The Hidden Healing Bagua Qigong Methods
By Erle Montaigue

Baguazhang is truly an amazing art once you get past the basics. It, like Tai Chi, was invented by people of genius to incorporate healing as well as deadly self defence methods.

Each of the major postures from Bagua have a hidden meaning, either for the healing benefits or for gaining of power for the fa-jing and fighting system. And the hidden meanings are hidden in the very names of each posture. This information was only ever given out to very advanced students after they became proficient in the fighting side of the art as when once was proficient in self defence, one could then understand about the healing and Bagua Qigong side.

By knowing the names of each posture, we are able to find the hidden way to perform each posture as well as to find the hidden healing meaning or Bagua Qigong to gain power etc. For instance, the posture called'Leaning On the Horse & Ask The Way' works upon the energy system of the body which is stored in the backbone. When we 'Lean On The Horse' we lean on his backbone, and as the backbone is so easily seen in a horse, this gives us a hidden meaning of this posture. The way to real power in Baguazhang is to access the combined power of each vertebra when it is connected to all of the other vertebra. Each separate vertebra is like a small capacitor which stores electricity (Qi). If we know how to set the backbone up correctly, and then drop each vertebra on top of each other, we are able to not only store Qi in the backbone, but also to issue it when needed. So when we hold this posture as a standing Bagua Qigong method, we learn how to gain access to our hidden reservoir of energy.

The posture called 'Flower Hides Under Leaf' represents the Qigong that is responsible for taking that power that we develop through the backbone and issuing it to the forearms. The Flower represents the roots, (Earth Qi) while the Leaf represents the forearms. So we can again take this posture and use it as a static Qigong method to gain great power in teh forearms and palms and of course this is necessary for Bagua.

Flock Of Wild Geese Flies (Bursts) Out, represents the Qi when it is issued forth. so we take this posture and use it not only as a static Bagua Qigong method but also as a moving Bagua Qigong. The action of the waist opposing the hips causes the Qi to be sort of squeezed out like stomping on a tube of toothpaste. In doing this we also heal ourselves by this action of the Qi being sent out through our own body thus healing our internal organs and re-balancing internally. This also works upon the Lungs.

Purple Lady Throws Fan: This represents the waist (the fan) and the way that the waist controls the action of the Qi. It also works upon the colon. The fa-jing of this movement is generated as always by the waist, so when we get this posture correct, we learn to use the waist in the most powerful manner. We can also use it as a static Bagua Qigong method to heal the colon.

Close The Door & Push The Moon: This refers to the Moon as the heart and the the door as the lock on that organ. We learn to lock out own Qi so that it will not float around aimlessly, we learn to control our emotions and Qi.

Fierce Tiger Jumps Out: This refers to tiger bones. We use this posture to send the Qi into the marrow of the bones in order to generate very powerful and strong bones (like a tiger).

Colourful Rooster Stretches Wings: This posture is used as a Qigong method for the lungs. 'Wings' are always associated with the air and wind, hence the air we breathe into the lungs.

Pierce The Armour: This posture means that we learn how to send the Qi from the Tantien to all parts of the body and into the attacker to damage him. We 'pierce' not only HIS armour but our own blockages.

Take Flower Connect to Wood: This represents transplanting a different plant into another. Here we take the ROOTS of the flower and connect them to the WOOD, (Legs), so that we have a balanced flow of Qi. It also loosens up the ground Qi through the legs to give an over-all quality flow of Qi. Makes for a very stable stance.

Take His Head and Put It On Your Own: This refers not only to the fact that the martial application does this, but also we learn how to take someone's else's energy (the head) and use it for our own gain and against the attacker. We use this as a moving as well as static Bagua Qigong method.

Hold The Moon In Your Breast: The 'Moon' is often representative of the 'Heart', so we take the radiance of the moon into our heart to heal deep emotional scars and to get rid of unwanted deep emotions etc. We hold this posture as a static Bagua Qigong method.

And so we can go on through the whole of the Bagua form taking each major posture as a Bagua Qigong method for healing or gaining power.

Video titles which cover these aspects of Baguazhang are now available.