the authentic methods which I would ultimately devote my training time and efforts to. What does all of this have to do with anything?
Well, having fully researched numerous lineages, methods, and programs (some quite genuine and others quite questionable) and having personally sought out many supposed high-level practitioners from just as many martial lineages, I can honestly tell you without question that your material far surpasses anything else I have found in both quality and content, as well as substance. I must be honest..I had some doubts concerning the Old Yang style as offered through your program. I always questioned, ultimately, if the Old Yang style you offered was indeed, authentic. I read many things through various forums, posts, and articles, which ultimately left me with many more questions than answers, and so, I set out to research the matter on my own. After much research I could only come to one logical conclusion..the Old Yang style as you have presented it is exactly what you have claimed it to be all along; genuine and authentic. I know you don\'t need someone else telling you this to substantiate what you already know, and I won\'t go into all of the details concerning how I ultimately came to this conclusion (as this message is already becoming quite lengthy), however suffice it to say, that after spending several years researching the validity and quality of your claims, I could draw no other conclusion than what you are offering is indeed the genuine article; with literally everything else I\'ve researched (including a few very prominent and genuine lines of transmission) seeming quite \"watered down\" and diluted in comparison.
I am now at a point in my life, much stronger financially, in which I will soon be ordering more DVDs and continuing to do so as my training demands. I have made the decision, based on the above information, to fully immerse myself in your program and only regret that it took nearly 10 years (the largest portion of which has been spent in research) to finally come to this conclusion.
I look forward to many long hours of continued study and practice through your DVD program and thank you for making this information available worldwide.

Kindest Regards,

Dear Erle,

Just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I appreciate and respect everything you\'re doing. I only recently found you on the internet, and I have to tell you that I wish I\'d met you 30 years ago! I have been practicing Shaolin-Do for 35 years. After black belt level, there are some basic Yang Tai Chi, Pa-Kua, and Hsing-I forms and training. Of course, it\'s all very secretive and \"advanced\" knowledge. Let me say that I\'ve learned more in watching your video snippets on youtube than I have in 35 years! Your knowledge of every aspect of the internal arts is mind-blowing, to say the least.
I have decided to snatch up every video you\'ve ever done, and train my arse off according to your principles, starting with Tai Chi. It\'s amazing how much sense you make of it all. All these years and I\'ve always sensed there was more than copying slow movements, and deep breathing, but I had no idea how incredible, and how natural it should really be...and I\'m barely scratching the surface!
If you ever find yourself in Charleston, South Carolina, please allow me to extend an ongoing invitation to you and your family to stay with me and mine.



Dear Erle,

I would like to express my total admiration for you. Myself, I like and practice Martial Arts for many years. Many years ago, I purchased both Dim Mak books that yourself and australian (TCM) acupunture expert wrote. Must admit, the contents in the books changed my life.

To be honest with you, I'm very hard to impress. Someone,who has very, very high standards. But seriously, your one of my all-time heroes. Absolutely love this website. It would make my day to get an email for a Martial Arts Dim Mak legend.

Take Care,



Kieren <k.edu.au> 

Erle Montaigue <[email protected]

Cheers Erle,

170/171 is such a good tape, I think it is "undersold" on the site. The stuff about peng jing, lui jing etc. was blowing my mind. So I thought that if I had an earlier volume on 13 postures then the later ones would be over the top! Hence I was always glad and thought it fortuitous that I had received
the "earlier volumes" nevertheless all is one. And the 13 postures are no less mysterious.

You should have a section titled "essentials of the Montaigue system." get students to send you info on the tapes they've found most useful or
information rich or mind blowing. With write ups for the tapes by the students themselves. It might even be divided into beginners and advanced. The first tape I ever saw of you was from my x-girlfriends dad, it was MTG 29 (Dim-mak intricacies). I was 18 and had just started cosmic tai chi, that tape blew my mind, and its so useful because you see the advanced taiji form, push hands and da lui and how it all ties in.

random thoughts,


Dear Erle,

I have been interested in martial arts for over 20years now and I wish I had known about Erle's videos then instead of going from one style to another.
The 15 video's I have are very easy to learn from, not like the video's I have had of other people where the form looks very good but they don't teach you very well.
Erle's instruction is very detailed and precise and every little movement is shown in great detail.
I will only buy products from Erle now because I only want the best.
I have sent a cheque to you for the DVD.
From Peter. UK

Hello Master Montaigue,

My name is Michael, I reside in North Carolina, USA, 38 years old, full time martial art teacher
I have always had a deep interest in Taiji, practice myself daily but never could encounter a teacher who could take Taiji instruction beyond learning the initial from, whatever style this could be. Over the years I have always found your articles much help on various particulars, as well as inspirational to myself. Anyhow, to the heart of the matter, I just felt compelled to write you, and to thank you, for the books and videos available on your site, and for your openness, and genuine heartfelt desire to promote understanding and preservation of Taiji to a new generation of seekers. Your efforts to promote Taiji have filled a great void in relation to my own studies and personal growth and I find your public work a most precious treasure. Thank you.

From South Africa:

I would just like to thank you for the gift you send me; it is amazing to see someone doing Taichi the way you do it.
I can just look at those videos and it is like there is something else, like something you try to tell me but in another way.

I've got all the books but it does not show me halve of what the videos show me, it does, but you can never look at pictures and think that you are going to get the form right.

I thank you for taking the time to read this E-mail and I hope that you can give me some kind of advice.

Youre sincerely


Your website is fantastic!  It's what I've been searching for, for such a long time.
 I have studied Tai Chi with 2 different teachers, as well as Bagua with one teacher, and Hsing-I with another teacher.  I only spent a few months with each teacher.  Of the four, only one of my Tai Chi teachers was able to teach me something that I could feel.  It was different than anything I had studied in any other martial art.  (I used to study Karate, and Aikido, too)
  Unfortunately my first teacher stopped teaching as the building he taught in no longer sponsored the class, and not enough people joined.  At the time I didn't realize how lucky I was to have found a teacher who could teach Internal Kung-Fu correctly. Or at least better than the other teachers I've studied with.  I spent the last several months and a lot of money purchasing videos that I hoped I could learn from, but they taught very little of any value.  It wasn't easy for me to spend the money on these things, as I am a college student,  but I really wanted to continue my studies of Qigong and Internal Kung Fu.
  Then, I found your website.  I'm so thankful to you Mr. Montaigue for being so very generous.  I've learned more from your website in the past couple of days than I learned in months of studying with four teachers, a lot of poor videos, and books.  You seem to be a very great teacher.  Probably only one of a few left in the world who can truly teach what you do.  I was very impressed with everything I've read so far.  You truly fit the description of a warrior.  Your generosity in sharing these great teachings both through your videos and the great information that you give away free, is overwhelming in a field where many seem to be out to make a buck by teaching very little.  Your knowledge seems immense.  I could probably order all of your books and videos and it would take me a lifetime to learn and understand a fraction of your knowledge.
Dan: USA


Dear Erle

Thank you very much.  I received MTG 4 today and took a look at the first bit.  I did some circle walking and plan to start learning the circular form tonight sometime.  My hands were buzzing with energy...literally felt like lightning shooting from the centre of my palms while I was walking the circle...really powerful stuff.  I also skipped to the end of the tape to watch you performing the circular and linear forms.  It's really awesome and I can see that I've got my work cut out to learn even the basic movements and perform them at any level of proficiency.  Thanks a million for this amazing gift.  BTW, as you said, these forms differ vastly from the Bagua I've seen up to now. 


Subject: Re: ORDER

To: Erle Montaigue <[email protected]>

Thank you for your offer to help me in my training.  I have received my tapes and they are great!  Very clear instruction and the material is worth much more than I paid.  I look forward to ordering more from you in the future.  Also, the tapes arrived very rapidly.  I wasn't expecting such quick service, especially as far away as you are (international).  You have a great business all the way around!  Sincerely, Tim (USA)


Please process this order with the insured option you sent me last order to
assure deliver. I am really impressed with your DVD quality and want to get the
sudden violence series as a whole study module. Thanks for the all the
detailed instruction and great visual real-world application it really is
priceless. Best Wishes to you and yours!
Kindest regards,
Alex :(USA)

Dear Erle

About two years ago you sent me the MTG2 video.  I've been working with it and can only say that the form is awesome.  I've in the meantime also resumed my study of Shaolin Gong Fu (Long fist and White Crane) and it's absolutely astonishing what the YLC form has added to my Gong Fu training.  It's like I've been integrating a whole lot of knowledge regarding self defence, jing patterns etc on an unconscious level simply through doing my Taiji.  So a BIG THANK YOU to you. Johan: South Africa.

