WTBA Combat Camp. (Open to Everyone) Numbers Limited so Book Now

  • No forms, no drills, just combat! And a bit of Qigong to cool down at the end of each day
    Learning real world fighting skills and pressure testing them.

  • Location Cardiff UK

  • Dates: July 28th till August 2nd 2024
    We start at 8:30am on Sunday the 28th and finish at 4pm on Friday the 2nd.
    Therefore if coming in from a long distance, you'll probably need to be in Cardiff on the 27th. 

  • Free Prep Videos
    If you sign up before the end of April, you will get a weekly video lesson to prepare yourself for this camp. These videos will teach you all the things you can do on your own, mainly how to strike. This way you will get much more out of the camp, as you can focus on working with a partner with attack defence methods.

  • Cost of training if £50 deposit paid by the end of April:
    First Timer £150 (A first timer is someone who has never trained with Eli)
    WTBA Active Members £250.
    Everyone Else £270
    Cost of training if paid after April:
    First Timer £150 (A first timer is someone who has never trained with Eli)
    WTBA Active Members £300.
    Everyone Else £320

Are you ready willing and able?

This is combat camp, where you learn how to fight and pressure test those skills you learn. You WILL get hit, this does not mean we will go full contact, safety is paramount, but you at least have to be ok with taking a light punch to the face, with a glove of course. 

We will also practice grappling, both stand up and on the ground. You need to be in relatively good shape to get thrown and shoved about. 

Both beginners and advanced martial artists are welcome. 
You do not need to be studying with the WTBA to attend, the workshop is open to everyone. 

No Forms, no Push Hands, no Drills this is Combat Camp!
These things do not teach you how to fight, they teach you structure, flow, power etc, so of course they are extremely important to your training, but no matter how much you train these on their own, you will not know how to fight. Kind of like if a Boxer only did their drills, speed ball, heavy bag, foot work etc, but never actually sparred with someone who wants to hit them, what would happen to them in the ring? 

We will start with a warm up each morning, then we will work through the Foundations of Combat from the Erle Montaigue System, a break for lunch, then a cool down stretch and Qigong to finish. Only simple practical fighting methods will be taught, no fancy form type applications, the stuff that works to get you out of trouble on the street or in your home.

There are a lot of similarities between MMA ring fighting and self defence, but you need to understand the differences to make sure you have the best chance to protect your life and that of your family's. 

What will be taught
At the 2023 combat camp, since it was the first one, we did a little bit of everything. This time however we will focus on three main areas. 

  • Taiji Boxing
    This is attack defence from all types of punches and palm strikes, using the principles of Taijiquan and Baguazhang

  • Stand up grappling
    That's throwing, plus trapping and controlling to land strikes.

  • Ground fighting
    As with everything in the WTBA, fighting from the ground will be for self-defence, no the ring.
    Fighting on the ground means getting back to your feet as soon as possible in a street fight, but in order to get back to you feet you need to know how to ground fight to get the other guy off you first.

  • Where do the techniques come from 
    Most of what we teach is from the Chinese Internal Martial Arts Taijiquan & Baguazhang, this is our base. Over the years how ever Erle and now Eli have included some very useful techniques from other styles such as Western Boxing and Wrestling. 

How does self defence differ from MMA.

  • How you hit is different when you don't have a glove on.

  • Where you hit is different when you don't have a glove on or a set of rules to follow. 

  • We have to be aware to not damage our hands, learn to attack and defend against the illegal areas such as the groin, eyes, neck, back of the body and back of head. 

  • We have to learn how to fight someone of a much larger size. 

  • We generally don't want to be on the ground in a self defence fight, so we never take the fight to the ground, if we do end up on the ground we train to get back up as soon as possible. However, we still need to practice take downs so that we can play to part of the attacker. 

  • We have to learn to fight multiple opponents.

  • Use and defence of weapons. 

How rough will it be?
Check out this video for an in depth explanation. In short though, it's as rough as you want it to be. 
Beginners should never use full force.

Highlights from camp 2023. 

The gear you will need

  • WTBA official training gloves.

  • Mouth guard.

Other things you might want.

  • Forearm Guards
    To make sure you can keep up with class if you bruise easily.

  • Elbow Pads
    These will allow you to get a bit more rough with elbows when grappling, not needed, but a nice addition. 
    Eli still has some available, or if you want to buy your own set, ask Eli, as most suck.

  • Shin guards
    We won't be focusing on kicks, but we might try them at some point just to change things up, so if you have a set, bring them, or if you think you're going to get really into fighting, then buy some and bring them, just make sure they are thick and cover the foot as well. But if you are just trying out fighting and think you might not use them, you don't need them for this camp. Ask for advice if you think you might need these. 

Please make sure you get ready for this!
For those who sign up before April, you will get three months of prep videos to get you ready for training, just one short video per week. 
You don't want to pull a muscle on day one and then not be able to keep training.

The training will be rough, you've got plenty of time, get on your kick bag, push ups, pull ups, whatever you can to make sure you're up to it. If you have a training partner, then go through anything you know.

Daily Schedule:

  • 8:30am Warm up. 
  • 9am Training. 
  • 12pm Lunch. 
  • 2pm Training. 
  • 4:30pm Cool down and Qigong.
  • 5:15pm Finish. 

Ultimate Fitness Centre.
11 Penlline St,
Cardiff CF24 3BD,

Hotel Recommendations.
If you are coming alone but would like to keep the cost down, you can get paired up with another student to share a room.
Please let me know if you would like to be paired up.
I’ll try are pair you with someone of the same gender and someone you know.

Air B & B
There are many around the area.


Best Price.

ZIP by Premier Inn Cardiff.
40 minutes’ walk or 20 minutes bus to venue.
Small rooms, small prices. Basically brilliant.
As little as £190 for 6 nights. You can also split the cost into two people, as a double or twin.

Best Location, plus still one of the cheapest full sized hotels.
Premier Inn Cardiff City Centre (Queen Street) hotel.
15 minutes’ walk or 7 minutes bus to venue.
Around £446 for a twin room, or £422 for a double. You can also split the cost into two people.

Best for triple share.
Travelodge Cardiff Central Queen Street.
If you are three people wanting to share a room,
Travelodge allows three in a room, however they only have double beds, plus extra fold out beds, maybe not super comfortable. The room would have one double bed and up to two of these fold out extra beds.
Cost is around £540 for 6 nights, split into three people.
18 minutes’ walk or 11 minutes bus to venue.

There are loads of other hotels you could stay at if you prefer to look for yourselves. 

Any questions please let me know.