Don't try to Live on Tai Chi and Qigong Alone
By Erle Montaigue
16 October 1999

I receive many questions with reference to what Tai Chi can someone do for such and such a disease or will Taiji help me with this disease etc. Taiji is a long term healing that will help with most disease states in the long run. It will help to re-balance your Qi which is possibly the reason in the first place for your body allowing that disease state to creep in.

However, do not expect Tai Chi and Qigong alone to fix you! You must also stop the reason for the illness. So if your body and consequently your mind, is completely out of balance and you keep doing the things that are making you out of balance, then all the great Taijiquan in the world will not cure the root cause!

Tai Chi and Qigong: Out of Balance

Being out of balance is an insidious thing as it also causes the mind to be out of balance, thus taking away our ability to firstly recognise the cause and secondly being able to heal it by ourselves. An out of balance person will solely rely upon others to heal his or her body and mind and in most cases this means a trip to the doctor who will prescribe for the most part, some form of tablet which will only mask the root cause.

When you are out of balance internally, you will not know that you are out of balance because being out of balance takes that ability from you. And this stops us from recognising that often the simplest of things is the cause for the imbalance!

Tai Chi and Qigong: Western World

Many of the things that we do are readily accepted by Western culture because we all do it! So how can such a simple thing either cause disease or heal disease states. I gave up years ago trying to tell people that it was the simplest of things that cause their illnesses as no-one listens or believes or wants to believe! So many friends and relatives who could have been cured of their illnesses are now deceased! Actually, I DO still try to tell people, hence this article mainly out of desperation!

Tai Chi and Qigong: Disease

It is only logical to me that if you take some of the most widely spread disease states, those that are rampant in western people, that there must also be a common cause, something that we all do in our daily lives to cause such disease states. Like for instance depression which is now recognised in the west as one of the most common diseases known and causes the people of the western world billions of dollars each year to try and fix. But no-one is fixing it because they aren't looking at what is causing the disease, they are all looking for a miracle cure, a new anti-depressant tablet etc.

Tai Chi and Qigong: Coffee

Coffee (caffeine) is the root cause for most of the depression nowadays. Almost everyone drinks huge amounts of coffee each day and the intake of coffee is directly related to the increase in depression! Why? There is a good scientific reason for this, one that most scientists know about and also doctors but not many are talking because they too are addicted to this once great healing herb that should never have been used for anything else other than for healing certain disease states, used in very small amounts!

In fact, coffee was used as a medicine before the French decided to add milk and turn it into a social drink.

What happens when you drink caffeine is this. In layman's terms, there is a hormone produced in your brain that controls the amount and speed of nerve signals from the brain. It is basically called a 'neuron inhibitor'. Every animal needs this stuff as the speed in particular of the nerve signals needs to be controlled to prevent the body from overheating and using too much energy all at once. Caffeine slows the production of the neuron-inhibitors so much that the body and brain speed up dramatically. Hence that people feel like they can accomplish more when they drink coffee! They speed!

Tai Chi and Qigong: Down Side of Coffee

This would be OK if not for the down side of this effect. The problem arises when we drink caffeine and then do not drink it! The brain, compensates for the loss of neuron-inhibitors by producing more and more! So after some time, the caffeine intake and the production of N.H. is again balanced out and we need to take more and more coffee in order to get that 'morning hit'. So eventually, the brain is producing a huge amount of N.H. So that when we do finally stop drinking coffee or at least go on to decaf, (you must only ever drink decaf that has been decaffeinated using steam and NOT that which is done using chemicals!), all of a sudden your brain is producing so much N.H. for no reason, that you whole body and mind slow down because the nerve signals are almost stopped! This causes headaches, muscle problems, deep depression for no reason and many other serious ailments. This can last up to a week until you go cold turkey and the brain balances out the amount of N.H. it produces.

Such is the power of caffeine. It is a very powerful drug!

I have experimented upon myself and others using caffeine and I have received a 100% confirmation that caffeine causes depression eventually. Not at the beginning as an extreme high is produced but as you come down off that high you have to, by the laws of yin and yang, go to the opposite end of the scale.

So such a simple and common thing as coffee is causing a world wide epidemic of depression. But because it is so common and we like it so much, we cannot accept the simple fact.

Tai Chi and Qigong: Diet

It's the same with diet. People always ask me about what form of Tai Chi and Qigong they should use to heal their illness. And I always begin with what they are eating. And in 100% of all cases that I have heard, it is their diet alone that is causing the disease state. Why does such a strong and healthy body slip into disease? We call it old age! But old age is NOT a disease. What we have done to ourselves to cause the disease of old age is the cause! We do not become ill because we are older, we become ill because our young and 'Yang' body is no longer 'Yang' but moving to the 'Yin' side which is only natural as we grow older. So the things that we could abuse ourselves with when younger and get away with, we can no longer do. Our internal organs do become 'used' of course, but they should last us much longer than they now do. If you give your brand new motor car everything it needs from the beginning and do not abuse it, it will last your lifetime! In many cases we treat our motor car with more care than we do our own body!

Tai Chi and Qigong: Keeping Disease Free

All you have to do for your body to keep it is a disease free state until you die naturally, is to give it the right food, that which we were meant to eat. And this means fruit and vegetables, berries, nuts and herbs. We weren't meant to drink the milk of another animal! No other wild animal will do this. And ALL animals only take their mother's milk for the amount of time that they have been programmed to. After that, they are not able to even digest milk! We humans have learnt to drink milk for the rest of our lives. Which basically means that we are eating what a baby must eat, but we are not! Imagine what effect that has on the sub-conscious brain! I have reams and reams of damming information about the intake of dairy products so I will not cover that here. But if you take a look scientifically at what milk is nowadays, you would treat it as poison! The molecule of milk is not even milk anymore! That which comes from the cow's udder is no longer even a milk molecule after the things they do to it!

Tai Chi and Qigong: Animal Fats

Animal fats inhibit many bodily functions like the body's ability to balance the level of glucose etc. Hence the huge increase in diabetes in the western world! Combine the huge intake of fats (dairy, meat) with refined cane sugar products and you have a recipe for disaster and that disaster has already happened with an epidemic of huge proportions sweeping the western world in the form of diabetes.

Food was meant to be our medicine. Every piece of fruit for instance has healing properties, such as lowering blood pressure when we eat apples and lowering cholesterol. The apple in fact is one of the only food that one could live on forever provided that the whole apple, seed and all was eaten. All fruit heals certain disease states and re-balances the body and mind, I have proven this scientifically during experimentation. Science has now recognised that certain parts of fruit and vegetables have the ability to re-balance for instance the immune system. But why take a commercially produced pill that has this stuff in it, when we can simply eat the original fruit in its completely balanced state.

Tai Chi and Qigong: Eat and Move

It's really simple to firstly prevent disease and secondly have at least a ghost in hell's chance of curing it completely. Just do what the human body was meant to do! Eat what we were given to eat from God and move! The body was meant to move, it was not meant to sit all day long in front of a computer or television! We were given water to drink and so few of us even drink water anymore! The body needs water and I do not mean water that has food in it such as fruit juice etc. I mean pure water with nothing else in it other than a few minerals. The body treats water that has food in it as food and as such does not take the Qi directly into the mouth from that water but takes it into the intestines. We need that Qi from water, pure water and it needs to go directly into the tongue. I have an article on this exact area somewhere on my site, so read it.

Eat correctly and move. That is why it is so simple to remain healthy! Or at least be as healthy as you can be!