For those who attended my USA workshop May 2010

Here is the walk through list of the moves from the "River Form" from the Wudang Cornerstone forms.

1/. Stand with feet 90 degs.
2/. Step to N with L foot and as you kick, slam down with your L tiger paw palm as your R tiger paw comes underneath to attack to the R.
3/. Place L foot down and step w L foot pigeon toed as your R palm scoops around, weight still on the R foot.
4/. Step to S w R foot and strike w R palm.
5/. Do the first of the Qigong methods.
6/. Step to S w L foot and bend over as your R palm blocks to the rear (N)
7/. Your L palm now strikes to the N.
8/. Scoop your R palm upward then step to the N with L foot and slam down onto his R elbow with your L elbow.
9/. Small step w L foot as your L No. 8 palm spears to his neck using the fingers.
10/. Plum blossoms movement (leap up and spin around 360.)
11/. Spear hands to his throat.
12/. Sweep his leg with your R leg and elbow to his temple as he falls.
13/. End up facing S
14/. 1st of the "Heaven Earth" qigong methods.
15/. Step w L foot across your R foot and do the "Lion" posture.
16/. Scoop R palm and push w L palm as you spin around and strike out to the E w your Rt palm.
17/. Slap step and back palm also to the E
18/. Block upward w L palm and jerk his wrist down as your R palm strikes to the N and you swivel on the balls of your feet, now facing N.
19/. Go to the W as you block upward w L palm and strike and kick with your R palm and foot.
20/. Hook around his neck w Rt palm and around his back of knee w Rt foot, then strike his neck and knee.
21/. Step across yourself again w Rt foot and slam down w L tiger paw fist as your Rt palm comes underneath to strike to the neck facing to the S.
22/. Hook Rt palm around the back of his neck as you step to S w L foot and cut into his neck w your L palm.
23/. Plumb Blossoms jump around to the N.
24/. Do the 2nd Heaven Earth Qigong.
25/. Step across again with your R foot and a bagua type of movement beginning w L hand as R hand comes under it to block and strike out to the E.
26/. Make the "Fair Lady Works Shuttles" Posture to the E.
27/. Follow this w R elbow to the E.
28/. The last movement carries that momentum around to the W as you cut over to your L with your L palm. Circle both palms around and over to the right striking his head and neck.
29/. Go into "Fair Lady Works Shuttles" again to the W.
30/. Step w R foot and elbow w Rt elbow.
31/. Plumb Blossoms to E.
32/. Do the 3rd Heaven earth Qigong.
33/. Plumb Blossoms to the W. and do the 4th Heaven Earth Qigong.
34/. Slam down to the S with L palm and up into his neck and strike w L palm low (Fair Lady Works Shuttles)
35/. With L foot still fwd your Rt palm comes around the back of his head and L one cuts forward breaking his neck.
36. Step to S w Rt foot and use Rt elbow.
37/. The momentum continues as you spin around to the N opening both palms and dragging your L foot back to finish.