First off - another excellent article Erle.  I was just yesterday thinking about the small adjustments I seem to make on the fly during the YLC form - and feeling sort of guilty about it. Better now!  Also, your subjective description of how it feels to practice properly. It is like your advanced YLC demo tape - these subtle, very subjective things communicate the intent and flow of the art in a way that probably can never be quantified. I can see how watching the tape of your personal practice - someone might attempt to imitate you - but I think if the soil is already tilled - something deeper comes through. And this also comes through when you talk about how right practice feels in the larger sense. Chris USA


Hi Erle

I feel very privileged to be writing this even though I've  never met you. I
am impressed by the reviews you have got from your video tapes. I am in New
Zealand and am looking to start some training in maybe Taiji , Bagua ,
Hsingi , or even long fist. I would like to get some of your video or
written material as it sounds incredibly detailed which is what I need.

Dear Erle,

Thank you very much for Qi Disruption no.1. I found the entire video enlightening. Your discussion of the meridians, on the first part of the video explained so much to me. I truly understand what was left out of my training. And i also understand the chi sickness i was going through for the past 5 years. It just confirmed for me, that my energy system had been harmed by 2 different masters. I basically thought my system was irrepairable.

Both the Form and the Triple Burner excercise helped me to feel my whole body again. I have felt cut off from my lower body and also sustained injuries to my lower back because of this weakened state.

After the first nite of practicing i felt no pain in my Lower Back! My energy feels connected and i feel great!! Thank You!!!!!! I am still Pain Free after 3 days.

It was also great to see your interaction with your students and your great Humor...

Your instruction was incredibly detailed and precise....

I hope to purchase some more of your videos soon.....I'm very interested to learn from you.

Thank you from my Heart.

Peace and Happiness to You, your Family and Clan,

Brian USA

From Derek in New Zealand.
Hello Earle

A few weeks ago you sent me a few of your VCDs and I'd like to tell you how
much we enjoy them here. I have just completed the YCF form for the first
time and the missus is not far behind. We put good 2-3 hours into in every
day and it's indeed a pleasure. My girl has had problems with her back - a
kind of gunshot between the shoulder blades and nothing seemed to help: no
massage, no acupuncture, not even cranio-sacral therapy. Well, after a month
of tai chi she says the thing is almost gone, she can't even pinpoint it any
more. Ain't that amazing?

Dear Mr. Montaigue;

First of all, I wan't to Express my Wholehearted Respect, Admiration, and Gratitude for all that you are doing !!!

You have helped me Enhance (self-defense wise) the Art of Nonaka Aikijujutsu, of which I have been training in, and teaching for over Forty Years now.
I have placed the Concept of Fa-jing, and the Methods of the Neurological Shut-Downs with in the Jujutsu techniques.


From Belgium.
How are you? Hope you're fine.
Thanks again for your advice on my sons coughing. He's doing fine and doesn't cough anymore.

I've been studying your self-defense videos with a colleague. He is very enthusiastic and also very pleased by your teaching method.
As we are both instructors for LEO (especially stick fighting) and very interested in self-defense, we would very much like to order some of your videos.

With your permission we would like to use your teachings for LEO?
I must say, I have some experience concerning other so-called masters in martial arts and none of them can be even compared with you. I was always able to criticize others, but when studying your videos and books, well, I just can't find anything at all. Your teaching is always very clear, understandable, detailed and relaxed. I'm very greatful for your willingness to share your knowledge.
G: Belgium.

Dear Erle  
Sorry to bother you with these issues, but I've never had my martial arts ability or reputation under question. Ive just heard so much unfounded garbage about you, and myself from people who have never met or trained with us!! The next few paragraphs were written as a letter to you, but I think It would make a good testimonial for your site, or short article for combat and healing, as it may give people who criticize the WTBA something to think about. And also some reassurance to our fellow members.

Since training in your system over the years ive met hundreds of people all across the USA, ive always been asked "that is some of the best stuff Ive ever seen, where did you learn that?" In fact -even other  Tai chi people, one of which came to class after doing 10 years of training elsewhere joined up recently. After training with some of todays well known chinese Masters (Wei Lun Huang) said that you and I were the real deal when It came to Tai Chi. He could tell from the way I moved that I "had it right".  This was of great comfort to me training much on my own and also much by correspondence and seminar work.

I am now teaching 3 karate instructors, training with a shoofighter, and a Bagua teacher all of different backgrounds separate from the WTBA. Every single one of those people have a great respect for me, and of course you since I attribute my skill to your teachings.

     I practice at least a few hours every day, then I sit down to work at the computer and find emails from people whom I haven't met telling me that "dim-mak is fake", or "anyone who says Erle is good is a fraud". Id like to know their training schedule, or at least be able to have a logical friendly discussion with them, but they remain anonymous and illogical. Im just thankful that for every single detractor, I have at least a dozen other emails telling me the opposite, those just arent put on public debate forums. So a note to all those that would slander the WTBA for any reason, please come down and train with someone, Ive never had anyone speak ill of myself or Erle afterwards.

The point is I don't think anyone has the right to judge you or myself without coming to meet us first hand and taking a class or at least a friendly demonstration.

Even though we cannot win them all over, for what its worth your teachings have already saved my life from an attack, so it has been more than worth the investment. I continue my training only to better myself in both health, and balence in all I do.

Best regards, 
    Sergeant Gary Romel 


The following data was submitted via your form:

 Gary  Romel
LaCatalogue_No_1: Erles tapes are the best I've found in the world. What he has taught me has saved my life, I hope it can help others.

Dear Earle,
I have studied with some of the most well respected 'masters' of Taijiquan in the world of many different styles. However, until I met you and your 'fa-jing', I never knew what fa-jing was all about as no-one was able to truly show me physically. They would huff and puff and pull their hand way back in order to gain the power for the strike but no-one could even come anywhere near the power that you show, even when they pull their hand back let alone do what you do and have your hand almost placed onto the striking mitt with no pull back! I still have a slightly sore palm from when you struck the hand held mitt from only one inch away. The one who has ever come the closest to you is Chen Xiao-wang of the Chen Family. When I saw him, it showed me that you indeed were correct in your way of fa-jing and that it would not, as some have tried to say, harm your meridians in any way what-so-ever! Chen moves his hips in the same way that you do. I do not know why others in the Yang system seem to put anyone down who perhaps has something real! They come up with a load of rubbish that it will harm your Qi or your meridians etc. So now we have one of the world's leading Tai Chi masters inadvertently backing up everything you say about fa-jing. Keep that information coming 'mate' I (and others) have gained more from one workshop with you than five years with people who call themselves 'grandmasters'!
Thank you. Richard, USA.

Thank you so much for the "clips" CD. I'm sending out the $5 for shipping and handling tomorrow. It was a very big help on some questions and it fuelled my desire to learn more about the internal arts. Thanks again.



Comments: Thank You. 
Thank you mr. Montaigue for the most wonderful site on Tai Chi. I have been practising Tai Chi for about 12 years and I am still learning. I think that one never stop learning when one are in to Tai Chi. I have now my "own" class that anyone can join, free of charge, because I have a feeling that everyone could know it. Just now I finished reading the page about the warrior and it was just beautifully written. It was so true it almost brought tears to my eyes. A real warrior don't go out seeking fights and war, he seeks for peace, he even brings peace just walking in to a room. They are few but wanted in our lifes, even needed for most people. I recently took up the Yang Cheng-Fu form and I have gone through the first third and I must say it is a beautiful form. The form I was taught by my teacher was some kind of Yang form that I think someone earlier teacher made some changes on because there is not so much that is recognisable in either Lo-Chang or Cheng-Fu, yes I am !
looking at Yang Lo-Changs form to. That is truly a form I would like to learn properly. Of course, there is postures that is called Stork spreads its wings, Play the guitar, Brush knee and twist step and Step back and repulse monkey but they only remotely reminds me of the postures in Lo-Chang and Cheng-Fu. Even Fair Lady works the shuttle is different. How come that even with the same name the movements is so far from each other? But the strangest thing about it all is that my teacher never told me about Fa Jing and Yin and Yang hand. I am a little disappointed at my self for spending so much money on learning something that was not complete. But then again, it took me on a search after more to learn. So thank you again for allowing me to download the Yang Cheng-Fu video so I have something real to learn from. 
Again, thank you for the best Tai Chi site on the internet.

One final note. I have been in martial arts for almost 20 years. I have a 5th black in Karate and taiJitsu, and a 4th black in JuJitsu. I'm a martial arts pragmatist who is not easily impressed. Not only have you impressed me over that passed two years that we've corresponded (both physically [on tapes], but also mentally with your unselfish time [in answering my never ending questions and Western ramblings]. Surprisingly, even though we have never met (yet) it is what I've learned from you that has made the biggest difference to my martial arts. I appreciate all that you have done for me (and therefore, my students). I hope you knew this before, but if you didn't, be assured that you don't go unappreciated by your long distance student in Canada, nor do you go unrecognized in my school.

