Healing: Secret to Long Life
By Erle Montaigue 
28 March 2003

The secret to long life, of staying 'young' is not one specific thing as I have found but rather a combination of many things to do with body mind spirit and chemical signals within the body.

You mind has the power to cause illness, to make you well and to cause changes in your life for the better (or worse if you deserve that). Yes, what we really require is not necessarily what we wish for. Everyone of course wishes for health, wealth and happiness and not necessarily in that order. But it does not matter what you wish or pray for, you will get what you deserve regardless.

The trick and secret to long life, is to at least GET what you deserve and not hinder that process with other thoughts of wealth or sex etc. What we deserve will reach us sooner or later and with most people unfortunately it is later when we are into older life. And because we are not so healthy at that time in our lives, we come down with life threatening diseases etc. And all because we did not accept or receive what we really deserved in younger life. Some people get what they deserve in middle life and this indicates that they at least have a chance of getting through that crisis and going on with a new life thereafter. Like the people who have heart attacks, cancer scares etc., when they are around 50, defeat it and then go on to have healthy, wealthy and most importantly happy lives. They have had their just deserts thrust upon them and have accepted them and go on to higher levels of existence because they have climbed that difficult hill.

Those people who realise these factors when they are younger can get to where they are going much quicker and even avoid paying 'debts' because they have little or few of them that have built up over the years. However, those of us who are older can do things to lessen the blow of paying back our 'debts' by following a few simple but difficult rules in life. And of course these apply to younger people who wish to avoid the pitfalls of we older people.

Secret to Long Life: Fix Your Diet

Begin at a young age to fix your diet! Over hundreds of years we humans have come to depend upon others for our nutrition and unfortunately have come to an eating regime that is a killer. We have Government bodies telling us what is good for us and have scientific organisations testing the foods that we eat! Why! We should be eating FOOD! NOT stuff in cans and packages or from fast food outlets. Because it is advertised on the television or radio, we think that it cannot be all that bad for us, but over the span of our lives little bit of poison build up in our system. When we are younger we do not notice this. It's like eating small amounts or arsenic; we do not notice it at first, but over a period of time, it slowly builds up making us sicker and sicker until we die. And this is exactly the same as modern western eating habits: They are slowing killing us. I think that it is much better to die old and healthy, rather than old and a vegetable!

So what you eat is your very first step to staying as young as possible. I will not go into that subject here as I have many articles and books written on the subject. However, I will say that eating food that catches your eye, food that smells great and food that feels and tastes great is FOOD. Give up all dairy, all meat and all sugar and salt and other condiments, living on a bland natural diet sparingly is the way to prolong a healthy life. This has now been proven scientifically. Those people who almost live on a starvation diet life longer. The rule of thumb is that if you go to bed feeling hungry then you are OK.

Secret to Long Life: Fix Your Mind

The next area is the mind. What your body and your conscious mind does dictates to your body the time that it should begin to decay and die! Look at young people, well most of them, those who at least have a great family surrounding and with no evil forces from without etc. will do the best here. Most young people (as we all should remember) are alive, they are constantly changing, they are trying to discover new things every day. Whereas those people who settle down and sit and watch the TV for the rest of their lives will begin to decay much quicker as their lives have virtually finished. They have no more change as they have accepted their lot in life etc. All they want is for a new swimming pool so that they can be better than the neighbours!

CHANGE is The Key and Secret to Long Life!

As we grow older, we must do as many things that younger people do as possible and one of the easiest things is to be in a constant state of change and therefore chaos! People often ask me in disbelief why I uproot my family so often. It's because the largest change that you can do (apart from dying!) is to change your address even to another country to start afresh. Take up a musical instrument, join a band, take up art, take up a martial art, learn a new way of doing things etc. Just because you are married and have children should not mean that you should sit down and die.

Most people's excuse for lying down and dying is that they do not want to uproot their children from their friends and school! That's just a cop-out. And if your children like their friends more than they do you, then there is something wrong there! And drastic change is also great for young people, they get really excited about change. Parents, do not allow your children to lapse into complacency and this will grow with them until into older and middle ages, this will be the norm and they too will go down the path of decay.

Secret to Long Life: Don't Put Things Off

Never put off those things that you will regret never having done when you are 80! If by the age of 80 you reminisce and are sad by what you never had time or were too afraid to do, then you have not had a good life! If you want to do it DO IT! As animals on this earth, we were never meant to do the same things day in, day out. Other animals do not do this unless they are domesticated. But because we have a much higher brain, we need to exercise it much more with more change in our lives.

Secret to Lone Life: Chemicals

Chemicals (hormones etc.) in the body are secreted by the brain. These things tell the body how to live. And it is the state of balance that the body is in that dictates whether we have an unbalance of hormones or a balance. When the body is in a state of natural balance where hormones are concerned, then we are happy and healthy. However, if we allow ourselves to slowly die (that is what the brain thinks is happening) it will secrete all fo the wrong hormones, those dedicated to decay and an end to life! Even eating the wrong food at the wrong time will have this effect. However, if we eat a natural sparse diet, then our chemicals will be balanced. If the mind thinks that you are dying by you sitting around watching the TV and getting fat, then this will have dire effects upon your chemical system. However, if you know the secret to long life, exercise well and eat well and have good thoughts for other human beings and indeed all life and most importantly keep your mind in a state of change and challenge, then all of the chemicals and hormones for LIFE will be produced.

When we are younger, we are naturally presented with those things that we need for the secret to long life and to grow as this is what the new human being does, it grows and learns that is all. Then at a later stage, it re-produces itself. And if those things are not there because of our physical circumstances, then often they will change so that the things we need are put before us. But as we age, our mind changes roles because of modern western living that says that as we age, we should slow down and that we have 'age related' diseases! What a load of old cobblers!

Secret to Long Life: Keep the mind Young

So we as older human beings must keep our mind in that younger state of constant inquiry and learning and change. Of course it help as to have found your soul mate in life, one who can join with you and also stay young and have interests in what you are doing and visa-versa. Love your children keep them away from schools (the killing fields of expression and art and the left side of the brain). Try to help them in every endeavour and join with them in those endeavours. Pretend to be doing things for them when all the time, you are also enjoying and joining in with their pursuits etc. This is the way we stay young and change. One day you just die, happy, healthy and with absolutely no regrets that you did not get to do the things that you wanted to!