WTBA Combat Camp 2023
WTBA Combat Camp 2023

WTBA Combat Camp 2023

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This is the full video footage of WTBA Combat Camp 2023. 
Covering over 20 hours of footage.

You can see the highlights video here to see what things we were training. 

Here is another video of Eli talking about what happened at camp. 

Please note, as you can tell from the highlights video, this camp was not for the purpose of making a video, Eli's focus is on the students and not the camera. 
The camera follows Eli around as he teaches, this gives you the full feeling of being at the camp. 
The sound quality is fine to hear what is being said, but since it's combat training Eli could not wear a mic, that means there is sometimes a lot of background noice from the classes happening in the next rooms. 

Combat Camp is about combat, not forms, qigong, push hands etc, pure combat. 
Not to say these things aren't important, they are of course extremely important for your training, especially your combat training. 
Combat Camp though, is where instead of doing drills and training methods, we practice the actual fighting methods of the Erle Montaigue System of Taiji, Bagua, and wrestling. 

We pressure test what we learn, we don't need to hit with full force to do this, but we need to at least use enough force to make it a real punch, the type of force that would break a nose or bruise the ribs etc.
Of course we don't get the broken nose due to the protection of the gloves. 
No injures were had due to getting hit too hard. 

We never use so much force that could have any long term side effects such as you get from boxing. 
We put health first, but still train in a way that will prepared you for a real fight.

This is the first video from the WTBA showing actual fighting, where contact is being made. 

We practiced the basics of punching, kicking, grappling, ground fighting, and weapons. 

Your download folder will have two versions, "Full Footage" And "Edited Footage"
The full footage has everything, including all the sparring done between instructions. 
It is highly recommended to watch this version the first time round so you see what the lessons look like in action. 
Then if you want to come back to the videos to listen again and the teaching part, this is what you'll want the Edited version for. 
This only includes the teaching part of the camp. 

  • Level: Basic to Intermediate. 
  • Run Time: Approx  mins 1250
  • Media Type: MP4 Download HD
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