Thanks again,

Kind regards, Sven

I wanted to write to thank you for your advice and for all the terrific 
materials that you are providing. It had helped me to gain the upper hand 
on a problem that I have been facing.
Early last Fall I wrote you to tell you of a problem that I was having 
with my prostate and to ask your advice. My PSA levels were high (6.5) and 
two re-tests showed the same levels. This, of course, is a possible 
indicator of prostate cancer. I had a biopsy that showed no cancer 
(thankfully) but my doctors wanted to keep an eye on the PSA level in case 
there was a small cancer taht the biopst did not detect.
I began following your advice and improved my diet, reduced the number 
of ejaculations, and have been following a regular program of Qigong with a 
concentration on focusing healing Qi into my prostate. I also have been 
taking zinc and saw palmetto but not on an extremely regular basis. I am 
working on learning TaiChi as well and am progressing slowly but steadily. 
In addition, I have lost quite a bit of weight and have been strength 
A few weeks ago, I had another PSA test and my PSA level was down to 
3.6! Well within the normal range. My doctor was quite pleased, but also 
somewhat surprised. He was expecting that my "normal" PSA level was going 
to be somewhat high and was expecting to simply "re-set" the definition of 
normal for me.
I obviously don't know for sure what caused the reduction in PSA, but I 
believe it to be largely a result of following the advice you gave me. In 
any event, I know for certain that I have significantly improved my overall 
health and energy levels, so that by itself has helped me immeasurably. 
Lifestyle changes along the lines that you recommended, exercise (including 
Qigong and TaiChi), and getting good medical attention are recommendations 
that I would make to every man, especially those over 50.
In my research on the prostate and prostate cancer, one of the things I 
learned is that prostate cancer is much more prevalent in Western societies 
than in Eastern. Also, I learned that when individuals from Eastern 
societies move to the West and take up a Western lifestyle, their rate of 
prostate cancer goes up to match that of Western citizens. Many other forms 
of cancer have also been linked to the Western lifestyle. I think you have 
discovered some very significant health secrets in addition to preserving an 
excellent martial art!
Again, that you very much for the work you are doing and for you help! 
I am very grateful!!










I received my CD ROM's today with the clips, articles, etc. on them. I
have only scratched the surface of the information on them so far and I
must say I am very impressed with the content.

Thank you very much for sending them me - I hope to learn a lot from

Yours sincerely



Master Montaigue, 

I have received your demo CD, and I was completely amazed at what I 
saw.  Thank you! Tim, USA

Dr Stephen: USA
Hi Erle,
> I just wanted to tell you I've just had a chance to look at 1 (2
> times) and a half of the tapes I got from you, and this is the first
> time of all the tapes I've bought over the past years that I've felt
> immediately connected and motivated to integrate immediately into my
> practice the material  presented. I definitely feel - despite the
> 15,000 or so miles between Australia and California- that  you will
> be a major resource and teacher for me.  Thanks for doing your work
> so well.  steve

First: Stephen Cajigas

Country: U.S.A

Subject: (Other)

Comments: I just attended the April 1st 2001, seminar in NJ. I would like to say the seminar was very informative and everyone very welcoming and knowledgeable. Erle was very good in explaining the intricacies of the Wudang form and was very helpful. Mr. Montaigue teachings and one on one approach with people made the seminar very personable. I would recommend that if anyone was interested about Tai Chi or self-defence to attend a seminar to be enlighten and shown the true beauty of tai chi. I like to thank Mr. Montaigue for his time and for the education I received that day.


Dear Erle,

Thank you for your reply, your suggestions have been a great help.

With careful monitoring your assumption was correct. could not really feel myself slowing rising in the 3 circle Qigong stance, but I was, though ever so slightly.  The kidney pressure thing I found was being caused by the tilt of my pelvis. By maintaining the
proper knee bend, the shakes have increased their intensity, and by correcting the tilt of my pelvis the shakes are felt up through my whole body.

I have now downloaded your YCF form video and the text of your book on the old style Yang Lu-ch'an form. They both have a very clear and simple explanation of
the yin and yang palms as applied to the form.  (I've also downloaded the 3 parts of your "Internal Gung-fu".)

After viewing your YCF video and reading through your book on the Old Yang Style I feel like I need to start over.   (unlearn some bad habits)   I thought that the form I had been practicing was more "authentic" than any other that I had seen--- up to now.  Your YCF form  is so different, that starting over seems the only thing to do.  I feel I'd be cheating myself continuing with my present practice form, (the number of "dead" movements surprises me.)  So I have indeed started working through your YCF form.  (I'm now working up through the first "grasp swallows tail", and trying to absorb every detail.)  What would be your thoughts on my doing this and any suggestions?    Learning your
YCF form first, or just jump into your Old Yang style?  (I know a YCF sequence, so with learning your YCF form I would have a point of reference.)

Would you consider viewing and critiquing a tape of my progress, say in 6 months or so?  Even for a fee? If you do, would there be limits and requirements with the making of the tape?

Best regards,

Dear Ian, Thank you. I do corrections via video tape free of charge.

From the recent (2001) USA Workshop. 
Just watching how you did the Old Yang Style form was enlightening.  And also the scapula and power stances.  I've wasted money on *** and *** seminars and learned very little.  I'll be still dissecting what I learned from yours years from now when I get to higher levels and go "Oh yeah, that's what this is."

Thanks again,


Sifu MJ. USA:
Mr Montaigue, you are making it difficult for everyone in this business when you keep on giving stuff free of charge. I came into this business to make a living and you are causing concern with myself and colleagues. 
Dear Sifu MJ,
There are many people in the world who cannot afford to pay for videos and books but who would greatly benefit in the health area as well as general living standards from learning what I have to teach. People in 3rd world countries who have little or no money can now afford to perhaps download some of my tapes and books and gain the great benefits. If you are so worried, I suggest that you begin producing a better product, one that will sell to anyone! If you have a good product, you can afford to help others who are less fortunate! I will continue to support those less fortunate. Erle Montaigue
Olaf: Sweden:

 Subject: Video order and comments

To: [email protected]

Hi Erle,
     Just to let you know I received the 10 videos which I ordered from you. 
I am now learning the Pauchui Bagwa Linear form and I think its great.  I
would like to comment that your method of teaching is really terrific.  I
like the way you show the form from different directions and how you teach
the applications after each segment.  Its refreshing and inspiring to have
found someone like you who is willing to teach the internal arts the way its
supposed to be.  To continue my development I ordered 8 more videos (Taiji,
Dim-Mak, & Qigong) to broaden my knowledge.  I learned Taiji in the past,
however, I do not know Taiji.  I am sure under your guidance I will
eventually know the Internal Arts.  I hope that my simultaneous development
in Bagwa, Taiji, Qigong, and Dim-Mak will not spread me too thin as I only
have a short time each day to really practice.  Thanks for producing such

great products.  Wishing you great health.   Olaf. 


Tom: USA:

Subject: Thank you!

To: [email protected]

        I hope this finds you and yours in good health and happy! I would
also like to thank you again for the gift of tape mtg-2, The tapes are
fantastic ( mtg-1,2 ,10,4
I have been going over the web site every time I go on I find
somethig new!! I read the book Food for the spirit, and am in the process of
makeing some diet changes also planning a fast. I think what your doing Is a
great thing provideing this Information and so much info that Is free I dont
have the words to express my gratitude I hope thank you Is enough!!! I have
had several bad experiences with teachers in the past, I won't take up
anymore of your time with those thoughts I hope to meet you some day at one
of your seminars as to thank you In person!!

Frank: USA 
Hi Erle,

Thanks again for the video.

I don't know what I was thinking.  It must have been something like, "Hey,
I got the video, I got the book, I'll knock this form out in a couple of

O.K.  So, maybe I'll get it in a year at the basic level and maybe I won't.
The form reminds me of an old song about the hula dance "Every little
movement has a meaning all it's own."  Your instructions for the basic
level are more detailed than most of the instruction I have gotten.  If I
can learn a couple of moves a week I will be doing well.

What I like the best about the video is that it has the feel of someone who
is just trying to record what he has learned so that it can be passed on to
others.  No hype.  No dramatics.  Just Tai Chi.

Thanks for all your work at promoting this great art.

Georgia USA

From Rick: USA: 
Just wanted to let you know I received my tape order of mtg2 and mtg5 and
both are complete.
Wow!!  The content in your videos is the highest and most informative I've
ever seen!!  I've wasted a thousand dollars or more on **** or *****
and even other videos before I've used yours.  **** and **** videos
are a complete waste of money.  How many different ways do I need to see
someone hit a completely motionless person on stomach 5??  Your's are easy
to learn from and the concepts are very advanced in relation to what I've
been exposed to.  The Taiji form tapes are great to learn from and your
basic push hands was unbelievable!!  I really excited about my martial arts
training again.  No more choppy hard karate kata for me!!

