WTBA Combat Week. 
Bring us back to the roots of the Erle Montaigue System. 
Location Bristol UK.
Dates: August 20th till 26th 
2023. That's 2023, Next Year.
Please Note: Dates will not be confirmed till we have secured a venue.
Cost: Free

Are you ready willing and able?
This will be an invite only event, I will be mainly inviting my most loyal and trusted student who I feel will be up to the task.
But please note that I have a lot of students! So maybe I missed your name in the invite list, or maybe I've not trained with
you much and I don't know how tough you are.
So you do not get an invite, but feel you should be there, please get in touch with me, but do not get offended if you're
turned down, as this week will require a certain level of skill, fitness and toughness.
You Will get hit, this does not mean we will go full contact, safety is paramount,
but at least have to be ok with taking a light punch to the face through a glove or headgear.

We will be starting from the basics, but will be going through the end within a week,
where is a beginner should take more like a week for each method.

The training week will be free of charge, you will only have to pay for your food and accommodation etc.

No forms, no push hands, no San Sau's, this is Combat week.
We will start with a warm up at 8am each morning, then we will work through the Foundations of Combat from the
Erle Montaigue System, a short break for meals, then a cool down stretch and Qigong at 8pm.
Only simple practical fighting methods will be taught, no fancy form type applications,
the stuff that works to get you out of trouble.

We will cover every type of attack, untrained big thug, non-technical street fighter, multiple opponents, grapplers,
boxers, kickers, including something that's not often trained in the WTBA, fighting from the ground!
We will have mats, throws and take downs will be covered, fighting from the ground will be for self-defence, you
will not be learning how to apply submission holds, unless to help your partner learn how to get out of them.
Fighting on the grounds means getting back to your feet as soon as possible in a street fight.

I have several students and friends who practice BJJ and Muay for example, I'm hoping to have at least a
few people who have trained in these other styles, so each person can get a feel for defending against different skill types.

I am making this week free of charge, since I want to go through all these methods with a group of people, simply because
it's not something I've done before with a group from start to finish.
I will be using you to improve my own training at the same time, as I have been really missing working with people.

This will be the kick starter for The WTBA to get back to its roots!
Back to focussing on truly learning how to fight.
This will also give me the opportunity to refine how to teach all the methods, after which I will put out a video series.
I will then also start to implement all this stuff into workshops and camps as well.

But don't worry!
My usual camps and workshop will still have all the same form work and Qigong we've always had,
I will not be forgetting the balance of the art.

The only cost you will incur regarding training is that you will need to buy certain training equipment
if you do not already have what you will need.
You will be given a list of what will be needed to follow the training.

It's a long way off yet, but I thought I would give plenty of notice.
It will be set in the UK, probably near where we will be living in Gloucestershire.

But please do not book any fights or accommodation till I have given your confirmation of Date's and location.

Please make sure you get ready for this!
You don't want to pull a muscle on day one and then not be able to keep training.
The training will be rough, you've got plenty of time, get on your kick bag, push ups, pull ups, whatever you can to make sure you're up to it. If you have a training partner, then go through anything you know.

Any questions please let me know.