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Thank you for visiting our Bagua page, where you will find all the information you ever wanted to find regarding this Internal Self Defence/Healing system. 

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Pa-Kua is one of the three internal martial arts. Tai Chi being the mother, Bagua or Pa-Kua being
the daughter or the sister and Hsing-i being the son or the brother. Bagua means eight diagram palm and is the epitome
of Taoist philosophy based on the I-Jing (The Chinese Book of Changes). It's a unique martial art/healing art, with some beautiful twisting and bending movements.

As a Martial Art:
It is known as the art of overkill, with it's never ending attacks which make use of deadly Dim-Mak points on the human body. There are two methods of fighting.

The first is given to larger stronger people, crashing their way through any defence or attack enabling them to reach the body's centre. It goes on the basis of anything that comes into range is attacked.

The second method being mainly for smaller people, is much more evasive. It consists of circular foot movements, and enables you to evade strikes from your opponent then come in from the rear with circular hand movements, also using various speeds to perplex your opponent. This level, enables you to attack from the rear, having got around there by using the very unique stepping methods.

Most of the power is derived from the twisting waist and requires flexibility. So even if you're not big or strong you can gain as much power as you would ever need, as long as you have the right training. If one is able to control the waist with one's mind, then the waist will control the legs and feet.

As a Healing Art:
It can help to gain your flexibility back, improve your fitness and timing and that's just at a basic level before you've got to the internal level. At a more internal level Bagua is closely related to acupuncture whereby one is constantly twisting the acupuncture meridians to work upon each organ in turn thereby sending life giving Qi or energy to all parts of the body.

It takes more time to get to this higher healing level but to get there your fitness level and flexibility level will be greatly improving all the time, this will in turn help you to gain a much higher level of health. When the internal part starts to work be ready, as your body will be in more harmony than it's ever experienced, and the energy will be in perfect balance.