Thanks Sincerely, Rick:

Yern Italy:

Thank you very much for your Compilation tape.  I`m convinced that your
videos are of high quality content, I corrected some mistakes myself just by
watching the tape. Soon, I`ll start learning the Old Yang form from your
     Thanks you very much for everything and continue working on your
productions.  Serious martial artists must to know these things.

            Sincerely yours,


Shehzad: Iran:
Dear Master Erle (you should have told me before and I would have shown a bit more respect),
Thank you very much for sending the videos. I would also lik to say that these videos are some of the best videos I've ever seen (mtg 47, mtg108). The techniques shown in these videos is very original and very practical (like how you can punch past block by punching in a "s" bend) which knocks the spots off other martial arts. from Shehzad.

From Mr Wong, Canada:
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From: "Wong"
To: <[email protected]>

Sent: Saturday, November 04, 2000 8:23 AM
Subject: Re: Order & questions

Nov. 3, 2000 Dear Erle (most respected teacher), Wow!  I have received the 6 tapes from you yesterday.  I can not wait but to skim through all the tapes.  Watched only small parts of each tapes, and I was greatly impressed.  Your method of teaching is more like a live classroom instruction instead of just a performance of the forms. 

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From:Peter: USA
To: [email protected]
Sent: Friday, November 03, 2000 4:59 AM
Subject: Erle will you teach me?
Dear Erle,
            I have recently made a decision to take up Yoga.  Yoga for me is a vehicle to keep myself fit, flexible, and healthy.  I also want to learn a martial art, or martial principles.  Yet I want to find an instructor.  I am looking for someone who has similar views as do I, is competent (unlike the quacks that I have learned from in the past), has an abundance of knowledge and wisdom to share, and is willing and able to share it.  I have searched high and low in my area (suburban Illinois) for a competent teacher with no avail.  I have purchased hordes of videotapes from numerous commercial companies, and have been left with nothing but flowery fists and embroidery kicks (with the exception of the capoeira series that I purchased that was useful when I was dancing).  I recently also purchased a bundle of your videos and I found that both your martial skill and your teaching skill are phenomenal.  I would really like to learn from you combat wrestling (or shuai jiao if your could help with that and possibly some chin na), dim mak (which I am interested in but havent purchased any videos on focusing on bagua earlier), and qigong healing both personal and healing others.  I have an interest in tui na and would like to be a healer.  I would really be honored to have you as my instructor.  I know that you must be a busy person, and trust me Ill be a great student.  All I really need from you is for you to answer the questions that I have regarding my training.  Your videos are very intricate covering many facets and variations on each technique, but I also need advice on training.  I have many questions that I am confident that you can answer. Please teach me

Mark: Canada: 

Dear Mr. Montaigue,

First, I wish to thank you for exemplifying the martial artist we should all
strive to become.  I have read most of your Q&A email and find your humility
and generosity very refreshing.  This is in spite of your mastery of the
most devastating martial arts I have ever seen.

About two months ago, I purchased your Encyclopedia of Dim Mak, Volume 1 and
Ultimate Dim Mak - How to Fight A Grappler and Win.  I must comment that
after boxing for 5 years (amateur), fighting in the streets really hard as a
youth (most often in bars), and 26 years practicing TaeKwonDo (with a brief
exposure to Shaolin Kung Fu 5 years ago), I have come to the conclusion that
my cup is not half full but rather it is practically empty!  What a wealth
of knowledge you have amassed!

I have been practicing the one inch punch using Fa-jing and can feel this
depth.  You speak the truth when you suggest shifting one's hip in the
opposite then same direction as your punch emits more power.  I just don't
know where to go next in your amazing system.  I can appreciate the
importance of learning Taijiquan (Yang Cheng-Fu long form), Bagwa seems very
intriguing, while Qigong appears to be intimately linked to everything. 
Even your Sudden Violence material looks very practical.  I feel like a
sugar junkie in a candy store!!!!

Thus, my dilemma.  Please, what do you suggest for someone who has realized
that his 22 year old black belt is merely a device for holding up one's
pants?  Thank you, sir.

Steve: Australia. Steve has spent the past 3 months in China studying and had this to say in one of his many emails.
Hi again, phew.
Was invited to catch some of the Guangxi Province Wu Shu competition. Very
colourful, acrobatic though the timing was a bit out in most of the 2 person
performances. Met one of the top coaches a few times, swapped forms and
lightly sparred with her husband. He was quick, more of a boxer than a
martial artist. These meetings are usually at night and I get a motorbike a
fair way to the south of the city. They have heard of Pao Chui, but didn't
believe you could put it together (2 person). It is hard to find old China
in the cities, they are fast becoming Westernized, and the taiji has nearly
lost it. There are Masters on every street corner almost, and most only do
22 step, maybe 88 step forms, no martial applications. Nobody has gathered
the amount of knowledge, forms, qigongs, applications etc that Erle
Montaigue in Aust. has.
"Old China", except for the poverty in the streets, is fast becoming a
tourist trap. Foreigners can pay 2-10x admission price to a lot of sights
and services. It's cheaper to book your own tickets at the train stations
(learn some language).
However, our hosts and translators have been immensely helpful, they do a
great job. Our translators are often also teachers in Western as well as TCM
at the Universities. They study hard and I have nothing but utmost respect
for them.

Ulf: Sweden:
Dear Mr Montaigue!

Thank you for the Compilation tape. Very impressive I
must say, and I have finally found what I want to
learn after many years of training.

Arthur: USA

Bradley: USA:
Mr. Montaigue,
I have viewed your tapes with satisfaction; the information imparted especially to the aspect of fajing are worth countless more than the tapes actual cost.

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From: "John USA
To: <[email protected]>
Sent: Wednesday, August 09, 2000 10:39 PM
Subject: taiji video

Dear Erle, Awesome stuff. I would like to thank you for the taiji/bagua videos. This stuff moved me from inside out man and gave me renewed zest to keep on this journey called taiji. As o'sensei of Aikido once said / I am not a man, I am the universe./ I  believe that living the art of taiji should eventually lead one towards the same path. I learned the art of taiji from a Chinese gentleman who was visiting Canada. As for bagua, I learned from a book, which would explain probably why I feel the way I do when I practice it. Thanks man for your help and input. Kindest regards to you and your family my friend john 

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From: "David
To: <[email protected]>
Sent: Tuesday, August 08, 2000 9:21 AM

Mr. Montaigue,
I just received your MTG201 Compilation Tape.  Thank-you so much for sending it to me free of charge.  The quality of your tapes is not as bad as you make it sound.  And the content is even better than you make it sound.  I was only watching the compilation tape and I could tell that you went into great detail on everything you did.  Excellent!  I am saving money right how to buy more of your tapes. I also was reading one of your books in which you mentioned "9 keys" that a teacher gives his students.  Could you explain what all nine keys are?  And what each individual one is and does? Thanks again, David (See Q&A for asnswer)

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From: "John" 
To: "Erle Montaigue" <[email protected]>
Sent: Sunday, July 16, 2000 1:42 PM
Subject: MTG5

Erle, I decided today would be a good day to watch the tape MTG5 that you sent me as I have learned the first third and found someone that is interested in practicing with me.  I watched the tape and enjoyed the lesson.  As it ended I sat and reflected on what had been demonstrated, then a seen popped up where you were in some ring talking with a group of people and tossing around this guy like my two year-old did with our dog (we no longer have any pets).  I must say, this being the first time I've actually witnessed three minutes of you in action, you're slick!  When this guy would hit the mat, and I  realize it was merely a workshop, it was like you were working a puppet.  Total control.   Wow. John 

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From: Chuck: USA
To: [email protected]
Sent: Monday, July 17, 2000 2:08 PM
Subject: Thanks

A while back when I was in Korea you sent me 2 videos and I can say that my joint problems have been reduced greatly. Us larger people (6'5") have trouble with the hard linear arts. I can't thank you enough for showing me the way. I now know what true "power" is.  Hope fully next time you have a seminar in FL USA I'll be able to attend.


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From: Stephen: USA
To: <[email protected]>
Sent: Wednesday, July 19, 2000 6:11 AM
Subject: Recived tape, AWESOME

Mr. Montaigue, I received the Dim Mak's 12 Deadliest Kata video you sent a couple of days ago and it sums up in one word, "awesome". This is the exact type of system I was searching for, brief and to the point striking methods (something to compliment my traditional Japanese jujitsu). I am very impressed with your "easy-to-follow" teaching method. Hell, it seems like you are right there in my living room with me! More people should definitely order these videos, where else can you have a martial arts master at your beck and call? (As in pushing the rewind button). Seriously though, your gratitude in sending me that tape will never be forgotten, and again thanks. I will be ordering the basic Fa Jing tape (to get more of an understanding to make sure I do it correctly) and am interested in the Fa Jing Stick Fighting methods. Again, thank you Mr. Montaigue for sharing this information with other martial artists. Your Friend in the Arts and Student, Steve 

Hello Erle,
This is Barry in Fort Worth, Texas.  I has wondering what the
measurement of the body was and how much of it is underground?  The other
question I had was how are the arms joined in the middle?  After I have
the info I need, I'll have a simple diagram on the computer that I can
send you would like me to so you can post it or something.  THANK YOU SO
interesting and opens up a totally new perspective for martial arts to
me. I also enjoy reading your "Dim Mak: Death Point Striking" book that
I just puchased today.  I would also like to say that you are one of the
best martial arts authors and my collection will be filled with all of
your books soon.

