Bagua Snake Form Boxing

The Full Animal Forms from Baguazhang represent the Original Bagua. These forms are the most deadly and efficient self defence forms from the internal systems ever invented. However, they also have a dramatic effect upon one's health with each of the forms representing a different organ and acupuncture meridian in the body.

The Snake represents Water and the organs are Bladder, Liver, Kidneys and Spleen. The Snake flows with the force in order to defeat it, he slips in anywhere without you knowing! The Snake's family member is the 'Second Son'. The snake makes use of the mid-section as the power source which is very conducive to Bagua as we also use that area greatly. The Snake wraps you up and strikes relentlessly.

This snake form is particularly good for the whole body when done at its correct speed. The movements from the waist are the key to this form and also to the healing aspects. This form works upon the life force meridians of Kidneys Bladder, Liver and Spleen thus toning up the whole energy system. I can attest to this as I am possibly one of the most 'tested' medically people around, so I am able to test before and after training in this form. You feel energized and alive after it. As a side line to this form, it contains some of the most deadly and useable fighting methods of any martial system, emulating the movements of the snake with its powerful mid-section acting as a turbo to throw out the upper and lower limbs with great power and speed.

The Snake Form: Covered in our MTG298 DVD title:

Please note that the form is not intended to be learnt from this text alone, rather it is to be a suplement to your DVD or what you have learnt from your teacher. 

Walk the circle once in a counter clockwise direction as usual. Then:

Section One of the Snake Form:

Black Snake Climbs Tree:
Take a pigeon toed stance inward with weight on the R foot as your R palm strikes straight in toward the centre. Change your weight to the L foot as your L palm strikes also to the centre, fingers pointing downward. Change weight to the R foot as your L palm rolls over so that your fingers are pointing to your right palm outward and turning to your L, CW on the circle. Your L palm will strike to your L with a lateral palm then it will turn over to fingers pointing downward and strike fwd with a L step, CW. Take a R step CW and block down w your L palm as your R snake fingers strike CW on the circle.

Section Two of the Snake Form:

Snake Wraps Around and Attacks:
From previous posture, take a L step on the circle L step. As you do this, your R palm will 'snake' backward to the rear and circle around to finally grab and jerk his elbow, you are now facing into the centre. Shake R as your L palm strikes under his arm, then as you shake L, your R palm will attack low to his lower rib area and your L palm will take his L wrist. Raise your L palm as your L leg steps to your rear on the circle and strike downward to the back of his head as you perform the outer change to turn outward and strike to the back of his head and neck again to face CCW.

Section Three of the Snake Form:

Python Spits Venom: (Pythons do not have any venom, so I guess there has been a mistranslation here and it actually means simply 'Snake'.
From previous posture, Step fwd w R foot avoiding his R attack from the rear. As you do this, your L palm will 'snake' to the rear blocking his attack and snake over in a circle to carry his attacking arm over to his L. As this happens, your R snake fingers will attack to his eyes, then that same R palm will grab and jerk violently, his R elbow as your L palm attack to his lower rib area. CW. Step to the rear with your R foot and spin around outward to attack low with R palm. Slap step CCW with R foot as your R back-palm attacks to his temple. Your R palm will now snake around his head and neck and using a slap step CW with your R foot thrust your R palm outward CW to break his neck.

Section Four of the Snake Form:

Black Snake Constricts the Neck:
From previous, step fwd CW with L foot as your L palm slams over to your R and your R palm snakes over the top and strikes into the back of his head at GB20. CW. Re-load and using your R elbow slam into his neck. Wrap up his neck w your R palm, locking his neck into place under your arm and doing the 'Plum Blossom Leap' with your L foot thrust fwd CCW with your R palm and end up facing CCW in a low 'Snake Creeps Down or Duck Lands on Water type of posture w R foot fwd in a kicking motion.

Section Five of the Snake Form:

Qigong Method:

From previous posture, stand up onto your R leg with centre to your L as your L palm snakes around to the rear while the R snake fingers come underneath pointing to the centre. Then walk the circle in a CW direction holding this posture L step inhale and tense slightly R palm then visa versa.

Snake Creeps Down:
Once you have walked the circle and are back at the beginning position, immediately drop your weight to a lower position onto the L leg thrusting your R foot to the rear and slamming down and across to your R with your R palm (snake creeps down), this is in defence of his R low kick. You are now facing in toward the centre but action happening along the circumference to the CCW direction.

Come up onto your R leg as your R palm will now snake under (his R leg thus lifting it up) and as you turn to face the CW direction (out of the circle) your L palm will slam down onto his groin.

Section Six of the Snake Form:

Two Headed Snake Attacks Twice:
From the previous posture, turn your R foot into the centre by 45 degrees and take an L step to the centre with yout L foot. As you do this, your R arm will bend upward and twist (as a snake does) toward the centre thus blocking his R attack, weight is on your R foot facing centre. As you turn (swivel to your Right to now face CCW on the circle) to your R, your R palm will slam downward onto the side of his neck, opening your both arms now, your L palm will strike across the front of his neck. You are facing CCW on the circle.

Two Headed Snake Attacks To The Rear Twice:
He attacks from the rear from your previous posture with his L hand. Your R hand will block over your L shoulder as you again take an R step to the centre. Your L palm will now do the snaking hand bending upward to take over that block and attack straight downward onto his neck or temple. Facing now to the CW direction. Stepping fwd, on the circle, with your R foot, your R hand will now slam downward onto his neck or temple.

Section Seven of the Snake Form:

Two Snakes Fighting:
From previous posture, take an L step to the centre as the weight goes onto the L foot, both palms slam outward over the circumference to R & L. As you take a L step behind your R foot, your both hands will jerk violently inward onto the pulling points at their R & L elbows respectively. AS you sit onto your L foot facing CW, your R palm will slam down lo to his groin while your L palm will single pound the 2nd attacker's face or neck.

Continuing, Take a R slap step fwd still facing CW, and single pound with your R palm to his neck or temple.

Snake Turns To Face His Attacker:

Take an L step to face the centre and as you do this, your R palm will strike using the power of your waist laterally to your right over the circle, then slap step fwd CCW w R foot as your L palm again turns and attacks with a single pounding palm laterally to the neck. Turn further on the circle to face CCW as your L palm in an upward turning No. 3 palm simultaneously blocks (slip block) and attacks to his neck (nun offers food). Step to make an L step out of the circle with your L foot as your L palm rises and slams downward onto his groin as you now face out of the circle and CW. Your R palm has also take his R wrist and holds it upward.

Section Eight of the Snake Form:

Snake Twists Violently When Cornered:
Your R palm will circle upward and block his R attack and also scrape his eyes with the fingers. That same palm will now make a CCW small circle over to your L and attack using the palm to the R side of his temple or neck. It has done a figure 8 type of movement representing the snake's upper body flailing around. Continuing the figure 8 movement, your R palm will circle upward then back across to your L thus attacking his L side of his neck. Then slap step w your R foot as you do the nun posture to his neck R palm upward. Step through w your L foot and slap step as your L palm single pounds down onto his neck or head.

Circle your R palm underneath to continue walking the circle in a CW direction to begin on the reverse side.