                                            Thanks again, Barry

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To: <[email protected]>
Sent: Tuesday, June 20, 2000 10:19 AM
Subject: i received your videos

your videos surprised me.  i didn't think they were worth the price but i was wrong.  I learned a good bit about qigong and fa-jing today and will keep working at it.  the standing 3 circles qigong (i think it is called) really helped me understand the basics thanks. pat.

Mona: USA:
Dear Erle,
With great joy I received yesterday the tape you sent to me, and I want to thank you very much for it. Though I watched only part of it yet, I can see how detailed your teaching is, which I like very much. This 3 circle stand - isn't this what the Chinese call "hug the tree"? Anyway, I tried this stand before, but no one told me the exact positions. You explain not only in detail what to do, you also explain why we must do it that certain way. I am impressed of your tremendous knowledge and I cannot thank you enough for sharing parts of it with me. I also like the "natural" way you talk, so everybody understands what you say and can benefit from it. Although I will be busy learning from this tape for a long while, I am interested in many of your tapes you offer in your catalog. If you allow, I will ask for your advice again at a later time. It has been a pleasure "meeting" you on the tape. I feel honored you took the time out of your busy life to  write to me and send me this wonderful tape. Thank you again very much for everything. Mona.



Michael, USA: 
Hi Erle,
Oh by the way, I just finished watching dim mak intricacies #5. I was blown away. I learned so much.
In your video, you demonstrate pressing stomach 11 before striking the bladder points for the heart revival. I was amazed because according to my research, stimulation of the vagus nerve is protective against a cardiac arrhythmia and striking the bladder points relating to the heart has the potential to cause a sympathetically induced arrhythmia. Thus, by stimulating the vagus nerve first, the heart is actually protected against a sympathetic nervous system induced arrhythmia, which can be caused by striking the bladder points too hard. I thought that you would find this bit of information interesting. If you already knew this, then I apologize for the redundancy. The more that I learn, the more amazed I am at the effectiveness of dim mak, its revival, and your teachings. >
Erle, I believe that you have done a great deal for the martial arts. As you know, there are others who have been teaching the points and how to strike them, but everything that you teach can be backed up by medical science. In addition, you address the issue of safety, which seems to have been forgotten by so many. Thank you again for all of you help and teaching. Your friend, Michael.


Country: Canada

Subject: Products

Comments: I have recently ordered tapes from your website. Thank you for the prompt service and excellent packaging job. I have not seen better content on any other martial arts production to date. Thanks

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From: Mario
To: [email protected]
Sent: Tuesday, June 06, 2000 10:12 PM
Subject: Hi Erle
Just a quick E-mail to say HI you and the family. The Qi Gung tapes you sent are great. Tape 175 was really good I learned so much from it. 3 circle Qi gung at that level is just fantastic I've still to master opening the Qua I think that's how you spell it, anyway I am starting to get the chain in the plastic tube feeling happening. The Qi Gung itself is some thing else. If there are levels above that one all I can say Is Bloody Hell. One thing I did find out was not to drive, soon after a session of doing it.I just lost the plot and became the worst drive on the planet. It has had a profound impact on the form and the other types of Qi gung I have learned from you. It is hard to put into words what has happened, I will say this I like it a lot. Thanks for sharing the information.



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From: "Nick " 
To: <[email protected]>
Sent: Saturday, June 03, 2000 5:37 AM
Subject: Wudang Shan 11 - thanks!

Dear Erle, I have just completed my first study of Wudang Shan 11 - it is excellent - thank you for sharing this form. 
The Qi Gongs are amazing - I only do the full 36 x 8, and 24 x 8 at the weekends - but the effect is so strong, even with just 9 x 8 and 6 x 8 repetitions. After the full duration, I feel deeply rooted and strange (and knackered) - as if in a trance. My palms become very hot during these Qi Gongs and it is also occurring in some of the other forms, notably Wudang Shan Earth form (the second Qi Gong, where Lau Gungs are pressing  together).
This new form encourages patience and stillness already, and I can barely perform it at this stage... The endurance needed is immense, no wonder it has a strong health benefit! 
Again - my thanks! Regards, Nick, UK.

ps - I used to get migraines and have taken daily medication to counter the effects for many years. You suggested cutting-out milk and eating apples. I have done this, as well as follow the diet recommendations on your website (except fasting), and have been carefully weaning my body off the pills - without any adverse effects. Fingers-crossed, I'll be drug-free soon and reaping the benefits of a good diet. 

Dear Mr. Montaigue,

I hope this e-mail finds you and yours doing well. I would first like to commend you on your outstanding book "The Encyclopedia of Dim-Mak" Which is the most complete work on the subject that I have ever read, in my 33 years in the martial arts. 
I am currently working on a book entitled: C.E.T.A. (Close-Engagement-Target-Acquisition) with Paladin Press. The book will cover all aspects of Military Hand-to-Hand Combat. After reading your book, I found several target points that I would like to include in this book. The points that I am referring to is: HT-1, HT-3, SI-13, SI-16, CO-17, CO-18, TH-16, TH-17, TH-18, TH-19, TH-23, and PC-1. Because of their lethality, these target points will fit nicely into my chapter on "Quick Kill Tactics". Therefore I would like to ask your permission Sir, to use this information in my upcoming book. Of course I would be honored to give proper acknowledgement to you and your book from which this information came.


Professor Leonard

From The USA: (They still do it!) 
Thought I should let you know, there is a fellow down here one of my new students just told me about that is watching your tapes and reading your encyclopaedia teaching the stuff claiming it is his own. In fact he even used you exact words from the paladin video in a class "god made this part of the palm the fit on the vagus nerve" or something. His name is Ron ...... he runs the American kenpo ........ on the net I think it is www.??? .
My student quite him and joined with me saying if he's going to learn the Montaigue system, he might as well learn it right!!!!!Stay in touch my friend.....Gaz.

From USA: 
From: Don
To: <[email protected]>
Sent: Saturday, 12 February 2000 14:32
Subject: Dear Erle Montague,

I received your videos today. I do not know if they can  help my situation. I will start practicing on the weekend. I have never seen  a better video in  my 25 years of  yoga  involvement. That "Basic Qigong" video was just wondrous. I am an old monkey and have been around the block, but that video was impeccable!  That video put ****** stuff to shame. I couldn't believe it. You showed details that he could only dream about! I will stop now, because I do not want to build your measly, anaemic, almost invisible ego up. You probably worked very hard to eliminate it! There is no doubt that I will be paying you for that basic first video.  I cannot believe that you sent me that for free. You have made a friend out of me for life.  I know you are busy. I will just assume that I can do the triple heater gong exclusively. In my particular predicament I do not have to worry about the 3 circle right now. What is sweet about the triple heater is that it is very easy for me to do, probably the easiest of them all. I know that holding the slightly squatted position for the 3 circle is harder than those full squatted positions in triple heater. Its more routine to memorize, but easier, yes? 

From Sydney Australia:
Dear Erle, I have been learning Taiji from your tapes. I have so far learned the Yang Cheng Fu form and the up to the second third of the Yang Lu Chan form. I am working on the opening and closing movement level of the Taiji form. I would like to comment that your tapes has been very economical and productive in my pursue of Taiji knowledge. Recently I visited a Taiji school in Sydney's Chinatown. They teach the Chen style and I went through the class and I quite like the Chen style. However I decided not to join it. I also showed my Yang Cheng Fu form which I learned from your tapes to the teacher of that school. I think he was quite impressed at it especially at the opening and closing movements and thought that I have been learning personally from a very knowledgeable master. This proves that learning from tapes works.

From Israel:
Dear Erle 
We met on the internet for a brief moment as I inquired about the secure e-mail purchase that doesn't always work via Israel. 
I got hold  8 of your tapes. 
Putting aside the recording quality that also has its nice ,kind of "home on the range" 
straightforward unfancy quality , the tapes are worth their weight in gold. 
All the information that was only hinted to me while studying in China and Taiwan 
finally came full circle as I discovered that I must have been somewhere around the right way, just not really on it. Your no frills approach gave me an easy way to ease into the Fa jing movements and to give my form practice the higher level its been waiting for,in Dim Mak , fighting applications etc... 
As I am also a military self defence instructor (Krav Maga) and Taiji& Bagua practitioner 
I wonder if there is anyone in Israel that was certified by you that I can hook up with in 
order to further my training as videos do have their limitations. 
Being down "down under, in the outback yourself I guess the chance of having a session here in Israel is quite slim at the moment but if you will ever be on your way here let me know . I would like in some way to join your organization and eventually 
after earning the trust to go forward to the energy disruption techniques when the time comes. 
For the meantime I have my hands full with the tapes I acquired . 
I hope to hear from you soon, thank you for everything. 

From The UK:

Observation on our video tapes:
From John: USA
Hello Erle and the whole Montaigue family (even the welcome swallows of

I'm still training: I've been doing three circle qi gong twice a day,
minus about a total month, for just about a year (many times going
beyond 15 minutes) and I changed my eating habits completely. I have the iron shirt tape and I plan on moving to iron shirt three circle qi gong soon, but I will pay close attention to what my body tells me --so far no problems. 
At first I did practice the Chen fu from until the end of the second
third. However, I met Carl and Peter at Mr. Labatte's seminar in New
York (I met Al as well and I am beginning to e-mail him more to discuss training) and since then I've been practicing the old Yang form, about to the middle of the second third, as well as practicing holding the baby qi gong. BTW the tapes, which I would like to be able to afford to buy more, and your books are the best. I've learned an incredible amount from your work. There are some, perhaps many who are trying and duplicate what you have been doing for years (I've been non-systemically researching this), but there is no comparison to what you teach and how you teach it than any one I've found. I know that sounds a little or a lot like brown nosing and perhaps it is, but its the truth. Thank goodness you have been able to communicate your ideas about the martial arts. 

From Brian, USA:
You probably get a lot of comments on your tapes, but I just finished viewing MTG/21 and I can't resist an observation. The tape was excellent and the one of the most interesting parts for me was that your forms looked like they were done at fast/full speed and then played back in slow motion - the only thing that convinced me they were not was a moth caught on camera that was obviously going at full speed during the form!!! I think this must be an observable quality of high level form practice although I haven't seen it done so convincingly before. 
Best Regards, Brian.

About Our Workshops: 
From Jean-Baptiste from France.

Dear Erle,

I hope you and Ben had a good trip back home. I want to thank you
for your time and knowledge you give us. Even for a beginner in
Taiji as me, it was very interesting, and I've never seen and learnt
so many in so little time. In fact, I was strangely tired the next three days after the workshop. Thank for your three demonstrations on Sunday, they were amazing, magnifique, the silence during each of them was really perfect, it seems as time was stopped. Thank you Erle,  
Best regards 

From The USA: Al Seccia: 
I like the Qigong series as I was doing some and was familiar to some extent from a class I took.... GUESS What? YOUR TAPES ARE MORE DETAILED than the live class What a Great Job! Thank You for sharing the small very important parts that make it work. 

From A Student in South Africa:

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From: Andrew
To: [email protected]
Sent: Wednesday, 6 October 1999 21:31
Subject: 3 circle qigong tape

Hi Erle
I just want to thank you for sending me the qigong tape MTG10. There's something different about this. I felt the shaking after 2 minutes; something which I haven't felt after practicing other kinds of taiji and qigong for 2 years. I'll definitely be ordering and learning more from you in future.
South Africa


From a US Marine:

----- Original Message -----
From: Sam
To: Cc: Erle Montaigue
Sent: Thursday, 30 September 1999 10:30
Subject: great martial art videos sent to other marines:
Friends- For those of you elite tools of death... I have discovered an AWESOME martial arts video series.  It is a no bullshit, straight to the point, see your enemy driven before you, crush them, and hear the lamentations of their women video series.  This guy could teach that little girl on the Cosby show to take down Governor Ventura!  Being on the go, it is next to impossible to commit to a formal school.  This way you can do it at your own pace.  I just bought nine.  They also will give you every fourth one free and you can return them if you don't like them!  Here are the nine I ordered: Etc:

From The USA: 
Mr. Montaigue,
I received the MTG56 tape that I ordered, and the MTG2 tape that you sent. They are fantastic!!  Thank you so much.  I knew there was a lot missing from the Taiji that I have seen around here, but I didn't know how much until I saw it explained and performed the way it was supposed to be.  At the beginning of the MTG56 tape, you talked about using qigong to build internal energy while learning the taiji form.  I also see that you have many tapes on the subject.  I have a fundamental knowledge of qigong.  I am familiar with the Triple Warmer, Bear Hugs Tree, Cloud Hands, and a few others.  I very interested in seeing what qigongs you use and how you perform them.  Which tape would you recommend that I start with?  Again, and as always, I appreciate your help.  Ted

Dear sir, I am very pleased to receive your videos, thank you very much.  They came in the mail when I got off of work this morning and as soon as I saw them I wanted to e-mail you and tell you thank you. I am watching the Dim-Mak video, I know these videos will help me a lot and hope to practice them as much as possible. it would have been a long time before I could have afforded video tapes such as these. I can't express enough gratitude for them.  I hope to be able to afford more tapes and books in the future.  They have become my most prized addition to my books on martial arts.  Once again thank you very much. 
Sincerely yours,

Dear Earle, I received the tape you sent to me....After watching the whole tape I have to say it was the most detailed & informative tape I've seen on martial arts...Most instructors on tape hold information back from students.....How many tapes do you have on Baguazhang ? If you would like I will send you a tape of my chi kung & dynamic tension set as soon as I get it recorded...Thank you very much for the tape & hopefully I will be able to learn & teach the entire system plus Dim Mak... Sincerely,   Ron.

From The USA when a student in South Africa Asked about Erle Montaigue. 
Mr Montaigue? Well what can I say! He may not be as popular with many peoples beliefs but what I admire about him is that he is not afraid to write and say what he believes in. His Taiji and views may sometimes be controversial but remember, "Progress depends on the unreasonable  man". I have also been in written and electronic contact with Erle and also find him to an approachable man. When I was training in Okinawa Japan, a good friend of mine Katherine Loukopolos (6th dan) who lives in Naha, had just been back from Australia. She met with and trained with Erle and said that he was an amazing person (snake and all). His articles were featured quite prominently in many issues of the Fighting Arts International which was one of the best martial magazines ever! So, Mr Swan I am not sure whether the above helps in any way or are you looking for something else? My best wishes to you and yours A.G.

From Two Police Officers in the USA: 
I am a police officer, and I am interested in programs designed for law enforcement officers. I received you video tape and I enjoyed it very much but I have one problem. I am very interested in learning your form of martial arts but there is no where around here to study this form of martial arts. The tape you sent me is very practical for law enforcement officers not like tae kwon doe. I have one question for you. Can you study and learn your form of martial arts by tapes and books and if so what are your selected training books and videos you suggest. I must state for a second time that I enjoyed your tape and I will make sure that all of the officers at my department have a opportunity to watch your video. Thank you John 
Mr. Montaigue, I am A friend of John's and I have watched your video and I must say I am very impressed. I am A Deputy Sheriff in ... and I am A future Defensive Tactic's Instructor and I was never taught any of the strikes that you demonstrated in your video. I feel that every Officer should be instructed these simple strikes. If approved I   would like to let future classes watch your video and at least give them your info: so that they may order your material. Our area that we Patrol is very rural and in most cases we are 20 min. away from back up, I feel that the techniques shown in your video are valuable survival techniques that everyone should have knowledge of. I am looking forward to viewing more of your material. Thank you, Frank.

From Chris Martin in the USA:
Over the last 10 years I have lost track of the number of Qigong and Baguzhang tapes I have bought or seminars that I have gone to. Most of the tapes went in the trash because they were junk. Recently I bought 8 of your  tapes and then 8 more because after watching the basic Qigong tape and performing it for the past 4 days twice a day at 10 min. each time I have had instant results and I feel internally a lot better. So I just wanted to say thank you for making the videos and providing a source for authentic martial arts. The tapes are very informative and you leave nothing assumed. 
Just received my latest shipment of 8 tapes and volume 1 of your book. I wish I had ordered your material a lot sooner and not wasted so many years on junk. The 12 healing Qigongs are great and the wooden man Bagua form is the most awesome thing that I have ever seen. The sudden violence tapes should be required material for anyone who ever enrols in any martial art course.

From John. Europe.
Hi Erle, sorry I couldn't make it to Wales. 
Anyway, last weekend I attended a kyusho training in my town, it was given by four karateka's, each teaching 1/2 an hour. Guess what: one was teaching your first deadly palm change. Sadly he was not soft at all, everything rather straight - no fa-jing, he got his power by hopping his body up and stomping on the ground. Hope you liked the news :-) good point : it's your stuff bad point : it's not done correctly. Best regards ... John.

From Dr. V, USA. (12th January 1999) 
Dear Erle, I ordered a number of tapes from you several quarters ago and have enjoyed them very much. Your approach toward teaching moves the internal martial arts out of its tendency to drown in mythological excess and allows the student to slowly rebuild foundations in a scientific (and extremely sophisticated) approach to what suddenly is revealed to be a highly sophisticated art-action form. Your tapes contain a great deal of information that actually allows an approach to be learned and understood. By contrast, tapes from other sources suddenly appear to be mere exhibitions of polished results. You provide the student with a bridge to the result, which is (I suppose) what teaching is all about.

From Pete: 12th January 1999
Hi again, I got some of your videos a while ago now and it has really helped me understand Dim Mak. I would just like to thank you again and tell you about my progress. I have found someone else to train with me and I am going well with it and I am working on perfecting the moves and I am memorizing many Dim Mak points and their effects and antidotes. I am also not neglecting the medicinal side of the art. I am also progressing in several other martial arts (Taekwondo, boxing & Brazilian JuJitsu). I am working Dim Mak into these other martial arts as well. Pete

From James, USA:
Dear Sir, I recently received your two-volume encyclopaedia set for my birthday! I must say, It was a real "eye-opener". I have studied martial arts most of my life, starting in boxing (western) at 9. I am presently a "retired" Muay Thai instructor (kroo muay). At one time I studied Wing Chun for several years, and studied Bil Jee. I didn't realize what we were doing was so dangerous! I'm really enjoying your texts, there is so much to learn. I know one thing, not to go around practicing on people! I would appreciate any advice on how to go about learning this. Thank you very much. Respectfully, James.


From  Eric, USA:
Dear Mr Montaigue, firstly, thank you for publishing your books, they have caused me to give up what I have already learnt and take up the Internal Martial Arts. I had always held off from doing this as I was under the impression, as so many others are, that arts like Tai Chi were only for health etc. But now I know better. I searched out a good Chinese Taijiquan instructor in my area and what do you think I saw on his desk? The same book of yours that you sent me! So I know that I must be onto a good thing. Thank you, Eric.

From Dave, London England
Dear Erle, hope this message finds you happy & in good health. I gained enormously from the last book you sent me. It has changed my entire outlook and raised  my confidence level greatly. Fa-jing chaun is certainly the most effective system  I have encountered during my short 10 years of practice. My ambition is to become proficient in your system and for you to one day consider me for being your 
London representative ! would you be able to recommend one of your books for me to purchase ? I'd like to read more about the health enhancing / healing side. Best wishes Dave. 

From Michael, Germany: 
Dear Mr. Montaigue, here I am again to bother you with some questions, please excuse me. I also just wanted to tell you again, how great your tapes and books  are, they are the most beneficial I have ever seen and my training has been  great with them.

From Frank in the USA: 
To Master Erle Montaigue,
I am E-mailing you this letter in appreciation for sending me video tapes MTG1-Yang Cheng-fu Form Taijiquan Form Plus Basic Qigong and MTG50 - Street Survival Using Dim-Mak. I received and viewed these tapes today. I think they are fantastic. the great thing about these tapes is that every movement which is done is explained in great detail and depth. They answer the who, what, where, why and how of every movement and technique. This is wonderful and opens me to information I never knew before. Both video tapes are excellent and I know they will help me in treating my physical problems as well as dealing with the violent environment which we live in these days (and is getting worse). You are not only a Master of the Martial Arts (especially The Internal ones), but by sending me these tapes for free it shows that you are a very generous person. I truly Bow to you and offer my gratitude for what you did for me. I know doing the Movements and Techniques that you teach on these  tapes will take a very long time to master, but it is well worth the time and practice. Again, Thank You So Much Master Montaigue. Frank

From Jim USA: 
Dear Sir:

I know you are extremely busy, so I will only take a minute. I recently ordered your Secrets of Dim Mak video from Paladin Press and have subsequently ordered your Encyclopaedia of Dim Mak.
I've only been studying Yang Taiji for a year and like most people wanted a good health system and stress reducer as I am almost 50. But I knew on a subliminal level something else was hiding there in the slow movements. 
Thank you for opening my eyes to the truth. Now I've glimpsed the real nature of Taiji and you've shown  just how powerful it can be. 
The power displayed by your demonstrations is inspiring and awesome. Inspiring in that my practices have taken on a new zest and dimension and awesome in the responsibility the Taiji player has in applying these "non-techniques". I understand why Dim Mak was hidden for so long and see how it could be misused by unscrupulous persons. 
Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
Sincerely, Jim.

From Charles: USA: Sent: Wednesday, June 30, 1999 8:04 AM
Subject: Internal Gung-Fu II

Erle, I am about to finish reading Internal Gung-Fu Volume Two and I have to express how power packed this book is.  I have read many articles and book on the Internal Arts but your book shook my foundation on many things I thought I understood about Tai Chi.  The first time reading though,  I read parts of the book that I thought were new to me and I skipped over parts I recognized as articles that are on your website.  Then the more I read over material that I had read before on your website and connected it with new material about your experiences with Tai Chi, the more my mind was opened to see things I could not see before.  I even went back and read all your articles with your teacher Chang Yiu-Chun and information appeared that I did not get the first time.  Thank You so much for including me on your mail list. 

 First: Neil Marsh

Country: New Zealand

Subject: Web Site

Comments: What can I say. I have just returned from a 24 hour non stop flight from the UK following your brilliant Anti jet lag notes. I have never felt this good! They seem to have completely eliminated any ill effects. Not that I ever doubted it! As a student of Annie Blackman here in NZ I have been a guinea pig at a few of your workshops, but hey, thanks a lot Erle.

Colon squats, vegetables and Qigong walking .....Respect,

Neil Marsh

Dear Erle,

Blown away by my first order of videos and hungry for more.
Before I order though, I'd like to ask about one video I'd like to include 
in my order, but can't find. (I have another window open on your homepage at 
the moment, but this public library computer is so slow I'm afraid I won't 
get the video list up before my time runs out).

Dear Earle, 
First I must apologise for not mailing you earlier in thanks for the videos and advice you gave me.(my pc packet up on me) 
I hope you and your family are well. 
Your video on Qi Q9iong is amazing it is truly an instructor in your own home. I found that I forgot everything I had learnt in the class and just analysed the tape. 
Everything in the tape is broken down slowly piece by piece as it is impossible for the instructor to do this in a class due to time. 
I had concerns as to the safety of Qi Qong however I have been reassured by yourself and my practice has improved

Dear Mr Montaigue.
My name is Keith and i was emailling to ask a question, but first i 
wanted to thank you for having so much information on your website.  I would 
also like to say that i have purchased many of your books and they are all 
great.  The encyclopedia Dim Mak is the best pressure point book that I have 
ever read.

     Hello, I have met Gary Romel who speaks highly of you.  I work with
him.  He has been trying to get me to learn Tia Ji quan / Dim mak.  After
showing me some basic moves, I have become overwhelmed with amazment.  I am
not sure if I can learn like that.  I am the same build as him, he can whoop
me in a milisecond.  He can control me with very little application.  I
asked him where he acquired these skills and he told me that you have.  You
taught him, what struck me funny is that he said mostly through tapes, how
is that possible?  I have great determination; I am a fast learner as well.
I have been waiting for the right martial art for a very long time.  I
waisted a few years with Tae Kwon Joke.  I quit because there was no
applicable purpose.  I am certain that I have found the cornerstone of all
martial arts, the most effective and efficient of them all.  Please e-mail
me back.

Dear sir,

My name is Gerry and I'm sending this mail on behalf of karateclub ***, of which I have been a member since fifteen years now. 
We always practised the basic style of ****, yet since a few years we discovered that there's also the different approach of karate, which came from Okinawa and was based on several Chinese forms of martial arts. Through people such as your fellow countryman, sensei Patrick McCarthey we got to know more about the real bunkai of the kata, which also implemented the use of the organ meridians, qi and energyflow, fajing (which is damn difficult)... 
Anyway, as we started to dig deeper in these topics, we imagined quite fast that people such as George Dillman or Vince Morris indeed know quite a bit about these, yet barely explain anything truely and use them more as something to gain fame and fortune... The american way, perhaps?! So we were very happy that we found some of your books and videos, which gave a much deeper  vision on things and did call everything with the right name, without keeping any secrets to be able to give a next expensive seminar. 
We are lucky that our sensei, *** ***, is one of the most qualified sensei in our country and, being nearly sixty, still has a very open mind to learn new things and passing them on to us with a huge enthousiasm and passion. He's very much in favour of your way of approaching things (a vision which those of us, who saw your videos and read your books, share) and often says that you're the only master of whom he would still love to get lessons from. The problem is that he hates travelling and therefor will never go to Australia, which is at the other side of the world for us. He had the idea though of buying all your videos he hasn't got yet, so he can study 'em all and pass on the knowledge to us, which might indeed be a good idea. The question is, would it than be possible to make up a kind of wholesale price and sending 'em in a big package, thus saving on the postalrates as well, or is this an impossible thing? (or is there an importchannel in Europe which could arrange this easier?) Of course, it would also be great if we could ask you some questions through e-mail on the explained matters afterwards when necessary, at least if you're not too busy with all other mails and other things in life, as we can imagine that you're a very busy man.  
We hope to hear from you again and also wish you all the best with the working out of the Taichiworld-site, as it's a really clear, informative and down to earth channel which I visit pretty often, something I cannot say about most other internetsites.

Sincere greetings,



In reading one your books, you mentioned an acupuncture book that you use for reference.   how can I purchase a copy of this book?  Also, I enjoyed reading all of your books as they  have more information than any of the "masters" I have encountered.    I look forward to your response and thanks for your

Dear Erle ( The way you liked to be addressed , But I
wish to address as Master Erle)

I am a Sri Lankan. From the time I was a small boy I have been a lover of martial arts.But  those days we didn't have much access to good books or information about martial arts,  specially, Chinese internal and external arts.So with difficulty I managed to get down some  books on Qigong,and other internal arts.From a magazine i got to know about you and your  books.After a little search i found your Paladin publisher in USA and immediatly bought   four books ( on Dim mak ). For the first time i saw such an indepth, genuine information  given by a genuine master.I express my deepest appreciation for exposing such valuable  material and knowledge for the benefit of matial arts lovers. I have read some books on internal arts by various masters. But they have only shown their knowledge and nothing  valuable has been given to the reader. Similarly I have not seen any master giving valuable  free stuff on these arts like you do. I once again thank you for exposing so far hidden, secret  knowledge for the benefit of true lovers of martial arts.  Due to financial constraints,I have  only been able to buy few books of yours. It is worth any martial lover to have almost all the  books / vedeos to obtain true knowledge on every aspect of martial arts. However I will  continue to follow your teachings through your books and vedeos. 
Regards ATHUl

Hi Erle,
                Thanks for the MTG1 tape you sent me. It is a gem. I
borrowed one 'tai chi' tape from the public library here by *** *** and had watched it  already. On a comparison, your tape stands far far apart in terms of details and clarity of  teaching. The way you explain every move up to the finest level of detail is something I have  found in no other video and I have run through a couple of them. I wish and I am sure many  other fans of yours fervently desire that your tapes find a retail channel in the United States  through online sellers like the 'Amazon.com'.  I spotted many mistakes in my own practice,  the most notable was that  I was used to making exaggarated large movements with my arms  as if I was swimming. But, your tape emphasises small movements so as not to 'break the  centre'. So, I am relearning from sratch from your tape once again, before I feel I am ready for the next level. Meanwhile, thanks again for your free gift of heart, because, as some wise  man said: 
'The truly generous is the truly wise, and he who loves not others, lives unblest.'
Thanks again and God bless. Kal

Dear Erle,

Received your MTG83 demo tape and it is superb. Watching your performance of
the final form is a wonderful and inspiring experience.  I have never seen
taiji done that way. It is like listening to a virtuouso musician.

While I consider myself at the very begining - though I have been working
with Cheng's short form for quite awhile off and on (don't do it any more -
just the YLC form) I have noticed, when my form is very soft, something that
feels a bit like the shakings I saw in your form. Little pulses that occur
sometimes at places for obvious fa-jing, other times at not so obvious
My question is - do you think these shakings are something that arises just
from doing the form correctly combined with all the variables of time, place
and person? (hence they are not allways the same) They feel sort of like
little pauses/pulses/jolts and occur more in movements that I am comfortable
enough with to be very relaxed in. They are not as pronounced as what I saw
you doing, and mostly would not show from the outside. It is very
interesting to stay with the form at the level where I feel this - a deeper
kind of stillness.



Dear Erle,

I received your tapes about two weeks ago. And I must say that they are very, very useful. You give some of the clearest explanation I've seen so far (on video or in person). Some of  the subjects were lightly touched by my current sifu, but you give a lot of information that I  didn't have and that makes everything click like: "Ohhhhhh.... So THAT'S what he tried to  explain all these months!!!" No doubt that I will be using this material for years to come. Thank you so much!! Nick.

Dear Erle,
this is just to advise that I have presently sent by fax an order for the following tapes  
MTG 217, MTG 218, MTG 222 and MTG 81 as fourth free tape.
I have sent all details for apyement in the fax.  With my compliments for the  great work you  are doing to spread the true meaning of taiji all around the world.  I practiced karate and am  practicing taiji since four years but before knowing your work I was rather dubious about the  effectiveness and power of taiji. Now I realized why it is called the supreme ultimate boxing. 
Cheers, Steve

Mr. Montaigue,
I wanted to let you know the outcome of your apple fasting solution which
you suggested.

He listenend, so between your apple fasting and going off a diuretic, he
lost 10 pounds. I checked his blood pressure now and it went from 124/92,
down to 112/78. 

I believe we will be purchasing your tai-chi yang style part II in the very
near future, maybe as early as next week.

Thank you so much...
ps, I am trying the apple fast right now myself.



Wow, I have just been lent a tape of yours by a friend and was completely  blown away!! At last, a set  of videotapes that you can truly learn from- the  detail was fantastic. I have been interested in Bagua  for a while now but was  at a loss as to how to learn this system as it doesn't appear to be widely  known about. And then along came your videos!! All I need to do now is find a  way to purchase this  system,but there are so many tapes (over 20!) and the  expense is too much for one on meager  earnings such as I!! Anyway I wasn't  writing to moan,but to let you know that your tapes are a breath  of fresh  air. I have studied martial arts for most of my life,(mainly Wing Chun) and  appreciate the  holistic approach to martial arts that you  talk about. The whole thing should be looked upon as a way  of life, not just  about learning how to knock someone out,but sadly that seems to be the way of  the  West nowadays. But it's nice to know it's not all doom and gloom while  you are out there. Keep up  the good work Erle and I will find a way to study  with your tapes.  Your work is an inspiration to us all 


Thanks for the two tapes - mtg50 and Sudden Violence 1! I know my daughter will take to  mtg50 - particularly the practice with the palms to invoke 'reptile brain'. She loves animals  and will find this most interesting. 
I've had a chance to watch both videos through and they are outstanding. (I particularly  appreciated your finding a penquin in Wally's hair on Sudden Violence 1- I'm sure you know  what a relief it can be to find that other people see them too..) Your way of teaching and  showing Fa-jing gives a real sense of how it works and how to go about developing it. 
Also, your presention of material ranging from very basic to very advanced, and talking about  the most advanced levels of development is a huge help as one practices and gets glimpses of  these things. Having a sense of what is possible helps to keep the sense of direction and  provides clues and insights that are a big help along the way. 
Another benefit of the way you do your tapes is getting a sense of you as a teacher and  person. 
I understand you have a tape which shows the higher levels of Taiji but I'm not sure which  one it is - if you could let me know I'd like to order it. 
My daughter and I thank you for your generosity - and Years of hard work! Our contact has thoroughly revolutionized my relationship with Taiji.

With Gratitude,



To: "Erle Montaigue" <[email protected]>

Subject: Thanks

Dear Erle 
I have just finished reading your books Internal Gung-Fu volumes 1and 2 for at least the 10th time and I felt compelled to write and say THANKS, I really do not know how to express my gratitude for the knowledge and so much more that you have given me,I feel greatly indebted. Every time I read one of your books or see one of your videos I feel so privileged that I came across your work, the wealth of knowledge is just so vast. Some of your earlier books I have been reading for years time after time, and learn something each time I read them. As a sign of respect to you I have changed the style I teach from American Kenpo to Kenpo Taiji, as I have incorporated so much of your material in my system.The only reason that I have not yet sent a video for instructorship approval is that when I learned the form with Paul many years ago , it was before yor correction series, and I am working through it first.

Is there any more books on the horizon, I know you have a series of videos on small circle on the Yang Chen Fu form is there any similar videos on the Yang lu Chan form?

Once again I would like to express my sincere gratitude, I feel that after so many years searching for the elusive and the intangible I am slowly beginning to find my own promised space, it is a long road but with your guidance I hope to get there eventually. If there is anything I can do to repay the indebtedness I feel  please let me know.

Thank you so much


A A London England

To: <[email protected]

Dear Erle,

Yesterday, I've received the tapes I ordered.
As usual, they are really comprehensive and detailed. As I've seen many other so-called masters in self-defence (tapes and life performances), well, they absolutely cannot be compared with your knowledge and competence on the subject.

Thanks, they are really great!

Kind regards,

Gun, Belgium

To: "'Erle Montaigue'" <[email protected]>

Subject: Taiji

Dear Erle,

I must first tell you how much the three circle chi kung has helped my mom (a type 2 diabetic). Her average blood sugar levels are 3-4 points lower than before, and she is looking far better. She sends her thanks!!

I have been told that sit ups would help my Zen practice, but I saw that you did not recommend them. Is it a bad idea to do them? (I thought that perhaps the extra tightness could interfere with abdominal breathing)

Thanks for your help,